Saturday, December 20, 2008

Strange Happenings

My little girl is using the potty. She is a year and a half old and she comes to me daily and says "Mommy! KAKA!" and she means it, she has to go.
I've always heard that girls are easier than boys to potty train, and that they usually do it sooner than boys, but this is crazy. She won't ask to go peepee, she still hasn't gotten that feeling down, but hey, poopie in the potty is a lot easier to clean than in a diaper. LOL!
I have to get her a potty chair or that toilet seat cover thing, because right now it's been me holding her on the seat so she won't fall in, it's a sight to see. My arms hurt.
But this is awesome. Soon, no more diapers???

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Little Man was in line saying "I will not be afraid..." over and over under his breath. Last year we couldn't even go near Santa, this year he made himself very brave. Baby Girl cried after the flash went off, the photographer was going to try to get a picture with her smiling...I laughed. "Hey, we GOT a picture this year, that makes me happy enough." Santa was very nice, he patiently listened as Little Man stuttered his way through his list, his nerves were getting the best of him, but he told Santa about the bed he wanted. And he threw in a Minnie Mouse bed in his request for his little sister. It was a god time.
BUT! We made a pit stop in Wal Mart afterward to get some diapers for the baby, and who is sitting right in front of the store welcoming everyone? Another Santa. Little Man looked up at me and asked me how he got there so fast. "Well, Baby, remember I told you about Santa's flies? Well, he can fly over the traffic that we have to stop in, so he can get anywhere fast." The Wal Mart Santa laughed, and Little Man got to take another (FREE! DAMMIT! I should have gone there for the picture!) picture with Santa. Baby Girl was asleep in the stroller, so she missed the second dose of St. Nick. This Santa thing gets a little hard to explain, how do parents do it for so long?

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Trying again this year...

Last year we didn't make the Santa visit in time. The one day that I was brave enough to venture to the mall with them, the line was ridiculous and we nixed the visit. We are going to attempt going today, because Little Man has to show Santa which "ka-Chow!" bed he wants because "Santa has to bring me the right one, Mommy." Hmmmm. I think that Baby Girl will not sit on his lap, she is very wary of strangers, and I already told Daddy I am NOT sitting on an old man's lap just to get my kids to sit there. I'm all set, thanks.

I got my new best friend inserted Black Friday. Yeah, that was fun. It didn't hurt, some cramping but the fact that I was told to go home and lay down and suddenly Daddy (who hates shopping by the way) decided we should go to the mall...ON BLACK walk around. Oh Jesus, he almost died. We had to get Baby Girl her dressy winter coat to wear for Christmas...we could have waited. Not according to Daddy of course... But whatever. I'm good.

Did anyone do Black Friday shopping? How did it go? I love hearing war stories...

Pictures with Santa (if htey get taken!) will be posted.