Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Needing smiles, getting tears

I'm going to list all the awesome costumes I've seen stopping in here today. I bought candy to have at my desk for all the little ones that go trick-or-treating on my high-profile block, and the cutest kids have been coming in.
So far I have seen: (I will add as the day goes on)
A baby tiger (in his carrier-adorable!)
3 Brides
2 Incredibles (one was the sister, one was the brother)
Peter Pan
4 fairies
A non-descript princess (but cute nonetheless)
Bob the Builder
A two-week old Cow. Cute kid, sleeping through the whole Halloween thing.
3 Darth Vaders
A Bat
A Mommy (Yes, she was pushing her baby in a stroller and had her 'mommy clothes' on)
A Cat
A Butterfly

We got a letter from the Welfare Dept. today. They must have thought they were sending me good news, telling us that we qualified for daycare assistance, only having to pay a co-pay.

The co-pay is $100 A WEEK.
My paycheck is $276. Daddy's differs weekly depending on the hours he worked.
We can't afford that. They think we can, but we can't... I may have to end up quitting after all. They base our income on gross pay-before taxes are taken out- so they feel we make lots-o-cash, but I get a hundred taken out in taxes a week, and Daddy gets the same plus $45 in child support for Little Daddy. So after rent and gas and insurance is paid (on the car, thank God we don't have payments) and groceries and diapers, the daycare will just end up putting me in a big hole that I've already struggled to get out of. Barely.
I'm trying to concentrate on the cutie patootie kids and getting excited about going out with my boy tonight.

*Deep Breaths...*

I just don't get it.

I don't think I ever will.

Every time I read a story like this one my heart breaks into a million pieces, while simultaneously feeling raging anger.
I have read about stories like this one too many times.
Why, oh why can't these people just kill themselves instead of hurting these poor innocent children???
I do not condone suicide, but I'd prefer it than have them kill their children.

I'm not perfect, my life is not perfect, but I'd rather kill myself than ever do something to hurt my son.

I just don't get it. Can it just stop? How bad could it have been? I don't know their story, but FUCK!!!!!!!! Crying 1 the kids had a full life ahead of them...

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those parents whose heads are spinning with all the preparations... Spinning 3D Jack-o-Lantern

And the ones who are preparing feasts for kiddies to come visit.... Witch Cauldron

For the ones who want to scare the crap out of Trick-or-Treaters... Vampire

And especially for the kids going out in their costumes... Costume Skeleton Trick O' Treater


***And many, many apologies to the 114 people who have come here looking for Elmo Pumpkin Templates, you won't find any here. Sorry. Really. Maybe Tony could help you find one??? I mean, he DID do the Colonel...

Will I be STUCK forever?

So the costume has been brought out of the closet and hung out in the open, waiting anxiously to be worn by my excited son tonight.
As I was taking it out of the closet I wondered how long exactly I'm going to be stuck in this world...I thought he had gotten over "Lala", or at least pushed him off to the side so he wouldn't consume every conversation and every DVD/VHS we watch at home, but it seems that since we got the costume, heeeeeeeeee's baaaaaack!
I wake up in the morning to my son pointing towards the living room saying "lala! Melmo!". I get dressed in the morning to the boy riding my ankles holding one of his tapes or dvds asking me to put it in for him. (Thank you Daylight Savings Time, now my son wakes up when I do. Tongue Out )

So it's coming to the time when my son will inevitably the the new TMX Elmo on t.v....and I will be hearing more "Melmo!" in my house.
Don't get me wrong, I think the little guy is cute just like the next person, but I know it's going to be such a hit like the Tickle Me Elmo, it's not even going to last one milisecond on the shelves. Who knows if the store employees will even be able to get them out of the boxes in an attempt to get them on the shelves. Can you picture it? The waiting outside the stores? The hundreds of Mommies and two or three Daddies causing a stampede as soon as the doors to the store open? The laughter and technology is much better this time around, so kids are going to want to keep making him laugh, just to see him bend over and fall down from laughing so hard...
I don't know. I'm still trying to keep him away from the t.v.....

Monday, October 30, 2006

Who's with me?

Yeah...I'm not liking this pitch black-ness when I get out of work...

*also- look at the time...why haven't I left yet?

