Saturday, May 31, 2008

Holy Hell...

OMG. I got a late Mother's Day gift last night. (And Daddy got an early Father's Day gift...)

Isn't she a beauty???
This means I'm back on AT HOME! And I can blog without being paranoid at being fired BECAUSE I CAN DO IT FROM HOME AGAIN! And I can read up on you guys that I miss so much! And I can (possibly) do some ads again(I dunno...gotta see if they still like me, been gone a long time!)
Holy Frikkin ...
Welcome back, Diana! LOL!
So with that I leave you...until later when it starts to rain and I will start catching up here. Unless my husband has sat down, then I'll have to wrestle him away...once that guy starts watching his car videos....*groan* lol!
I'm happy.
I love my honey, he's the bestest, especially for finally hearing me when I said "I need my computer!!!"

Friday, May 30, 2008

Medical Events - they are too common in my home now...

I have said it many times before and I will say it again, my children are polar opposites. Everything that I didn't go through with my son I am going through with my daughter.


My daughter puts everything in her mouth, and this (according to the doc) may be the underlying cause on the pretty little bubbles in her mouth.

Anti-fungal antibiotic-type chalky stuff has to be swooshed in her mouth four times a day, great fun for a baby. Fun for Mommy, too, who is now the enemy because I always want to put the stuff in her mouth that she DOES. NOT. LIKE. It isn't a toy, a nickel, a sock, or whatever she may want in there…when I say she will put anything in her mouth, I mean it. I have to constantly run my fingers in there to make sure there aren't any surprises…



My baby had her first birthday!

We didn't really do anything, we bought a Boston Crème Cake (think giant Boston Crème donut…but better tasting) and she had the weirdest look on her face when she saw the candle lit.


We had a visit with the allergist to do the oh-so-much-fun back scratch (stab???) test…that had to be the worst thing I've ever had to hold my son through. My poor boy, laying on me, not suspecting that this nurse-woman was going to stab him with 20-some odd needles at once…

But it needed to be done. Turns out he may be allergic to milk and eggs, too. Which I find weird because the boy will sometimes drink a cup or two of milk instead of eat a meal, and he's been drinking milk since he turned ONE and he has never EVER had a reaction. Same with eggs, no reaction… The nurse says to me "Well, maybe his stomach hurts and you just don't know." NO LADY! My son will tell me if his stomach hurts, see that's the good thing about children is they are very vocal and can communicate these things. Plus he's never had any vomiting or diarrhea which usually accompanies an allergic reaction besides the swelling and stuff…so a consultation is in order with the head doc there, because, well, frankly I don't believe the scratch test. Is that bitchy of me?


Thursday, May 22, 2008

The reason he will be famous some day...

My son came running to me with his magna-thingie and said "Mommy! Look what I drew!"
Obviously I"m going to look...
He said "It's eyes, mouth, and BOOBIES!"

Yes, my son already incorporates boobies in his pictures.


Friday, May 16, 2008

oh my aching head...

I have to remember to upload a picture of a drawing my son made…you guys will love it.

Stress:::::why is it that something so simple as baptizing children can be so stressful? The kids are getting baptized tomorrow, ask me if anything is ready…

Or just answer yourself with a resounding "NO!"

Or just laugh maniacally non-stop which is basically what I've been doing.

I've been really busy at work, they are purposely keeping me away from you, I tell you.

Keep me in your thoughts as I try not to commit murder in a church this weekend if my bitchy sister-in-law shows up…

Things have still been heating up on that end, I'll have to catch you up.

So pictures will be coming of that drawing and of my prince and princess in their outfits!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I have something to write about, though I wish to God that I didn't have to write it...
My cousin back in NY gave birth to her first son last week. On Saturday her husband was walking around the house, just holding him, while they had guests in their home.
The baby died in his arms.
There is no explanation.
There were no complications during birth.
My cousin is going crazy, and her husband has had to be sedated the past few days...

I'm just glad they got to meet him, even though I know that is no comfort in this time.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Playing catch up...

Apparently the allergy season is extremely out of control this year. Claritin is doing NOTHING for my poor son, we have scheduled the dreaded scratch test so that we can try to take steps from there on medicating him. He can't just take the shot because suddenly the shot has been having some questionable reactions in asthma patients. Hmmmmm….

This season has been really bad, he has been having asthma attacks every.single.night….in his sleep. I don't sleep at all because I'm up listening to him breathe. I'm overly exhausted. I have four new gray hairs that are very noticeable so I'm going to have to find time (HA!) to dye my hair. (Yeah, I know boo-hoo, I have four gray hairs…they are not my firsts but they have all grown in the front and stick up like alfalfa's cowlick no matter what I put in my hair!)


In other news my daughter has decided that she didn't want to spend her first birthday (the 18th! OMG!) toothless, so she let her two bottom teeth start to come out. Thankfully they haven't been bothering her too much, so that's a bit of a relief. It's surprising though, because they are both coming in at the same time…Little Man's came in two at a time also but they would kill him. It's true, all babies are different, but mine are polar opposites in every way possible.


Monday, May 05, 2008


Daddy and I have to go to church on Wednesday night to speak to the priest about baptizing our mother is not back from Puerto Rico so I'm going to leave the kids with a friend's daughter. She is good with my kids, they love her, Little Man actually BEHAVES with her (She's 17...)
But the thing is I've never had to actually pay a sitter for my kids, they usually go to my mother or their regular sitter, and she sits for free if Daddy and I have to go somewhere.
What's the going rate for 17 year old sitters?
And should I just go with my regular sitter for free since it's only for about an hour and a half??? (free is for me! LOL)

Friday, May 02, 2008




baby girl is 11 months, Little man is 3 1/2.
And still nicknamed Big and Bad.