Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'll be gone-

I'm not going to be at work for a few days. Yesterday I went to my mother's house and my son puked. Out of no where. And hasn't stopped since then.
Be back soon I hope.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's POTTY time!

So the beast of the potty chair has been released from the back of the closet where I had it hidden. My mother (because she swears to God that I was potty trained at ONE) gave Little Man a potty chair for Christmas last year. I threw it in the closet thinking I wouldn't have to look at the thing for a long time. Well, it's been a year. Daycare has been introducing him to the little itty bitty toilets they have, and he has actually used them a few times. When he stayed at my mother's house that night she told me he asked to use the toilet. So the potty chair has been assembled, and wouldn't you know the thing plays music when he finishes his business. I had him sit in it with his clothes on after I put it together and told him it's for pee-pee and ka-ka. He got it. He didn't use it, but he would bring Daddy into the bathroom to show him where I parked the chair and say "Pee-pee." I will report the first time he successfully uses it.
What I'm looking for from you guys did you know your kid(s) was ready to use the potty? Was it easy? Advice? Funny stories?
I actually already have a funny story, where it kinda showed me he might be ready...
The other night I was sitting in the bathroom while he was taking his bath and he stood up. I reached out for him , because I'm a paranoid asshole and I don't want him just standing in the tub when there are bubbles or soap in it. He looked at me and smiled. And then he peed right over the side of the tub. Onto my floor. Now, I'm used to him peeing on my bathroom floor when I take his diaper off right before I put him in the tub, it's almost expected now, but that shit was FUNNY. No pee-pee in the tub, right?
So share, I'm all for input.

*please bear with me, I lost all my sidebar links when I decided to stupidly change my template. I wanted a change, and now I have to do each and every link all over...or better yet, if you don't see yours on the side yet, leave me a comment with your URL and help me out a little. Searching for you guys isn't as easy as I thought it would be...

Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving Weekend in bullets

  • I love these bullets
  • Thanksgiving Day was awesome. We had originally planned on staying home with me cooking (NOOOOOO!!!!!!!) and people coming over to visit...thankfully we nixed that idea after I complained that I didn't want to have to give the house the scrubdown of the century after everyone left, because people leave messes whenever they come to my house. So we went to my mother's house at 3, (she likes to cook early) and left at the sign of the first tantrum by Little Man. He has this problem where he knows my mother won't let me yell at him or anything, so he can get away with anything, so to spare my mother's ears from my yelling at her to let me parent my own child, we left just in time to make it to Daddy's aunt's house, where his family was. We just had dessert there, because we were stuffed but we had a good time. We rushed home to get there in time for the Pinks! All Out Premier which started at eight, (told you we were going to watch that!) so we got into pj's and settled in. With full bellies and cars on tv, we were good.
  • Which brings me to the fact that we have cable! We got it the day before Thanksgiving, just in time to watch Pinks! and it was so funny, right after it came on Daddy and I sat on the couch and he asked me what we should watch. I shrugged and said "Just flip through the channels, it feels good having more than three channels to flip through." He laughed, but bet your ass all we did was channel surf till we went to bed. I thanked Selfish over and over, but she kept brushing me off. She says she remembers what it was like to be without cable and being home with the snow (which is coming soon!). So it was a gift for us. I think that's the least selfish thing I've ever witnessed coming from her.
  • Daddy's birthday was Saturday. We went bowling with everyone. We had fun, we haven't gone bowling since I was pregnant with Little Man. He got new clothes from his sisters and mother, and I bought him a hat and sweater to match the outfits. His sisters and mother were actually running bets on which outfit he would wear, but he got them, he wore one piece from each gift (they were all color-coordinated) and the hat I got him, and said "I have something from all my girls." Sap.
  • We found out that Little Daddy has a myspace page. I'll wait while that sinks in for you- a five year old was given a myspace page. We all found out about it and want to kill The Whore, because really, who does that? What's funny is that she made the page, and she made a list of the people that Little Daddy loves, and she purposely left out Daddy. I know she did this to be childish and just to get a reaction out of Daddy, it just goes to show what an idiot she is to play these games. I pity her. She needs attention, I guess her boyfriend isn't giving her enough.

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

To Ya'll

Happy Thanksgiving Happy Turkey Day guys...
Even with all this crap going on I have to pass some kind of well-wishes for the Holidays to ya'll.
Enjoy the time with family and friends, enjoy the footbal (or the racing like I'll be watching) enjoy breaking your diets for this one day... Turkey Wave

More good news...

Yeah right.

Selfish lost the baby last night. She was bleeding and went to the hospital and there was no more heartbeat. They aren't scheduling a D&C yet because they told her that her body will reject the sac and get rid of it itself. So she has to be home the next week to make sure she doesn't bleed out at work.
I've been there.
All I could do was sit there, shocked. Daddy didn't say much, either. I guess the memory of our miscarriages is still raw even though we don't talk about them.
So...Happy Thanksgiving to us, huh?