*Peeking in from the corner*

I'm back in my office.
It feels awesome, but I must say that I actually miss being at The Other Office already. Not because of too much, but I kind of liked being there constantly doing something. I may be a little busy here today finishing up some projects I commited to for The Other Office that I haven't finished, but the rest of the week...what the hell am I going to do?
Blog....catch up on some PPP Posts because I've fallen behind and soon I won't be getting anything from there...reading...
OH! READING! I started reading again this weekend! Can you believe it? Like REAL reading, as in A BOOK. My sister does nails part time, and one of her clients gave her a bag full of books. I was rummaging through the books to see if there was anything worth stealing in there, and among all the romance and mystery novels there was one that caught my eye. The Devil Wears Prada. I had seen previews for the movie, but never watched it. So I took the book and told her I would be renting the movie (it is out on video isn't it?) after I finish the book. I thought it would take me forever to finish the book, as Little Man is very time consuming and doesn't like to see Mommy 'just sitting there'.
I'm already halfway through the book.
Has anyone seen the movie or read the book? Liked or Hated it?
I was going to bring it with me to work today, but figured I would never finish my projects so I'll just bring it tomorrow.
Okay, so I will be catching up.

Friday, October 27, 2006

A decision has been made

Are you ready?

I'm going back to school.

*YAY* Clap, clap, clap, cheer, cheer, cheer...

Okay, so not technically going back in the physical sense, but I'm going to sign up for some on-line courses. The college my mother works for offers several courses I can take from 'home' (work, in my case) and I don't even have to show up in person to take the exams, I do those on-line, too. The thing I'm rather nervous about is if I'm busy at the office and I don't finish an assignment by the deadline they give me, and I still haven't put the internet on at home...I'll start panicking. I'm going to have to find a way to put the internet on at home, I have a computer all ready to go it's just the COST of internet. The cheapest for high-speed here is about $45. I've been told not to even bother with dial-up...
I don't know.
But whatever, I was talking to Head Admin and she is actually taking an on-line course on Excel Spreadsheets right now (good info for us to know here in the office) and she does her 'homework' here in the office when it's slow or when the bossman isn't around to see. She told me since I'm usually alone at My Office I should do it, it would get me some college credits that I need and prepare me if I ever need to find another job. (Is that a hint? LOL.) I'm also worried about Stoopid's nosey ass, if she would be searching my desk (which I swear she does) and she would find evidence that I'm using 'company time' to do other things not-company-related she would rat me out. Or the Shitter who is always trying to see what I'm doing on my screen. Those two are the only ones I'm worried about.
Well, I get the course book on Monday to see what courses I might be interested in and see if I'm going to start in mid-November...
Let's see.

Throwback Thursday

Daddy stayed home from work yesterday, sick as a dog. Poor guy, he always goes to work even when he's sick so him needing to stay home was a big deal, I was worried. But we couldn't both stay home, so I left him with enough Dayquil to get through the day and some chicken soup. He slept most of the day, and by the time I got home from work the poor guy had no energy. I cooked some dinner and we settled in to watch one of our favorite movies; The Italian Job. Little Man was coming down from his cupcake high (yes, they ate the cupcakes yesterday!) so he sat quietly with us to watch the movie.
Is there anyone else out there that absolutely loves this movie as much as I do? I mean, besides the obvious advertisement deal they must have had with MINI Coopers (which I fell in love with when I saw this movie), the movie was good.
It always gets me and Daddy talking about what we would do if we came across (stole, whatever.) 35 MILLION dollars in gold bullions. First off, obviously we would have to get someplace to store them. Steve (in the movie) was keeping them in his house and trading them off for cash with a Pawn Shop on a weekly basis.
I would want to be featured as a smart investor in the news for having a single bullion worth $240,000. But that would only happen if I didn't steal it, right? Hmmm...
I wouldn't trust a Pawn Shop to trade in the bullions like Steve did, I would rather find somewhere secure that would give me the best value for the gold. Show me the best prices to trade them in for, and I'm there.

