Monday, December 31, 2007

For all of you!

Be safe, have a great time if you're out, but don't call me to drive you home! LOL!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm only writing this to spite my sister

I bought the most un-nutritious, unhealthy, "no fruit juice" juices for my son because he wanted them and I forgot how to say no apparently.
It was a box of 30 or so...I don't know who thought to put those juices in bulk...
Anyhoo, today my son decided to drink like ten of those damned things. And they made him pee so much that his pee wasn't even coming out yellow anymore, just clear. Every time I emptied his potty I would laugh.
I have vowed to never buy these juices again.
Baby Crack...
I actually called my sister to tell her this because I knew she would laugh as hard as I did, and the first thing she asked me was "Are you going to blog about this?"
"You know what, " I said "Just because you asked me, I AM!"
So here you go Nailtec- I BLOGGED IT!

Totally unrelated side note: the next time my son (or my daughter when she's old enough) asks for a toy that says "some assembly required" I'm going to pinch them. I never did write about the nightmare of putting that stupid Blue Bike together did I??? And how it's been raining here since Christmas and the stupid thing is sitting in my dining room??? And how I think one of the washers is still missing from one of the tires??? (IF the tire falls off I'm suing Daddy!!!)

Friday, December 28, 2007

Stuff about my job

I've been sitting at Lexus's desk all week, since she went on vaca. (Lexus is the new name for the one I was going to call skinny, because she has a Lexus. Smart, huh?) So I've had internet access all week, but I didn't even go into blogger for fear that they would track the site and figure out crap that I don't want them to figure out...
But- here's some stuff:
  • I really, really REALLY have to stop putting my paper clip cup next to my coffee/hot chocolate cup. Because paper clips always end up in my drink and I get mad an have to throw it out.
  • The Complainer is a real pain in the ass. She is very high strung. People think that I need to relax, they need to meet her. The other day she couldn't find something and she was doing more circles around the office than actually looking for whatever it was. I sill want to trip her. She's been on vaca this week, too, it's been very quiet.
  • There's a person, we'll call her Hot Mess, because she is a HOT MESS. She was hired for the full time position I was offered and didn't take. Within two days, somehow someway I became her buddy. Without me even realizing it. Every time she comes to my dept. she has to stop at my desk and tell me her life story. What's worse, is I never ask her shit, she just comes up and starts "Oh, my God, Diana, did you know...blah blah blah blah blah..." And I stand there trapped because she is blocking any way for me to get out. She has all kinds of drama going on in her life (that I wish I didn't know about) she should see a therapist. I'm not one.
  • Carebear is nice, I've been working side-by-side with her all week (I'm usually with Lexus) and she hasn't bugged me yet. Even the valley girl talk still hasn't gotten to me...yet.
  • I haven't said anything about The Complainer to Lexus or Carebear because they've been working with her for a while and I don't want to look like an asshole if they are friends with her. It sucks having to keep my sarcastic ass comments about her to myself. I'm waiting for one of them to say something about her first...

GEE-ZUS thank God it's over

I couldn't be happier that this season is over. Well, almost, we hispanics have one more day of gift-giving on the 8th (or is it the 9th) of January, for Three Kings Day. But all this Holiday hustle and bustle, fighting in the stores for the last remote control car because your nephew HAS to have it...I'm so. glad. it's. over.
Daddy and I couldn't get out to shop until the 22nd and 23rd because our work schedules were all screwed up. We had to get my mother to babysit, and she gave us a lot of shit about it. So we set out to TRU- which was our code word for the damn toys-r-hell store in front of Little Man. What a frikkin nightmare. The shelves were bare in the most popular toy sections, the people were crabby and I wanted out almost as soon as we walked in. We got the boys everything they wanted (including the Blue Bike, which I have to remember to post pics of) and I swear you never saw anyone shop as fast as we did. The lines were longer than the store, all you saw was everyone with their credit cards out, some already needing to get a loan after spending so much this year...ready to rush to the first open register.
The kids are it's just time for the damn clean-up...all the old toys are going in the garbage or getting donated ASAP!!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What time is it? Why am I still awake???

