Wednesday, December 22, 2010


"The 12 pains of Christmas" is the best Christmas song ever. Nothing but honesty, really.
My daughter has become obsessed with Christmas music. This has only happened within the last week or so, when we are in the car we HAVE to have Christmas music on. I am such a grinch, I really don't like listening to it, but seeing the way she lights up and tries to keep up with the words of the songs (which I must say she is learning very quickly) it makes me smile, and I actually sing along with her. *sigh* the things kids make you do.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Facebook has been blocked at work. And my computer is on the fritz at home, so we don't even use it. My only connection is through my cell phone, and that takes so long to load I give up rather quickly.
Now I have to get my puter fixed at home, and I was hoping to not HAVE to do that till after the Holidays.
Stupid people with their stupid blocks...