We can never sit through that whole movie without discussing the possibilities. Last night was no different. Except the movie was interrupted more by Daddy's sneezing than our conversation, LOL. Only thing is, maybe I shouldn't have sat next to him because now I'm feeling rather sneezy...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cupcakes- Round 1

Okay, so I didn't make the cupcakes last night. My headache turned into a full-blown migraine before I could take any meds (don't have any here at this office) so my sister valiantly volunteered to make the cupcakes. She called me as I was hiding beneath the covers (stay away from the light!) to tell me how cute they were coming out, she was getting all artistic with the frosting drawing cobwebs and ghosts.
So she brings them to me this morning, and decides to come with me to drop Little Man off. When I walk in the youngest teacher (I don't know her name...bad mommy) gives me a strange look. "I brought the cupcakes today..." I said. "Oh. Um, the party is Tuesday." "What? The other teacher told me I could bring them in any day this week." "Oh, she must have not known that the party was set for Tuesday. But we could put them in the fridge until then..." Five days in the fridge? Ummmmm, NO. I left the cupcakes anyway, but my sister just told me "Hey, then you could still make the ones you wanted to make for Tuesday!" Yeah. Whatever. I felt like an asshole, I had asked the teacher four times what day to bring the cupcakes in, and four times she told me "Bring them in any day."

Ugh. I'll tell them to just give the kids the cupcakes today or tomorrow as a snack, and if I feel like making them for Tuesday, then they'll get made.
So disaster on the cupcakes.
And my sister didn't take pics of them. So let's just pretend this never happened.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


They are everywhere.
Unfortunately the people in The Other Office think it's me. When they ask me to do something, they stop right in front of my desk, tilt their head a little, and ask "Do you know how to..." and proceed to ask me the stupidest question ever. Then they give me a funny look when I say yes, like I have just been thrown into this desk without knowing a thing. Then they hover to watch me do the task, unsure whether to trust me or not, and that's something I hate. I know they don't know me but damn, trust that I've been with the company long enough to know how to write the name of a street on a label.

There are morons in this office. One guy just called to ask me to look up a file for him. He says he wants Shell Drive. I repeat Shell Drive back to him to make sure I have the right name so that I don't fuck something up, and he says "Yes, Shell." So off I go in search of the file, which I do not find. I come back to the phone and say "You're sure it's Shell Drive? It isn't in there." He says "It has to be in there, Shell Drive, M-I-C-H-E-L-L-E, Shell."
Um, that's Michelle, you idiot.

I have a massive headache.
My son had a blast on his hayride trip, he got to ride a horse. He won't be bringing his painted pumpkin home till Friday. I can't wait to see what's on his pumpkin. I'm bringing the cupcakes to his class tomorrow morning, if I can muster up the energy to bake tonight. Pictures will be taken, I promised, though I know they won't look as good as the Kraft picture. So don't be disappointed when you see photos of lopsided cupcakes...again, I have a headache.

My hair is super short. I forgot to tell you guys, I washed it and it's curly again and it's like two inches below my shoulders. *SIGH* It's super short, and I really don't like it, but what can I do but wait till it grows back? It's not like you can pump my arm and it grows...(does anyone remember that Barbie? You would 'cut' her hair and then pump her arm up and down and the hair would 'grow' back? No? Just me?)

I was looking to change my template, but blogger's templates suck ass. So I guess I'll just stay with this one for now, until I get really tired of it and put something equally as cheesy up.

Yeah, big headache, left eye is shrinking...leaving now. Ta-ta.

Barely alive here...

Been super duper busy. I miss my office. Have a few minutes, so I wanted to say hi and take a moment to check in with ya'll. Don't hate me if I don't comment, it's hard having to hide my screen from the nosey fucks here...

I'm thinking the Head Admin is leaving early today because she has a company event to attend (ha, I don't have to go!) so I may be back to tell some stories.

Monday, October 23, 2006


I'm at The Other Office.

How are things, you ask?

The day has been flying by. I like that I've been busy learning new things so I'm not sitting at my desk ready to pull my hair out from boredom. Lunchtime came so quickly, had it not been for my stomach growling I would not have thought to look at the time. I was super hungry, since last night I ate a cup of soup and then had an Exorcist episode soon after, and I ate nothing this morning. (Cup of soup must have been bad, no other explanation for the Exorcist episode...)

I'm learning everything that the Head Admin does, as Bossman wants me to be able to cover for her if she needs a day off or decides to take a vacation this year. Cool stuff, I wish I could do it everyday, it would keep me busy.
Poor Other Admin, though, has already had a few moments with Stoopid. I feel bad, but I'm glad I'm not there...

