Friday, August 31, 2007

Going shopping with two kids- yeah, right!

I've already been thinking about shopping. First off, my son's birthday is in November, and Christmas follows very closely behind. I want to do something for Little Man's birthday, and the thought of going shopping for the party stuff alone has me stressed, never mind the thought of Holiday shopping...ugh.
The thing is my mother keeps telling me that I should just do all my shopping on Black Friday to knock it all out of the way. I laugh at her. I tell her that Yes, I may be up at the butt crack of dawn but it doesn't mean I want to be out shopping.
Then there's this site that lets you do your Black Friday shopping online, showing some great Thanksgiving deals. It's awesome, it even sends you alerts when new Black Friday deals are posted. Easy enough right? My favorite is the KB Toys specials, God knows that I'm going to be doing a lot of toy shopping every year now...
So is it cheating if I do all this stuff online instead of waiting in line at the stores like some poor unfortunate souls???

The Wedding I was supposed to write about a month ago...

So we went to the wedding and everything was beautiful. When we were in the reception they were about to cut the cake, The Groom surprised The Bride with a poem he wrote for her, and read it in front of everyone. That's what made me cry. She was bawling, I was trying to hold it in, and Daddy was sitting there laughing at me. Daddy took me out to dance, and that made me tear up, too (effing hormones) but he didn't notice. I got hit with a lot of memories, and I swear I fell in love with him a thousand times over again that night. Yeah, sap.
There weren't as many people as I thought were going to be there from high school, our table was really the only one. So about ten of us... it was still nice. The food, oh my God, the food. We had to stop somewhere as soon as we left to get something to eat. Those caterers should look into another business. We didn't go home, we went and got Friend and her husband, and another couple and we went out dancing all night. Thirty minutes into it I was already exhausted and was dying to go home and take my heels off, but at the same time I didn't want the night to end because we were having such a good time.

As for being a mommy of 2- HOLY HELL! Did anyone get any sleep after child number two was born? I mean, besides the fact that I have Little Man at home who screams on purpose when he realizes she is asleep (so she can wake up) but what about when the baby reaches that age when they don't stay asleep all the time? (Like my daughter is now...sleep mommy? what sleep?) Thing is, Daddy got a new job that has him leaving the house at 6:30 so he gets up about 5:45, and Little Man is getting up...and staying up. And then he won't nap. And he'll drive me crazy because he's crying and cranky because he's dead tired but sleep? What's sleep mommy? And God only knows that when they all fall asleep at night I can't go to sleep because there is still a lot to be done in the house. Sleep? Pppppbbbbbttttttt.

I'm thinking on going back to work soon. I updated my resume but haven't sent it anywhere. Updating it was a big step for me, sending it out is going to be bigger.

I noticed that IE7 is letting me sign in here, but it won't let me comment on your pages, I'm trying to see what the hell the problem is now, because that's just stupid. But know that I am there, and I'm reading. I wish I could comment on a lot...hopefully soon.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hello out there!

I am here, hopefully I won't be having any more trouble with this laptop, I finally got it to let me sign in. Go figure, all I had to do was download stupid IE7, instead of using the 'old' IE6 that I was using. Hopefully, that was all I needed and I can write every day again.
So much to say, and so little time (baby is taking a rare but much needed nap) I have a lot to catch up on with you guys.
Let me just give some pics and start reading what you guys have been up to for as long as I can before the baby wakes, and then when she really goes down (if I haven't fallen asleep as I usually do) I will start with the theraputic writing.

Did anyone miss me? DO you guys even stop here anymore???
Oh, crap I hear her moving...

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Dying with this heat!

Ceiling fans are important to redirect the air conditioner's cool breeze, especially when the airconditioner I have is stupid and just wants all the air to stay right in front of itself...
My air conditioner is in my kitchen, that is my center room and the air can get into the rest of the rooms with the help of my ceiling fan.
My landlord has been promising me that she is going to remodel our kitchen and bathroom (she's been saying that since we moved in a year and a half ago, though, hmmm....) so whenever I can get my stupid computer to work I search for ideas on what I may specifically want in my kitchen or bathroom. I like the idea of having a more modern ceiling fan to go with a modern kitchen. I already know that she is going to be a cheap-o and I'll end up with a plain boring fan. Geez, even if she hooked us up with a nice craftmade fan, I wouldn't complain.....
Winter's almost coming here in New England, though, and I imagine I'll be putting the AC away very soon, but I know I'll still use the fan when I cook with the oven, so she better give me something nice...