My friend sent me another e-mail this morning: Everything is a little weird...everything is falling apart around me...I'm losing everything all at the same time.
I wish I could just get in the car and go to her. Oh, the joys of pre-baby days when i could just up and leave without having to tell anyone. She understands why I'm not there now, she has kids. But I still want to be there.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The good news is I get a day off....

the bad news is that it's not for a reason I would LIKE to have a day off.

I have this friend that I've known since I was 18, met her when we started working at the Dept. Store together. We were instant friends, going out on the weekends to all the great hot spots. Her boyfriend was a DJ and he would get us on THE LIST anywhere he was performing. We were like sisters. Then she moved back home to her parents house when she got pregnant and Deadbeat DJ ran away like a little bitch. She had the two most beautiful kids in the world, boy-girl twins born healthy and strong. Her parents were helping her out any way they could with the kids, her father went back to work at the hospital after retiring the year before, her mother would work nights so she could be home with the kids during the day when my friend worked.
Then a year and a half ago her mother was diagnosed with Cancer.
Stomach Cancer.
"We can take care of this." they heard.
"You can get an operation and Chemo and we'll see how things go." they were told.
Her stomach was removed...YES REMOVED..and they made her a new stomach using her intestine.
"You'll be fine."
"It'll be better soon."
"Things are looking really good."

Nothing got better.
She hasn't been fine since then.
Daddy and I went to visit them this past summer. MOM couldn't have been more than 75 lbs was torture hugging her, I felt like I was hugging a skeleton and I wanted to cry just looking at her. She doesn't deserve this, she was never sick. She never so much as had a cold the entire time I've known them.
My friend e-mailed me this morning, a very short e-mail, one I know she didn't want to have to write: They can't do anything else for Mom. They have her on pain meds and it's just a waiting game now. She won't be here for Christmas.
So I've already told my boss that I'll be needing a day off sometime soon-just don't know when it's a waiting game remember?-and I told him why. He understands.

I don't.

I don't see why things like this have to happen to the least deserving people, not that ANYBODY deserves CANCER. NOBODY. Nobody should have to go through the pain she is going through, no one should have to go through the emotional rollercoaster that her family is going through. Her grandkids shouldn't have their grandmother taken away from them, her children shouldn't have to lose their mother. Her husband shouldn't have to lose his wife of a million years (high school sweethearts...)

I'm trying to make a trip to CT to visit before she passes, I at least want to see her just one more time, I want to cuddle with her on her comfy couch the way I did when I would visit for the weekend...
I've never had anyone close to me pass away...she would be the closest person to me to pass away...
How do people make it through this?

Monday, November 20, 2006


I just went to my car so I can go bring it to Daddy (he gets out before I do) and wouldn't you know some asshole took my driver's side mirror. Like, with his/her car. They are laying the pavement on the main road so I had to park on one of the side streets, and I didn't fold my mirror in (stoopid me) because the side street is pretty wide. Very wide, actually. I guess it wasn't wide enough for the dumbass that took my mirror off.
You Suck

Total Slacker!

I've been slacking.

But I'm going to start making up for it as much as I possibly if you see some posts up that don't make any sense on why they are here, forgive me and understand that Christmas is just around the corner.

So far, since I've joined the Payperpost Team, I have made about $300.00, and since I've been slacking off the past couple of weeks, I only have about $35.00 coming my way in the next couple weeks. But that's my own fault since I haven't been up with the blogging lately, doing just one short post per day. Or one short complaint....same thing.
I'm going to be searching for more opportunities to post because I found a great gift I want to get Daddy for his birthday/Christmas this year. (I told him he is getting a combo gift, and I'm giving it to him on Christmas.) And I also found a couple things I want to get my Little Man. I'm also most likely going to be posting a little extra because it's winter and Daddy's hours may get cut back a bit at work. (Mamaof2, there a little insight to how things are going!) Unless he does temp work for UPS again this Holiday season, we won't have too much to spare. I'm hoping they don't cut his hours too much...
The good news is that his job gave him (us) a Thanksgiving Bonus, they gave us a twenty dollar gift card to the Supermarket...They gave it to him Friday, and I almost cried. I called his manager and thanked him over and over. We aren't hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year since we're going to both our mother's houses again, but he doesn't even know how much it means to me that they thought of us and our family. Those twenty bucks will probably just go towards groceries (duh) but for us to just be able to have that...
Well, I'm off in search of posts!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Address me by my new title, please. And add a MS.

So I'll be called MS. Diana X, Administrative Assistant AND Project Coordinator.

Bossman wants me to design a few things to send out to recruit new agents for the offices (because we don't have enough driving me absolutely bananas right now.) so he gave me a new title to make me feel special, and to motivate me actually want to design said 'things'.
It went a little something like this:

I want you to design a few things.
*NO* Oh yeah? *showing only slight amusment*
Yes. Blah blah blah blah blah....
Blah blah blah blah blah...
I'll give you a new title.
Oh? How about more money?

