Monday, March 09, 2009

My computer is being fixed – AGAIN. I have been very lazy to write, I know…but believe it or not lately my desire to be home instead of…well… anywhere else… is getting stronger. So I'm figuring I can sit in front of my puter and do something besides play games before I go to bed. (Damn those facebook games! LOL!)

I have been filling out applications for Charter Schools for Little Man. His birthday being in November puts him past the cut-off date in our state for going into school when he is supposed to, he will be forced to wait a year. I don't want that for him at all. And we can't afford Catholic School…never mind a regular Private School. I'm hoping at least one accepts him, and he will be right in there come this September.

I actually have to get some work done – so I shall be back. Sooner rather than later I hope…