Christmas for the kids this year is awesome. We are actually still at Friend's brother-in-law' son is really awake, playing with toys with the other rugrats. He and Demon Child are actually not fighting for once. The baby is passed out on Daddy's chest...I want to go home, but the kids are having so much fun. And Little Man still has a million other gifts to open tomorrow (today?) so imagine how excited he's going to be tomorrow (today???). I can't wait to see hi sface when he opens the bike. I think I'm more excited than when I was a kid. My plan is to put the box right in the middle of the kitchen so when he walks out of the room, it is the first thing he sees. (We don't have a tree in the house, house is way too small, and especially with The Baby being mobile, the tree would have been knocked over by now...) The bike makes me feel bad for everyone who got Little Man a gift...I think he's going to ignore everything else after he sees it. I hope he doesn't...but it's a feeling I have.
I just wanted to say I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas (HOLIDAY!!! sorry...) with your families. Hopefully you find somewhere to put all the new!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Little Man is getting his damn blue 'bike'. He won Daddy's heart begging for it every single day this whole year. And we purchased it today, I'm going to wrap the monstrous box tonight while the boy is in his slumber and hope to get a shot of his face when he opens it. I doubt I'll get a picture, as he will already have put his hat and gloves on to go drive the shit outside. I told Daddy (right in the store) that I will NOT be outside with him every day (IT IS COLD OUT!) and since Daddy was the one who decided he was getting it for sure, HE will be outside with him. Daddy laughed. (and yes, i realize that the link is a black/red one, but the one we bought is blue. What are the chances that the stupid store had the color he wanted???) I can't wait to see his face, this is the first Christmas we can actually get him good gifts, let alone something he really wanted since he can ask for stuff now. The baby is getting spoiled, too...but she is stuck with whatever we FELT like getting her. Ha. Take that Diva Girl...hahaha.

We had our department Christmas Party and I ended up winning a gift card to Dunkin Doofus, and my Secret Santa gave me a teddy bear. A teddy bear. A TEDDY BEAR. They obviously put a lot of thought into it. I gave my person a pair of slippers with skulls on them and a matching purse because she is a gothic chick who loves that stuff. And she loved her gift.

I got a Christmas card from DD...her family is gorgeous. I'm a major asshole, my card for her is sitting on my table waiting for a picture of my kids to get printed BECAUSE I HAVEN'T PRINTED DD, don't hate me, I haven't forgotten about the card exchange. Only at this point, my card is going to be a New Year's card...will it still count as participating???

I have crap to wrap and it's late...kisses.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Merry Christmas...

from our family to yours! Enjoy!


My migraines are coming back. Could they be work related? Not that my job is stressing me, but that every time I work I get them. I know I'm losing lotsa sleep because my daughter has decided SHE doesn't want to sleep all night anymore. At two weeks old she was sleeping through the night, NO MORE! Now she actually gets up no less NO LESS!!! than three times a night... Daddy and I try to alternate nights, but sometimes he has to get up at 5 and I feel bad making him get up. She gets up sometimes and goes right to sleep after a bottle, but there are nights that she stays up. She tries to get to Daddy and Little Man and wake them up...and she stays up for an hour or so, falling asleep just ten minutes before my alarm goes off. It's torture. And of course when I get outta work I can't sleep because I have to try to clean and stuff...even though I do sometimes end up falling asleep with both of them.
There are certain things stressing me the hell out that I can't write about right now because Daddy is walking behind me back and forth and I know his eyes are travelling to the screen...not pertaining to him directly but having to with with stuff...
The babysitter is stressing me out. In just three short weeks that I have been working she has managed to reverse the potty training that I worked so fucking hard for. He's been in pull-ups everyday when I go get him, and she tells me of many accidents. But she doesn't tell him to go to the potty, she just gets lazy and gets a pull-up. And I'm upset about it. Daddy says we're getting a different sitter soon.
This snowstorm stressed me out. Many inches in a short amount of time, causing complete gridlock. I got home at 8 after getting out of work at one, Daddy got home at 10:30 and he got out at quarter to twelve. I was so worried that he would run out of gas and freeze, I was so relieved when he got home. (When I was stuck I wasn't with the kids thank God, but there were people that were stuck with their kids and the kids were hysterical and going potty on themselves...nightmare) Our state was not prepared for the storm, no one told us it was going to be so big and now there is a huge thing going on with people and the governor (because the gorvernor was out of state and didn't seem to understand what kind of situation we were in and didn't call for any emergency ANYTHING. We're expecting another storm tonight, let's see how that goes.
My head hurts right now. But my son is awake and watching Little Man (with the wayans) and I can't shut it off on him because he's actually quiet...
Sometimes I think I should have not gotten a job, sometimes I think I should have gotten a full-time job,
sometimes I just want to go away.

Monday, December 10, 2007

There's one!

An annoying person in my office.

The Complainer. There's one in every office, the person who doesn't shut up...EVER...and they're always complaining about something or other. Well, this one is a doozy! She is tall thin and blonde, and she turns her nose up to me every time she walks by me. One of these days I'll trip her...but i digress...
I sit at my desk and I can hear her complaints from three doors down. Usually I silently roll my eyes and keep doing my work, but today I actually listened because her story got more and more entertaining with every person she told. We had pretty bad ice storms last night and the roads were pretty bad, as well as our parking lot. When I came in at 9 she was telling someone how she almost slipped when she got out of her car this morning, but that she heard that Bob (not his real name, but I don't know him so I can't give him a legit nickname) had fallen when he got out of his car. The next person she told, she was sliding all over the parking lot and Bob sprained his back. The next person she told, she had fallen herself and she left Bob out of it completely.
Every day she talks about her cheerleader daughter and how she goes to her games and hates having to stand there for hours in the cold just because her daughter is a cheerleader...
Every day last week she was complaining about how she was bidding on a Coach purse on e-bay and someone kept out bidding her by a dollar. I tried to tell her that sometimes the person who posts things on e-bay does that so they can get more money, and she ignored me. I don't think she likes me very much.
So she's The Complainer.
Oh, yeah, and I have to change Skinny's name, i forgot I already have someone here with that name. So she will be....crap, i'm going to have to think of something else...