Yeah, totally excited, I know. But it's late and on a Friday and I would have been happier if he were coming in to tell me I was allowed to go home early...I'll settle for a new title for now. We'll talk more money after the new year...when things pick up. (hopefully...stupid real estate market...)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

*banging my head on the desk*

Me. Her. Got it? Good, let's go:

Stoopid, would you like to place an order for the 2007 calendar?
What calendars?
We order calendars between the two offices for the agents to adhere their business cards to and send out to their clients. It's sort of a New Year's gift.
How much are they?
They are ordering at about $0.35 each this year, since we order them in bulk.
Do they say Merry Christmas on them?
No, it's just a plain calendar that you stick your business card to.
Do they say Season's Greetings or something on them?
NO. They are a PLAIN calendar that you stick your business card to, they don't have any designs or anything on them. All it is is a little flip calendar with your business card on it.
Well, you know I can't have anything that says Merry Christmas on it, because I am Jewish.
I understand that, Stoopid, but they don't say anything on them.
Not even the first page? Because sometimes when you order stuff they put somethng on the first page pertaining to a holiday.
*deep breath* The first page does not have any designs on it having anything to do with the holidays. It is just a calendar for the new year. That's it.
How do you know?
I've worked here for the last year and a half, I saw the calendars last year.
Are you sure?
*no words, just a blank stare*
Well, then what's the point of ordering them if they aren't going to have a special message?


I swear this woman is going to end up in the dumpster in the back.

They are seriously trying to KILL me.

All the radio stations that are 'acceptable' for my office have started playing Christmas music.
Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays, I'm as cheery as the next person about a week before the holidays, but to make me sit here and listen to Christmas songs for eight hours a day, five days a week more than a month before the actual holidays, it's enough to make anyone go batty. Last year it was absolute torture, but they started a few days before Thanksgiving, this year they have started a full week before. Don't ever give me a holiday songs cd or I'll have to kill YOU.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What do you tell the nutritionist?

My son eats anything and everything you put in front of him...only if he wants to. I just read what Zach said last night to his mommy, and it surprised me that just last night my son decided he didn't want to eat meat, at all. I made lasagna (yeah, don't get excited it was from a box.) with a side of Caesar salad and garlic toast.
My son will usually eat all the meat on his plate and decide he doesn't want the rice. Or he will eat all the beans and some of the meat and maybe a bite or two of rice. Or he will eat all of his potatoes and green beans and chicken and lick the plate clean. He has never said no to meat. Last night I didn't want him to make a mess with the lasagna, so he was going to be eating from my plate, and he refused to even take a bite of the lasagna. He has eaten it before and has liked it so I know that wasn't the issue... all he wanted to eat was my salad. He didn't even take a bite of garlic toast, just ate my salad. I ended up giving him a couple slices of salami (yep, lunch meat for dinner baby!) and cheese just to make sure he got some kind of food in his system besides lettuce. (He won't eat a normal sandwich, it's a waste of bread. He will only eat bread if it is plain-right out of the bag, or with ketchup and mayo on it.)
These kids...

The thing is that we get WIC, and every couple of months we have to go in to see the nutritionist and she asks all kinds of questions about his eating habits, and I usually make it look like he's the world's bestest eater, which sometimes he is, but I feel that if I tell her about these episodes they will stamp my forehead with a red B for BAD MOTHER.
Any remedies to get around these moments? Or do you just deal and go with the flow...?

How I have neglected you!

Oh, dear, dear Payperpost! I have neglected you! I have kept away from you for so long and here you remain, waiting for me to click on you and write again! I'm sorry, I apologize a thousand times over, please find it in your heart to forgive me!

Seriously, I have been busy at work, I can hardly find the time to blog a regular post, never mind money-making posts. Bad blogger. See the thing I love about PPP is that they don't pressure me, if I don't write for a week they don't mind. I don't get e-mails from them saying "Hey, you have two days to write this post or we're going with someone else." I can abandon them for two weeks and come back and there are no hard feelings. I heart them. I do have to get back into the flow of writing for them once in a while, or else there will be no Christmas at my house.
Which, I must say that I found the cutest little 4 foot PRE-LIT tree at a craft store for $20!!!! I'm going to buy it this weekend. It will be our first official tree together as a family. (We didn't have one last year, we were moving around, and the year before that we were still at my mother's house, so it was HER tree.)
I wanted to get a pre-lit tree because I really don't even know if I'm going to be able to keep ornaments on the tree (touchy-feely Little Man) but I at least want lights!
Okay, back to work. Let's see if Beantown wants to fight again today.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I yelled

I yelled at Beantown just now. He's so stupid;