Little Man has his first field trip tomorrow to a hayride and pumpkin painting farm. They asked me to volunteer to be a chaperone, but I can't take the day off. I'm in training right now, but if I had been at My Office, I would have taken the afternoon off to be with them. It sounds like fun. My sister may go, she thinks she's free in the afternoon. Still no word on the State covering for all this...those assholes avoid phonecalls really well. Four messages have been left by me, two of them not-very-nice but civil enough so they don't get pissed and stamp a giant red REJECTED on our application...
That's all for now. I'm going to use Head Admin's lunch hour to catch up with ya'll.

***Edited to add: OOOOHHHH! I almost forgot to tell you, WE GOT HIS HALLOWEEN COSTUME! (Latteman, do I have you beat?) He picked it out himself, it just happened to be the last one and in his size, what are the chances?...can you guess what he picked??? Look at the title of this blog...I'm STILL STUCK. He's going to be Elmo. But, dammit, the costume looks sooooo cute on him. Pictures will most defenitely be posted right after Halloween!

Friday, October 20, 2006


It's raining over here today...pouring. I was getting Little Man out of the car in front of the day care and some idiot (who already saw the car in front of him splash in the puddle) comes flying through the puddle, soaking me and Little Man. There was no way I could have moved out of the way fast enough to avoid the splash.
Thanks, asshole, I appreciate the chill I'm going to get now that I'm sitting at my desk in wet clothes.
The only thing I'm grateful for is the decision I made to wear dark colors today, because at least I won't have visible mud stains all day.
I just hope no one comes in while I still have wet spots all over my shirt...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Opinions. Pleeeease.

I'm thinking on making these for Little Man's class next week for their "fall" party. (So as to not offend those that do not celebrate Halloween in his class...)
I found it here but I think I can cut the prep time in half. (yup, that's me, always looking for the short-cut...)
Do they look good?

As opposed to making cupcakes, just putting orange frosting and chocolate sprinkles on them like I was planning to do before I found these?

I'm taking FUUUULL credit, thankyouverymuch!

Yesterday after work, Daddy went to go help Choo with a job (on a car) so it was just me and the little guy at home. I haven't been feeling very well (again) so I wasn't hungry, I made some Mac&Cheese for him and let him eat it on my bed.
After his dinner he got his bath and he laid next to me, stroking my hair. Or tangling it, whatever. None of his books were around and you know I didn't feel like getting up, so Hey! Let's sing the alphabet! He makes it up to E before just sitting there, eagerly waiting for me to get to the part where I say "next time, Little Man, sing with me." He dissolves into giggles hearing his name in the song and makes me start all over.
What I'm taking full credit for is the new counting he can do all by himself. My boy can count to five without hesitation. I know there are kids out there that have been counting to ten since they came out the womb, but let me enjoy this. I always count steps, cups, plates, anything that I do during the day that can be counted. And last night he did it by himself. I was so happy.
He fell asleep before Daddy got home, so we couldn't share this awesome new thing with him, and of course he refused to do it this morning. But I know he did it. And I couldn't feel more elated...I remember feeling this way when he said his first word and took his first steps...
Growing up....

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Good-bye! So long! Adieu!

I'm going to spend the week at The Other Office next week. My boss took me to lunch yesterday and sat down to talk about him wanting to still make those changes. (Me going to The Other Office. Can't seem to find the old post...)
So we order lunch (he had a glass of wine with a tuna sandwich. LOL!) and he starts to ask me about the daycare sitch. He actually got out a piece of paper to total up how much Daddy and I have left over after normal expenses. It was quite embarrasing for me, telling him what we bring home and what we are left with, but he wasn't being judgemental, he is trying to help. He actually asked me "How do you guys do this?"
I could just shrug.
Somehow we survive.
"Unacceptable. They can't deny you help..."
They could.
They haven't yet, but they could.
So he took down the number of the social worker and told me he wanted to speak to her and perhaps their supervisor...
My boss...
gotta love him.
So anyway, I shall be at The Other Office and perhaps posting will be sporadic. The desk there is in a more open area and there is a door behind the desk to get to the second floor, so anybody can see my screen and we can't have them knowing I'm 'socializing'!

The greatest thing is being away from Stoopid. A week without her? And soon no more of her at all!!! How will I be able to hide my excitement???
I have a post I have to dedicate to her, in the past two days alone she has given me a week's worth of Stoopidity that I must share with you...
check in soon.

