Sunday, August 31, 2008

looking through...

I was looking at this picture that I took at the beach last week...does't it look like she kicked him in the nads and was running away? I tihnk I may have caught one of her devilish moments on film! I may just have to make this my new default picture here...


  • So I still wish I could talk about kills me not to be able to tell about all the damned drama that goes on in that place...ugh! UGH!

  • I was recently told (Friday afternoon!) that peaches and nectarines fall under the tree nut family, but I have not found any supporting evidence of that. Does anyone know where else I would find that info besides google? Because Little Man with his allergy wouldn't be able to eat them, but he eats them with no problem. Food allergies suck. I have to call the allergist on Tuesday morning to ask...they were not on the list I was provided by the allergist, so I'm thinking I may have been relayed false info...

  • The outlook for us moving away from here is getting better and better. I've already started the 'cleaning out' process, and I'm looking forward to the day when I can just drive away from here and tell my SIL to suck it.

  • My son has a million remote control cars, none of the remote controls have batteries in them because they all got too annoying. (Is that mean of me?) So what he does now is he stands behind the cars, presses the buttons on the remote controls, and kicks the car so it goes. Not nearly as annoying. It works for me.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

About those broken bones and viruses...

So you see my mother's arm in a sling? Yeah, she had a nice hairline fracture on her rotator cuff (shoulder). She was walking to catch a bus and slipped on some wet grass that was growing out of the sidewalk, and she went to break her fall and broke her arm instead.
The crazy thing is that this happened at nine in the morning - but I didn't hear about it till 7 at night, because that's when I got out of the hospital with Baby Girl. So my mother is sporting a nice sling until her surgery...
As for Baby - the sitter called me at 2 in the afternoon to tell me that the baby was inconsolable, she was crying and wouldn't be put down...
Thursday night was horrible, she was feverish and I was like a koala bear having her hanging on me every single second, she never does that. Friday morning her feet were swollen. Yep - off to the hospital. What scared me was that the doc kept saying "Very interesting...that's interesting" and you know when a doc says "interesting" it isn't very good...I had never seen feet swell with a virus and I was beginning to think he hadn't either.
So it turned out she had a form of hand, foot, and mouth disease...and of course we were told to 'wait it out'.
Everything hits at once right?
As for the job front for Daddy, he is still loving it. Yay.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


My babies. So big, and SO BAD!!!!! This was a rare moment where they were both not climbing/jumping/screaming/running, etc....but look in their see the mischief!
My little girl, laying on her Daddy's leg. We were at the Garage and she was worn out from all the crazy running, jumping, screaming done at the park about an hour earlier. No, she did not fall asleep like her brother did, becaus ethen she would miss out on all the fun (*snort*) at the garage!!

Photobucket Me and Daddy at the park. (Notice the tennis ball in his hand...he was attempting to play 'catch' with one of those little lap was a sight to see...wish I had gotten pictures of that.) (ALSO! Notice the huge bags under my eyes, this was taken about two weeks ago...still in the midst of everything...the bags still havent disappeared.)

Alzheimer's Memory Walk

Anybody interested in doing something for a good cause?
Take a look at when your community will be holding it's annual Alzheimer's Memory Walk, they are usually held on a weekend morning in the fall, so it would be nice out and easy to attend. The Memory Walk is usually 2-3 miles, so you can get a little exercise in the process of raising money for a great cause. Become a Team Captain, they are really in demand right now, and they are in charge of recruiting people for the Walk and collecting money for the Walk.

Alzheimer's is a serious condition that affects too many people. Walking for this cause will help raise money for a cure, something we really need. Anybody affected by this disease knows how much a cure is needed. Even if you don't become a Team Captain, walk for the cause. Understand that there are thousands upon thousands of people waiting for something to be done about this disease, and are watching family members suffer because of it. Wouldn't you want a cure if you or someone you loved were affected by this debilatating disease?

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I am taking a moment to *exhale*.

Daddy got a job. 7 weeks of layoff with no unemployment (bastards never kicked the money in...still waiting on that mind you!) and stress and depression...


He is driving delivery trucks for a big-name furniture company (the one owned by the three brothers, I'm not sure if it's exclusive to the east coast, or New England...if you're from around here then you know the commercials.) Good company to get into...
He gets up at 4 AM and doesn't come home till 9 at night. Maybe that was just this week, because Mass had their tax-free sales going on and they were BUSY.
But he loves it. He is happy and in turn I am happy for him. For us. The night after they called to tell him was the first night in two months that I had slept through the night.


Last night he said to me "We're going to be okay."
I hope so.

I have tons of stories - viruses and broken bones and more stupid SIL stories...I"m hoping to come back with it all soon.

Saturday, August 02, 2008


We went to a birthday party at a skating rink today. I wasn't going to go, I figured my Little Man being only three it would be a disaster. I mean, the kid can't walk in a straight line with out falling over his own two why would i put him on skates? Well, I took him. And he skated. He didn't want to take the skates off, I literally had to drag him out of the place when the party was over. I think it was awesome. I was so proud!
When I first put the skates on he was all over the place. But he ended up getting the hang of it, and he was making laps by himself. There will be more skating trips planned. I was a super-big-smiling-proud-momma.

(Excuse the poor quality photos, they were taken with the phone. It sucks ass.)