The phone rings,
"Good morning, company name here, how can I help you?"
"Blah, blah, blah. (Yes, he really said that.) What are you doing?"
"What are you working on?"
What does it matter? Can you just ask your question and let me continue working?
"I am putting something into the computer."
"What are you putting in?"
Are you kidding me with all the questions? "I'm putting a property in."
"Whose property?"
Can you guys see why I'm fuming by now?
"NOT YOURS. What can I do for you Beantown?"
"Well, Old Geezer called me to tell me that you haven't put his property into the computer yet."
"Old Geezer didn't fax me the paperwork. If he had faxed me the paperwork i would have put it in. Don't I always put the properties in?"
"Well, Old Geezer is very upset..."
"So? Why didn't he just call me then? I could have told him that he didn't send me any paperwork for me to enter..."
"Well, you could have called him,"
"Beantown, are you kidding me? I AM WORKING. I am not psychic to know that he was THINKING on sending me a property for the computer Did he send me a telepathic message? I must have missed it."
"Well, you know he could have forgotten to fax the papers, why don't you call him and tell him he never faxed them..."
Why don't YOU fucking call him? You obviously are not doing anything with your time right now, while I am actually doing something for MY BOSS, WHO SIGNS MY PAYCHECKS! It's not like I'm sitting here scratching my ass.

That -in italics- is basically what I said to him. I was seeing red at the moment so I don't remember what I said exactly. I just know it wasn't nice. Beantown is getting on my fucking nerves. Yesterday he yelled at me because we didn't have a certain paper in the back, when I don't even have anything to do with the ordering of the papers that come with listings. HEAD ADMIN DOES THAT, take it up with her. The other day he yelled at me because a letter he was waiting for didn't come in. I"M NOT THE FUCKING MAILMAN.
These people have pissed me off for the day. I'm going to lunch. Fuck them.

***Edited at 1:45 p.m***
I was feeling so much better after lunch, I went to Daddy's job to yell and vent and he listened and called Beantown an asshole. I ate with Daddy and came back to the office, just to have Beantown piss me off again. This time he did it in person.
There are signs that my boss has made for everyone's properties- FOR FREE- that we order as the properties are listed. The signs go on top of the regular For Sale signs, and they take about a week to have made. Beantown just got a new listing on this exclusive side of town (where our office is) and really asked me to get a sign for him done by the end of the day.
"That's impossible."
"Well, find a way to get it done."
"Beantown, the signs are ordered and then made by a compnay and delivered here when they are done."
Perfect timing: the guy who delivers the signs walks in to deliver some that I had ordered about a week and a half ago.
"Ask him, Beantown, go ahead."
Beantown doesn't even acknowledge the guy's presence.
"Well, Beantown, if you would like to personally go down to the printing shop and have them make the sign for you as you wait, feel free. Otherwise, I can order the sign for you and you can wait the week until it comes in."
The delivery guy's eyes went so wide I think they were about to fall out, he put the signs down and waved his good-bye.
Beantown lets a heavy sigh out and storms out of the office.


Now I'm not going to order the signs until tomorrow.

Don't shit on the people who help you.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Thoughts and crap

  • Another migraine. I'm seriously considering getting my head checked, this many migraines cannot be normal. I had my eyes checked six months ago and the prescription on my contacts is up-to-date, so that cancels that out. I get them almost every day. They hurt. The other day I had to take three Excedrins because two wouldn't get rid of it. Is there a way to get this checked without telling anyone?
  • I want to go home and lay down with my husband and baby.
  • We had a birthday party for Little Man with all of Daddy's cousins and their kids at our house yesterday. He had a blast.
  • The Shitter is driving me crazy today. He keeps coming to my desk to take stuff (stapler, Wite-out, paperclips...) but I know he just wants to see what's on my screen. I hate that he tries to be sneaky.
  • I'm starting to feel sick, these headaches always make me nauseous.

Jealous much?

Daddy and Little Man are spending the day at home lounging around in pj's all day today. I'm here in the office, where the phone will not ring all day. I'm super jealous. I gave Little Man extra kisses this morning 'So you don't forget Mommy loves you and Daddy suddenly becomes your favorite', but the kid just laughed and pushed me out of the bed. At least I have writing to do; there are a few things to write about today. But not the thing from the other day that I will not mention for fear it will come back because it did go away, even if for just a few days.
I'll be back.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Listen closely...

do you hear it?
The heavens have opened and the Angels are singing down to me!
Bossman has hired a new Agent, new to our office, not to the Real Estate world, and I've already decided her nickname will be Chatter, because she does not shut up for a second. Now, when I first met Chatter I thought Oh, no! This woman is going to drive me crazy! I will never get any work done! But alas, it is not me she will torment!

She is going to torment Stoopid.
Chatter has been in the office for about half an hour now, and she introduced herself to Stoopid and has not shut up since then. I have heard Stoopid trying to make excuses and make a clean exit, but Chatter keeps trapping her...
Oh, you can't imagine the size of the smile on my face right now.

