Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Sometimes there are the slightest crossroads that come up, and you dont even realize that you've veered just a little to the right and taken a way that you are familiar with but it's still change. Sometimes there is an obvious fork in the road and you stand there scratching your head before deciding which way to go.
Daddy veered a little to the right and took an old job position. More time at home, less stress (for him and myself, yes I'm selfish.)
I am standing in front of a fork. My head itches.
I went online and signed up for information at three different schools in my area. I have decided that where I am is not where I want to be and I need to take my steps to get where I want to be. The last time this happened, Baby Girl was born so I had to stick to my path and play slave mommy to another baby. Baby Girl is turning two.
Mommy needs to find herself.
The support of my dear husband is impeccable. The support of my mother, who will take the children if I have to go to school at night (and in the event that Daddy is not out of work) is divine.
My legs just need to stop shaking so I can step firmly forward...