Monday, February 09, 2009

The Losers...

The guys are making plans to go paintballing...and I can't go.
They go every year for a friend's birthday (I've spoken about him before, "S")...,his birthday is next Friday, and I''m super jealous because they get to get all decked out in the suits, wear the masks, shop for paintball accessories, while I sit at home and wait...wait...wait....
I have a lot of anger to let out! I would like to shoot some people! Hell, I can pretend I"m at work...
Last year, Daddy came home with a swollen finger, he caught a paintball (well, he didn't exactly catch it) right on his pointer finger, and it was swollen so bad he couldn't bend it. He was no worse than another buddy, who ended up catching a paintball right on the side of his neck. He had a bruise on there that I swear must have numbed his neck, it was really close to his artery.
The biggest guy of the bunch had many bruises on him, so Daddy doesn't let me go so I won't get hurt.
I want to go!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

why is it...?

why is it so hard for me to actually sit down and write something??? I don't know what it is.
Job - still thinking. The health insurance is killing would be better off if I weren't working and that's on my mind all the time. I should be happy to have such a job - where the threat of lay-off is far from anyone's mind...but the cost is terrible.

These are my babies singing Twinkle Twinkle...