I WILL write about it, because I want it to STOP

My son has taken to waking up at three or four in the morning asking for milk.
Hey, buddy, how 'bout some sleep???
He comes really close to my face and says "Ma." nice and loud, breathing heavily on my eyelashes, sometimes putting a finger in my eye for good measure. "Cheche." he says, his word for milk, a form of leche which is the real way to say it in Spanish.
"Go to sleep." is all that comes out of my mouth. I do NOT want to get up at three or four in the morning to get milk for a kid that has NEVER woken up in the middle of the night to ask for anything...since he was a few months old anyway. And isn't giving them milk in the middle of the night bad for their teeth anyway?
Daddy snores his answer.
"Maaaaaaa," now whimpering.
He had two sippys before bed, he can't be thirsty. He had a full dinner and snack before that, he can't be hungry.
"Little Man, I'm serious, Go. To. Sleep."
Tears, wailing.
I get up to get the stupid fucking milk out of the stupid fucking fridge, he takes a sip, and falls asleep hugging the stupid fucking cup.
For two weeks this has been going on. Daddy and I have been alternating nights, just to wake up to a sippy on our backs full of milk that needs to be thrown out.
He went a few days this week not waking up, and I thought it was over, but last night it started again. I filled the sippy about halfway, knowing he wasn't going to drink the whole thing, the only difference was he didn't go back to sleep. He was up until my alarm went off, moving around, putting his arm on our faces, kicking us under the blanket. I couldn't go back to sleep because I was too busy telling him to lay back down, or to stop kicking me...oy.
I had called my mother for advice when he did it the first three nights. That didn't help me.
"Maybe the daycare is letting him sleep with the sippy at naptime and he's used to it now."
"Mom, they don't let him use the sippy at daycare, they give them real cups."
"I'm just saying, if they are letting him sleep with the sippy-"
"MOM they don't let him use the sippy at school."
"But it could be a reason..."
What the fuck...

So I'm tired of it. Why would he start doing this all of a sudden? Has anyone gone through this? Give me something! Tell me it will stop and I will get some sleep again sometime in the near future, before he is a teenager...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Doo-Doo

Happy Doo-doo, Happy doo-doo...YAY!!! (clap, clap, clap!)

That's my son singing Happy Birthday to you.

My mother made a lovely dinner for us on Tuesday night so that she may give him his awesome birthday gifts (clothes, books, and a tricycle!) which was delicious (the dinner, not the trike) and when she brought the cake out, we started to sing, and he had the biggest smile on his face. He sang with us (his own rendition) and clapped when we clapped and blew out his #2 candle all by himself.
Lots of pictures, but guess what? The fifteen dollars I'm paying for the stupid internet access on my phone is going to hell, because the shit still doesn't work. (Oh, I feel a phonecall from me coming soon, they have told me four times that they would take care of it...)
So the cake face is being held hostage with the costume pics, only to be brought out by the devils at the Cell Phone Company from Hell.
I had to sing Happy doo-doo this morning while he brushed his teeth, it was the only way he would brush...
I feel I'll be singing happy doo-doo for a loooong time...

*through gritted teeth*

I have found someone I don't like at my son's daycare.
There is this woman there, I guess she's the receptionist, but she is never really at her desk. Everyday I say good morning and have a nice day-if she's at her desk. She sees me every day.
Yesterday my son had two appointments, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. He went in late, and she saw us arrive. I went to pick him up at two and she stops me at the desk.
"Are you here to pick up a baby?"
No, I'm just here to enjoy the afternoon snack. "Yes," I said, still walking towards the toddler room.
She stood up at her desk and really asked me for ID.
*Now, before I continue, I read all the paperwork when I was applying for his position at the daycare, and it does state that they will ask anyone for ID that is not the normal person to pick the child up. Therefore, since I am the one to pick him up everyday, and they know that I am his mother, I don't need an ID.*
I looked at her like she was crazy and said "I pick my son up every day, everyday you see me with him..."
I didn't want to have to go back out to the car to get my purse, it was fucking pouring out and by the looks of the roads it was going to take me long enough to get to the doctors office.
"Yes, well, you're really supposed to be showing me ID everyday when you come and pick him up."
I just stood there looking at her, she caught on that I wasn't going to be going back outside, and I sure as hell was not leaving without my son.
"Oh, well, I guess since it's raining you don't have to go back out to the car today, but please bring it in next time."
I rolled my eyes at her, we are obviously not going to get along...
This morning when I went to drop him off she wasn't at her desk. As I was walking out (she still wasn't at the desk) she came out of somewhere rushing towards me, pointing her finger at me and saying "You have a nice day." in that sarcastic snotty way that people say it when they have said it to you three times and you didn't answer or they just don't really want you to have a nice day...I wanted to grab her finger and bend it backwards, and then tell her to go fuck herself.
Stupid ass....

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Two celebrations in one

Not only is today my son's birthday, it's the one year anniversary of this blog.
Whoa, I've been writing (complaining, bitching, whatever) for a whole year!
My creative writing teacher from High School would be proud...