Friday, December 07, 2007

So much to say, so little time...!!!

I think I'll separate everything with bullets, it makes my train of thoughts go a little smoother...sometimes.
  • Slow down, you work too fast.

Yep, That's what I was told on Monday morning. Apparently by me finishing my work too fast I'm throwing every one else off, because when I finish my stuff I grab stuff off their desk to do and leave them with nothing. Should I say sorry for that? Because I have been...but it's true, when I work in the real estate office everything was expected in five minutes or less and working by myself for 11 realtors was challenging, but I did it. Now working for two girls (and for only half the day to boot) I feel like I'm doing nothing. It's funny. One of the girls leaves me at her desk to 'play' online. I've been doing major searches on amazon for the best deals for gifts. (You think I'm joking? Amazon loves me right now!)

  • I have their names

Two girls, one is Carebear because she is unusually happy (dippy?) all the damn time. It'll get annoying after awhile but for now it's okay. She even talks like a valley girl, where everything she says comes out like a question..."Hey, Diana? I found this really awesome shirt? and I think I wanna buy it?" you get it...can you picture her tossing her hair back and tilting her head to the side? She doesn't actually do that, but everytime I talk to her I picture it. The other is Skinny. That's her name, because I can't think of anything else to call her and I hate how unbelievably skinny she is. i hate her.

  • Completely Potty Trained!

I only had to beat him into submission before he finally got it...JOKING! Really, he is though. And I'm glad. He still gets a pull up for bed, but he doesn't even go in it. When he gets up in the morning he stumbles into the bathroom, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes with one hand and scratching himslef in typical male fashion with the other.

  • She's crawling!

YAY! That's it, time to put everything about three feet up because she's mobile and DANGEROUS, becasue unlike her brother when he was a baby, she touches everything she sees near her.

I know there are other things I wanted to talk about, but I hear the baby trying to get into stuff and I don't hear Daddy telling her to stop sooooooo....

Sunday, December 02, 2007


I know most of you have already gotten the snow that's hitting us here on the East Coast right now, but my son is so excited...

The real point of this post was to tell you that my son finally had his date with my mother today. He slept over her house last night and they went to the movies this morning to watch the Bee movie. He actually sat through it. He behaved himself! And he can't wait to go see the Alvin and the Chipmunk movie, because my mother told me that when they gave the preview he got excited for that one, too. So now that I know he can calmly sit through a movie, I guess me and my son will be having Mommy-Son dates.
A funny that my mother told me: they stopped at Taco Bell in the food court to get a drink before the movie started, and my son wanted his own cup so my mother told him to ask the man behind the counter for a small cup. When little man said "excuse me..." the guy didn't look at him right away, so Little man said "EXCUSE ME LITTLE MAN, I need your attention. Can I have a small cup, PLEASE." The guy laughed as he gave my son the cup. Thing is, I actually call my son Little Man at home. Even when he was inutero I would call him that, it's just so funny that he would go and call someone out in the street Little Man to get his attention. These kids are too funny...

Tooth Sensitivity?

Biotene sent me a sample of their new toothpaste in the mail. In their insert they explained how the toothpaste is supposed to help you if you have sensitive teeth or gums, or if you experience dry mouth.
I myself don't suffer from any of the above, so I sent the toothpaste sample over to my mother. She looked at me like I was crazy when I told her "Hey, Mom, try this toothpaste and then tell me about it so i can tell the world." She still doesn't 'get' the blogging

She tried the toothpaste for about a week and told me that she likes it. She said it really does help with the dry mouth she often gets with her diabetes, and her brushing experience wasn't painful in the mornings. Compared to what she usually uses, I won't say the name but it starts with Senso and ends with dyne- which leaves her still feeling the dry mouth instead of helping her with it. She told me that the only thing she didn't like was that it didn't foam too much, and she felt like she was brushing with nothing, but when she finished brushing her teeth felt really smooth and clean. If she didn't hate taking pictures, i would have taken a picture of her sparkly whites. Aside from their sensitive toothpaste, Biotene also offers a great line of other products, including mouthwash, gum, and they even have products for children. My mother actually told me that when she went to the pharmacy the other day she checked to see if they carry the toothpaste so that she could continue to buy it after the sample is done. I had her take the photos of the toothpaste so you guys could see the label: .