Sunday, May 06, 2007

Does anyone else feel this way???

That you just need a fucking break.
That you want to have a day just to yourself.
That you wish everyone would just leave you the fuck alone.


Becoming a SAHM overnight has adjustment to say the least. It is weird going from working full time and wanting to be with your kid to actually doing it. But I need a day off. I really do. It seems that this child of mine has developed some non-listening habits that I HATE. Today while Daddy was in the shower I yelled at my son because he didn't listen to me the first four times I asked him to stop doing something. So Daddy came out of the shower talking shit to me.
"Why do you have to yell?"
"Why can't he listen?"
"You don't have to yell Diana."
"Tell him to listen and I WON'T."
"Say things to him softly, he'll listen."
"Okay, stupid, if he had listened when I said it the first four times I wouldn't have had to yell."

I'm frustrated.

I feel helpless because the Unemployment has yet to arrive and I feel like whatever I clean in the house is fucked up five minutes later by this little monster. I can't win. It's ridiculous already.
I cried to Daddy the other day: "I have to find a job. I can't be like this."
"Just take advantage of any time you can take won't be able to go to school if you get another job."
"But there's no money.."
"We're fine."
"We. Are. Fine."
"There's food in the fridge, gas in the cars, and we still pay rent. We are fine."

He's great. but I'm frustrated.
I need a day off.

When can I get a sick day?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Household Discoveries...

  • I called them on their bullshit. The commercial shows them sticking a wire hanger into the bag and stretching it, and the bag not breaking at all. WELL. Ahem- I was taking the trash out and I put an empty cereal box (which in my eyes is way softer than a wire hanger) and the bag ripped. Granted, it didn't rip as much as a cheap-o garbage bag would have...but it ripped.
  • This is the bestest smelling cleaner I own, and now I see why my mother bought it religiously. I mean, I bought it because I was used to using it when I lived with her...but now that it's my house and I clean with it (religiously, apparently that gets passed down too) I fully appreciate it. It's cool when I mopped the floor three days ago and I still smell the lavender. YES, there are other lavender cleaners out there, but do they smell that good after three days with a toddler in the house???
  • I hate t.v court shows. And that's all they seem to give during the day.
  • I can't even begin to count how many toy cars my son has. New rule for birthdays and Holidays: NO MORE CARS FOR MY SON.

See, I had more but my brain just farted...and I can't remember everything I wanted to write.

Eh, on to try to catch up with you guys...