My Little Man, today you turn two. Two years ago today you decided to bless us with your beautiful presence, making us the happiest people in the world.
I can't believe how much I absolutely love you, how happy you make me everyday. I can't even describe in words how I feel when you look at me with your smiling eyes, how I feel when you hug and kiss me.
Now that you're in 'school' you don't want to leave in the afternoons, but you get so excited when you see me arrive, you pull my hand so I can join you in the singing and dancing. And I do. I'm one of the few mommies that stays an extra few minutes in the afternoons to sing and dance with you instead of hurrying home. (though God knows I want to go home as quickly as possible.) In the mornings I'm glad to get there early so I can sit with you while you eat your breakfast. Your teacher Ms. A loves you, she treats you so nicely. She says you have called her 'Ma" and I get a little jealous but I know you only call women you really like 'Ma', and I don't say a word because, well, she can be your 'Ma' during the day, I am "MOMMY!" any other time. No one (except maybe grandma and your auntie...okay and Daddy, too) gets an exclamation point after you call them. I love my exclamation point.
The other day I wasn't feeling well, I had another headache and I was laying down trying to wait for it to go away and instead of going off and playing you sat on my bed and rubbed my head. Daddy showed you that, and I don't have to ask you to do it when I'm hurting, you do it anyway. You said "ma" very quietly, because you thought I was sleeping and you leaned over and kissed my cheek so many times I couldn't even count the kisses. You don't even know how much that meant to me.
Your vocabulary grows every day, but I still can't figure out why you call ice pops "B". I've never heard any form of the word ice pops with the letter B in it, but you stand in front of the fridge everyday after school, pointing at the freezer saying "B, MA!" I'm a horrible mommy, I give you one most days before dinner, but to you that makes me the best mommy, and your opinion is the one that matters.
You sit on the couch and 'read' Daddy's car magazines. You flip through every single page, pointing at each car, and sometimes you say what color they are. I help you with the colors: Lello, Boo, Red, Geen, Osh (orange), Back. You don't rip the magazines anymore, you have learned that they are very important and that if you 'read' one and give it back in one piece you get another one. You want to help Daddy when he is working on cars. When the weather was warmer, you would go outside with him and hand him wrenches even though he didn't need them. You 'fix' tires, and 'fix' lights, and that consists mostly of you holding the screwdriver to them, twisting, saying "All done!", throwing the screwdriver down and brushing your hands off. I swear a few times I even saw you wipe your forehead the way Daddy does sometimes, and that was probably one of the funniest things you've done.
You talk on the phone to your grandmothers and your aunts, you tell them stories in your jibber-jabber with a few clear words here and there, and you answer their questions.

I love you, Little Man, more than you can even imagine. One day you will fall in love with 'the girl of your dreams' and you may think that you will never know love 'like that' ever again, but my love for you will surpass any puppy love that may come your way. No girl could ever love you more than your mother, and it's only now that I'm seeing my mother used to say it to me for a reason. She told me that a mother's love actually hurts sometimes, and it's true.

Keep growing beautifully, Little Man, as much as I'm frantically searching for the pause button I'm still enjoying these times with you.

I look forward to the next year discovering, laughing, and loving with you.
"Amo, dada."


Monday, November 06, 2006

One Tequila, two Tequila, three Tequila, FLOOR!

Isn't that the famous saying?

Daddy and I were invited to a friend's and his fiance's combined birthday party on Saturday night. We haven't seen them in over a year so we figured we should go. I got my mother to take Little Man for the night, since I knew we would be out late.
A soon as we got there, a shot glass was put into our hands and our friends that were there were holding their shot glasses waiting to toast. The salt shaker was passed around with a plate of limes. I stopped my friend .J. from pouring more than half of a shot into my glass...I haven't had a drink in ages. We toasted to friendship, a lot of us that were there haven't been around, kids and jobs keeping us busy, and needless to say we missed eachother. "Lick, drink, suck" was the mantra of the night, as shots were passed around everytime someone got an emotional need to make a toast. Daddy only had one, the first one. My friend .K. pulled me to the table for a total of four (well, really two, right? I only took half shots everytime.) because it was her first time really getting out since she's had the baby (He's turning one in three weeks.) and she was my drinking partner before we were married.
We had a great time dancing and catching up.
Daddy and I went home at two, and (surprise) I didn't feel drunk. I didn't wake up with a hangover (thankyouthankyouthankyou!) but I did feel the need to drink a thousand gallons of water on Sunday.
It was funny being there, with these people we have known since before anyone was married and before anyone had kids. All of our lives have changed so much, and even though we haven't spent any time together in so long, the time we spent on Saturday felt like we haven't been away from eachother at all. It felt good.
So, to my dear old friends who I may not see for another year (I hope that's not the case.), this one's for you: Chugger

To wait again...

