Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am sitting to write. I am sitting. That, in itself is big time. Even at work I can't even sit. I can't concentrate long enough to form full sentences here anymore. Too much going on. My head may explode. UGH!
Yesterday Little Man "stole" markers from his teacher. How do you react to that? I was enraged. MY BABY does not take things that do not belong to him (yes he does now doesn't he?) I tried not to yell. I did try. But I was so ANGRY, "DUDE! You can't take stuff that doesn't belong to you! YOU HAVE A TON OF MARKERS HERE why do you want HERS?!?" "I don't know." is all I got. Today he went to school with her markers and a note saying he was sorry and he would never do it again, written by him.
He is biting his nails again. I am applying that nasty nail polish to prevent this and he seems to be picking the nail polish off so he can THEN bite his nails. "DUDE! Why are you doing that?" "I don't know."
I want to punch him every time he says I DON'T KNOW.
He is excelling in school, to say something great. He is reading along with me when I read to them before bed. The Diva is, too. I feel she will be super advanced by the time she gets into school (maybe pre-K this September?) I actually have him reading some of the easier books (Oh Dr. Seuss how I love you!) His math skills are awesome, his handwriting is improving if he takes his time. (He wants to do everything fast, everything is a race. Is this mostly with boys??)
Work is...
I am happy to be employed. I am grateful for this job, but sometimes...SOMETIMES...smh.
I think I will treat us to a dinner OUT, if I don't get any bad reports from school for Little Man. I don't reward bad behavior...but obviously I don't know how to keep it from happening either. I need to do something good for us for no damn reason. I am having an awesomely bad fucking week.