Want a new President???


I say, let's bring back some of the old Presidents. Why not? Compared to our Shithead leader they couldn't possibly do any worse, right? Lincoln? He got slavery abolished, great job. Yes, it got a Civil War started, but there was an accomplishment after it all. What is the accomplishment going to be after this war? Seems like things are just getting worse...
Let's conjure up the sprits of the past and get them to run for the Presidential Race in 2008!

I found the funniest T-shirts online, and just in time for Halloween/Election time. I do wish it were time for the presidential election, because these would be peeeeerfect to wear tot he polls!
Presenting: The Zombie Presidents:

Nixon. Famous for saying "I am not a thief". Well, he's famous for other things, but still...I like that line. I also like the mask they have made for him for Halloween costumes.

Kennedy. He did nothing wrong, right? Wasn't he one of the most loved Presidents, ever? I mean, yeah he slept with Marilyn Monroe, but who didn't? I say he would make a great President right now.

Reagan. Wait, he's still alive, isn't he? Well, bring him in! I was born during the Reagan reign so I don't know of anything scandolous...

Right about now I think anybody would be better than the Tard. I wish we could bring Clinton back, he was smoking everyone up, that's why everyone was so peaceful! LOL. (joke)

I know...

There's going to be an accident at the intersection outside my job today. With the rain (drizzle) the intersection seems to have gotten a little slippery, and cars are not stopping in time...I've been here about a half hour and already there have been three people sliding halfway through the intersection...
These are the people that think they can beat the light and realize at the last moment that they can't...
It's going to be an interesting day.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's frickin raining part2

What I AM upset about with this new moist weather we are having today is:Dammit! i just got my hair did!
For those who know, my hair is (WAS) down past my ass. Veeeeeery long. Well, yesterday my dear sister decided she wanted to blow dry my hair straight, which is not an easy feat for anyone. (For God's sake, my regular hairdresser ended up with arthritis and everyone jokes that it was because she had to do my hair) Now this was all pre-baby. I haven't had my hair professionally done since I got pregnant. Sitting down for four hours under a hair dryer and then getting it blown straight...No. Not for a pregnant woman who couldn't even sit through a whole movie. So- my sister was all "Let me cut your ends, you have a lot of dead ends."
Hell no.
See I have this problem that when people say "I'm just going to cut your ends." I end up with half my hair butchered off. When I say "I just want an inch off." it somehow translates into people's minds as "Cut as much as you want, i don't mind." Fuck that, I DO mind. The reason my hair is so long is because when I was a 14 I went to a hairdresser that I didn't know (mistake #1) and trusted her (mistake #2) to just cut my ends. I ended up with my once-halfway-down-my-back hair right below my ears. I guess she heard me say "Leave me with the ends." Needless to say she didn't get paid, I left there in tears, and there was nothing I could do but wait till it grew. And I haven't cut it since. (Except for the inch I would cut every six months with my trusted now-arthritic hairdresser.)
So last night found me sitting on a chair in the middle of my living room with a towel wrapped around my head turban-style arguing with my sister on why I didn't want her near me with scissors. Daddy found it hilarious, he was sitting on the couch with Little Man watching us like a sitcom.
"FINE. Just the ends." I tell her.
"Well, you have a lot of dead ends. You haven't had your hair done in ages... I may have to cut a few inches."
"Inches? NO."
"Di, it'll grow back. It's only hair."
"Look, I'll show you where I'm going to cut." and she grabbed a chunk of my hair and showed me.
"That's too short." I said.
"Di, OMG! What is wrong with you? It's not like you do anything with it anyway!"
Huge sigh.
"Fine. Just the dead ends."

My hair was snipped (butchered, massacred) and she blow-dried it.
While it's straight it reaches the middle of my back. I'm afraid to see what it looks like when I wash it and get it curly again. I told her if one strand touches my shoulder I would cut all her hair off in her sleep.
So now it's raining and curly hair blown straight doesn't mix well with rain. I'll end up with a serious case of the fuzzies you see in the commercials...

