Monday, April 26, 2010


Daddy and I attended a family wedding on Saturday. Between the church and the reception we went and grabbed a snack while the wedding party took photos. At some point we both got a message that a friend of ours from high school had passed away in a car accident. We knew all of our family members got the message at the same time, and suddenly time just stopped. Daddy and I were just silent in the park. I stopped taking pictures and hugged him. I wish the children had been with us so I could hug them too.

In a month this friend of ours would have turned 28. He was awesome. He and I actually tried the dating thing right after high school, before I met Daddy. We were meant to be friends, the dating stopped as quickly as it started. He went on to get get married and had two beautiful children, now 6 and 2. They have lost a wonderful father, his wife a great husband.

We went on to the reception and toasted to him as we toasted to the newlyweds.

RIP our great friend. You will be missed.

Friday, April 23, 2010


sometimes you love your job.

And sometimes - like today - you want to grab someone by their neck and squeeze till their eyeballs pop out.

I'm just saying.

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Baby Boy....

I will be signing Little Man up for footbal tomorrow. *SIGH*

This is a contact sport. I do not like contact sports. I am not a contact sport FAN in any way... (okay, maybe boxing...) but it's too late to get him into teeball/softball because for some strange reason no one ADVERTISES sign-ups. How do people know about these sign-ups unless they already have children in sports? I heard about the little league sign-ups too late...
Football sign ups are tomorrow. Daddy doesn't think Little Man will like football, but I think he will enjoy it. He loves to run, that boy has energy for days. Throw a ball into the mix and he is in heaven. He's like a dog that way... lol!

I am excited and afraid all at once...and yes, it's only flag football but still...this leads to tackle football at some point (if he decides to stick with it that is...)

The cool thing is that in two years My Princess can be a cheerleader for the same team!

This is going to be interesting.