Selfish is pregnant again. She came over the house on Saturday to tell us. New Niece is six months old, Newer Baby is due end of June.
We are very happy for her...(Just let this one be a boy, she has two girls!)
The thing that we instantly started talking about was the whole 7's thing...if she gives birth on the 7th of June, the new baby will share a birthday with Little Daddy. The 7th of July:07-07-07. That's only if the new baby falls under the guidelines that apparently have been set for babies born into this family...
*Note: I still haven't found anyone that can explain the whole 7's thing with the kids. Any new people here; feel free to add your thoughts or opinions after you read the story in the link.

Lose the race, lose your ride!

Lose the Race, Lose your Ride

Watch the drag racing clips, you will see why I love the show PINKS! SpeedTV is having a marathon on the 23rd (Thanksgiving) of this month. Since we are not football people, we will be watching the marathon so I can catch up with all the episodes I have missed this season.
If you watch the show (or just the clip) let me know how you like it!

This post sposored by SpeedTV.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Another "Here's your sign" moment...

"Good afternoon, company name here, how can I help you?"
"Yes, hi, did you guys used to have an office on Blahblah Street?"
"Well, we have two offices, sir, and that's one of our locations."
"Oh, I see. And how could I go about getting in touch with that office?"

Well, you could probably use the phone to call just like you called here....unless you'd like to use a carrier pigeon or something...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A serious matter: Magic Number

Googlio and Skinny Bitch were at my house on Halloween, along with two more of Daddy's friends. Little Man was passed out on my bed, we were all gathered around my not-so-big-but-we-all-fit dinner table just talking. Somehow the subject came up with one of Daddy's friends, Manwhore, on how many women he has slept with. I knew this subject was going to get out of hand, so my mouth stayed shut. And then it happened; Skinny Bitch turned to Googlio and asked him how many women he has slept with. Googlio could not have turned more red, obviously the number he had once told her and the number he told his friends were different, and now she had him cornered. Admit lying to your girlfriend or your friends?
I ended up changing the subject so nobody would get maimed in my house on Halloween night.
My question here is: Was this magic number discussed with your spouse/partner? Is that a subject that you have been open about or have kept to yourself? Daddy knows my past, he knows I was with the same person for 5 years before meeting him (teen puppy love turned disastrous) and that I had dated a few guys before we became official. But to those that have had a more....colorful and adventurous life than I have, have you been open and honest? Have you added or subtracted a few here and there to make yourself look better?
One guy that I worked with at the Dept. Store broke up with a girl because she was honest and told him she had slept with ten guys. He said double digits for a girl was unacceptable for him.
I'm interested in your stories, because Skinny Bitch didn't want him to skip out of answering the question. I would like to know how important it is for YOU to know these things about your spouse, and for them to know it about you.

***Edited to add: I do know of a couple of friends who have subtracted a few digits from their magic number when telling their husbands/boyfriends, one telling her husband that he was only her second partner, and another saying he's her third... Drunken moments when we were pre-baby have brought these confessions to light, and they swore me to secrecy, so I'm sharing it here to show that people DO change their numbers to 'protect themsleves' in some way. And obviously a few guys I know have added a few digits to 'look better' in front of their buddies.

Never give it up, never give it up...




So, we're getting cable. Not by my choice ( though I have wanted to watch something other than ABC and NBC since Little Man has decided to play on his own more.) but because my SIL (the one I still hate) is moving upstairs from us. She is technically 'the owner' of the house, though it was really a gift from her MIL to her and her husband. Anyway, she is getting cable, and she spoke to the cable company here and asked them to connect our service and include it in her bill. I'm not sure how I feel about this, as it could somehow blow up in our face at some point, since she isn't really one to do nice things for others. She is a selfish bitch, that one. (The other SIL is the most selfless person you'll meet. Maybe that should be their nicknames, Selfish and Selfless. or is that confusing? Let me know, I'll change them)
Daddy was the one to tell me all of this, since I avoid Selfish at all costs ever since the whole baptism incident, and he was all excited because 1)the bad weather is coming, we will be home every. freakin. day. and 2)Speed TV BABY! He gets his races from around the world.
I know I've mentioned before that I, too, indulge in Speed TV. My favorite show on the network has got to be Pinks! Two people set up a race for the pink slips to their cars and whoever wins, wins the opponents car. The usually do best two out of three, but there have been instances where they do best three out of five. The show is awesome, and sometimes you may think you already know who is going to win but you get surprised and they don't. It sucks that there have been races where there is a great car that you're positive is going to take it, but it breaks down and they have to forfeit. That's the show I'm most looking forward to seeing again.
We'll see how all this turns out.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What if.....

~I quit my job and became a SAHM and still took my classes?

But then we would have to get actual public assistance, meaning more papers to fill out...more waiting...and still struggling. More struggling, if you ask me, because based on Daddy's income, they will probably tell us we STILL make too much, and not want to help with THAT either.

I hate this. It sucks. I wish this could be easier.