It's frickin raining

Movie night!
That's right a trip to Hollywood tonight is in store for us so we can veg out in the house with some popcorn and homemade smores. (ask me about that if you're interested.)
Now- I already saw The Break-Up. I'm thinking The Omen??? Has anyone seen that, if so was it any good? Those are the only New Releases I'm interested in today.
Or maybe we should take it Old School and join the National Lampoon's DVD of the Month Club. I hear that they have a movie-a-month release that brings comedies to your home that have probably been released ages ago, but nobody gave it any hype. Did anybody watch that Harold & Kumar go to White Castle? Well, that movie was actually made a long time before anybody ever 'discovered' it, and it was actually about to go straight to the dollar bin because it didn't make any money at first. Then it blew up and everyone wanted to see it. So the DVD Club brings those unappreciated comedies right to your home...I should look into that because God knows I hate driving to the video store now. Crap, come to think of it I have a movie that's due today...
See if I did Netfix or was part of the DVD Club I wouldn't have to worry about getting the movie back on time...

Project Daycare-Day 3

Total meltdown.
That boy took one look at the door when we walked in and started whimpering. I told him I was just going to take his jacket off and he at least agreed to that. I offered him a corn muffin that was to be their breakfast today, and he took it but made me sit on the itty bitty chair next to him. Then another little boy, younger than Little Man, he looked a little over one, came over to me crying and hugged me. For some reason this little boy was comforted by me and Little Man was not having it. So I'm holding the little boy and my son comes to sit on my lap. Very territorial. The little boy starts to cry if I move, so I put my son back on his chair and brought the little boy to Ms. A. Little Man had a heart attack, he thought I was choosing the other little boy over him and that started Screamfest 2006. It took me 20 minutes to get out, and even then Little Man was not calm, I could hear him as I walked (ran?) down the hall towards the door. I could hear him as I walked down the walkway as the door took it's sweet time to close. Nothing like prolonging the moment, huh?

I re-faxed a copy of our apartment lease to the Welfare Office (because they claim to never have received the first two copies I left them) and I called the woman with my case and left her a message and my work number...again. After two hours she still hadn't called me back, so I called and I couldn't leave another message because her mailbox was full. Nice. So she calls me back right now and tells me she needs a copy of the lease. I just sent that to you YESTERDAY along with the letters stating our hours and rate of pay. She puts me on hold for twenty minutes while she searches her stack of papers for the fax. (I actually wrote the beginning of this post while on hold.) She finds it and then tells me that she needs copies of our last four paystubs. I know we have those, but any money says I won't find them. Because that's the way things work. You find the pay stubs all over the place when you don't need them and when you need them they are no where to be found. So the search will begin when I get home. These people are driving me craaaaazy.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Twenty Days

Twenty days are left until my son's second birthday.
I counted them.
Twenty days before he 'hits the terrible twos' that I swear he's been in since he turned one.
Twenty days before I can officially stop counting his age in months, which Daddy hates when I do anyway.
Twenty days before he turns the age he calls himself now. (We're practicing for when people ask him how old he is.)
In twenty days, it will have been two years and one day since I went into labor. It will be two years since the doctor placed him in Daddy's arms and Daddy sat in the chair across the room instead of bringing him to me. It will be two years since we heard that little tiny cry and let out the breath we had been holding for 38 weeks. One year and 363 days since we've had him home.
A million bruises and scrapes and cuts have passed, teeth have cut, colds and eczema, slimy snotty noses, smiles, tears...

He's growing up too fast. Time; please slow down so that I may relish in this just a little longer. My baby is growing out of babyhood.

I swear when I hear him say "Amo Mami" (I love you Mommy) I want to grab him and sob into his neck and tell him to stop growing. When I hear him say anything that isn't Chinese morse code I stop and say to myself Holy shit, I understood that. and I have to remember that there is a little boy waiting for his car, or his milk, or who wants to hold my hand and lead me to whatever he just discovered...
To do list today:
Make time stop.