Funny thing that happened today- Bossman was asking Stoopid something or other about one of her properties and she began complaining that she isn't moving anything and she was getting frustrated. (Which, hello, have you NOT noticed how slow the market is?) So she tells him that he better not start charging her any desk fees or she'll quit. I was sending my bossman mental messages to start charging her desk fees, so she'd leave. My bossman's answer to her....


"Do what you gotta do."

Do you love it? I love it.

Karma kicks other people's ass, too.

When I bought my car, we had bought it from a dealership and the dealer did all the paperwork for us, including sending his 'guy' to register the car for us, get it inspected, and all that good stuff. So all we did was sign the paperwork, we were told about the warranty on the car and picked it up when it was ready. Daddy had test driven the car several times and looked under the hood and everything. I never wrote about this in detail because it upset me so much I just wanted to crawl into the fetal position and cry for hours. Which, I did cry, but just normal crying. Here's why: three days after we got the car the transmission went to hell. While we were visiting friends in Boston, an hour away from home. With my Little Man in the car, on the highway, late at night. You already know what kind of words came out of my mouth, as quietly as possible so as not to wake my sleeping son while we were in the middle of the road. We got home that night, two and a half hours later, driving the car in second gear (the only working gear) with our friend behind us the whole way. (Hey, towing a car that far would have been waaaaaaay too much money. Only the first three miles are free with AAA)
The next morning we went straight to the dealership telling them that we knew the transmission was covered under the warranty so they had to fix it. That's when things really turned to shit, because the dealer (that scumbag bastard) looks at us and says "What warranty?"
Did your heart just stop the way mine did that day when I heard those words...?
It turns out the Scumbag Bastard had written No Warranty on the paperwork really really small while they were 'finishing' up the car.
I called lawyers, I called the City, I called the State, I wanted this guy to take responsibility for selling me a hunk of shit. I was referred to a website that would help me find out the local lemon laws and see if they applied to me and would cover my car. Everyone told me the same thing: The Lemon Laws only apply to cars less than five years old. My car is a 1995. My heart dropped down to my ankles and I just hung my head down. The dealer would have his 'guy' fix it for just four hundred dollars. Pshaw- you think I was going to bring my car back to you to get 'fixed' when you just literally FUCKED ME? My sister's boyfriend The Mechanic found me a transmission and replaced it for me. And that was the end.
Except for all the shit I heard from everyone like "You didn't check the paperwork again?!" No, I didn't think he was going to change anything. "How stupid can you guys be?" Well, apparently very stupid. And one that especially stood out was Googlio's girlfriend, Skinny Bitch, who would call me everyday to make me feel worse about the situation. I didn't want to talk about it anymore, I just wanted to forget it ever happened and just drive my car and be happy that I even got to get it fixed. She would tell me how she would never have done anything so stupid and she would have gone through the paperwork with a magnifying glass...blah blah blah. Just leave it alone already.
Skinny Bitch just bought (financed) a 2002 Acura TL. Nice car, I love those. If I had the money or the credit I would think about getting one. Well, guess what happened three days after she got the car???
The transmission went to hell.
I'm not glad it happened, I don't wish that to happen to anyone, but Daddy pointed it out to me that it happened in just the same exact time ours did (the car was bought at a different dealer) and he said that maybe just this once Karma remembered that we needed some back-up. I didn't give her shit about it, I just referred her to the Lemon Law website, and told her to make sure her paperwork was in order, because at least she was lucky enough to have made sure the warranty was in order. I did tell her to make sure the Lemon Law would cover her in case the dealer was an ass like mine was...
Her car is being repaired. Hopefully that will be the last of her problems with that car.

Don't come here looking for pictures.

I took so many pictures of Little Man in his costume last night, I swear I was making him sick making him stand up against the wall. Gorgeous pictures, perfect pictures. All with my stupid camera phone that gives me crappy pictures, but hey! they're pictures!

The stupid phone has decided to go into stoopid mode and not let me send the pics to my e-mail to upload onto the computer...
So all the perfect pictures are trapped in the phone. To my (and all of your) disappointment, we will not having the pictures until my stoopid phone company figures out why the phone suddenly doesn't want to go on the internet.

We had a blast trick-or-treating last night. We went to my mother's town so she could come with us. The area we went to is an old Army base so it's a lot of duplexes really close together, and most of the neighbors were passing candy out. He got extra candy at some houses for being the 'cutest little Elmo ever, even cuter than the one on t.v!" He was trying to say trick-or-treat but would usually say "teet!". Hey, it was close. At some houses he would reach into his pumpkin bucket and offer the people a candy in exchange for what he was getting, it was cute. He said his "Tak yoooo" and "bye-bye" and he would be on to the next house. One of the houses, the two neighbors got together and decorated their whole backyard for a great display and we stood there for a good ten minutes as Little Man ooh'd and aah'd at the witches at the cauldron, and the Frankenstein at the gate...

It was a great time. Last year (his first Halloween, he was 11 months old and dressed as Mickey) he didn't really understand what the hell we were doing, this year he got it. "Hey, I go and knock and they give me candy? This is great!"