Home Improvements a la Renter

So I've established we rent our apartment. The landlady told us she is going to have someone re-do my kitchen and bathroom. I got excited because I have tiles falling off the walls in my bathroom (no where noticeable thank goodness!) and my kitchen just doesn't have enough counter space or cupboards. So, she didn't tell us exactly when this home improvement project would be happening, but I'm already getting the dancing sugarplum fairies everytime I look at my kitchen and try to imagine what the new one will look like. Now, I know since we rent the place, we won't have much say in what goes on, but if this were my own home I would love some stainless steel applainces. Double-door refridgerator, because I store as much in my freezer as I do the fridge part. I would love a fridge with the ice-maker because that would prevent my son from having a conniption everytime I open the freezer and he sees the forbidden ice cream or popsicles. I want a flat cook top, because it would be so much easier to clean than the stove I have now, where grease and food and what the hell is that? finds its way into places I can't even reach to clean. My current stove works great, but it's older than my mother and I'm sure it's days are limited. My favorite room in the house is the kitchen, I love to cook and bake and can usually be found in there on a regular basis, so the counter space and cupboard space is very important for me and my numerous thing-a-magigs, especially when I'm making something that requires a lot of utensils that need to be at hand. The counter tops wouldn't make a difference on what they are made of, but if they put a built-in cutting board, I think I would melt. I wouldn't have to scramble around screaming "WHERE THE HELL IS MY CUTTING BOARD???" because little Man was playing with it and put it under my bed or something. Yes, he does stuff like that. My MIL has one and I loved using it when we were at her house. Wipe and voil-a! All done! No missing cutting boards!
As for my bathroom...oh where to start? I defenitely want to keep my tub. (The other apartments have only showers). but I would love it if they gave me sliding doors. I would also want a fan to get the steam out and prevent the mold&mildew build-up thus preventing my allergies from going haywire. While they are at it, make the bathroom white instead of the ugly sage color that's in there now, so I can decorate it in as many different ways as possible. Right now the only decoration is a yellow candle on top of the toilet, a hunter green shower curtain and bath rug. If it were white I could change the color scheme and have better decorations. My sink at least is new and I like it, it's white with storage space underneath.
I can't wait to see what the landlady comes up with, hopefully at least my bathroom will be to my liking, because I know I'm not asking too much there...

Project Daycare: Day 2

He was a little clingy this morning. My sister came with me so I could introduce her, as she is listed as emergency picker-upper next to Daddy. As soon as we walked in the other kids came running saying "Hi Little Man!" and hugging and kissing him. I loved it, it overwhelmed him a bit. I took off his sweater and sat with him at the itty bitty table so he could start on some cereal. At first he didn't want us to leave, but he warmed up.
Nothing special happened this weekend.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Like a fish to water

I took my son to the New Daycare this morning. The teacher Ms. A told me to stay a few minutes just to make sure he would be okay. A few minutes? I called out of work to spend the DAY here! I got there a half hour before I had to be at work, thinking I would be peeling a child off me and running out the door as he sobbed and called my name like he would never see me again.
When we first arrived I took his sweater off and he grabbed my hand and led me to the little itty bitty chairs and table they had, where Ms. A served him some apple sauce. He made me sit next to him on those little itty bitty chairs. Several mothers were sitting with us at the itty bitty table, they smiled at me and Little Man. He had four spoonfuls of apple sauce before his radar alerted him that there were cars in the vicinity. Up he went on a search, and lo and behold! A HUGE bucket FULL OF CARS! That boy was going to be in heaven. She told me to try saying bye to him, I went and he instantly pursed his lips for a kiss and said "Bye Mommy." No crying, no kicking, no screaming bloody murder.
For today anyway.
Ms. A told me they would start potty training him. Wait, what? Isn't that MY job? I smiled and told her he will very clearly let her know when he was done the deeds, we have at least gotten to that step at home. She gave me a weird look when I told her he sometimes likes the binky. "We'll have him off that." My eyes went wide. Does she know what she's in for with that thing??? The other night he cried for two hours while me and Daddy looked for that damn thing...
So there's that. Now to hope that the state pays for this, because he seemed to like it so far...I would hate to have to take him away from there.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

No title

Why is it that when one measly little thing that you've been hoping and praying for for such a long time finally happens, a millions big ginormous bad things have to happen right after?
Why can't I ever just be happy?
Is it really too much to ask?

And what is wrong with these fucking monsters, why do they have children?

What's in a name?

Two new babies are on their way into our families. DJ and his wife just announced that they are expecting baby#2 and Googlio and his girlfriend are also freshly pregnant. While some of you may remember from my post of how Daddy and I met, DJ's wife hates me, so I know she was pissed when DJ called us to tell us. i heard him tell her "They are FAMILY." so I know she must have said something really stupid.
Anyhoo, Googlio and his girlfriend were at my house the other day, Googlio sitting in the living room watching car videos with Daddy and Little Man, and Skinny Bitch (That's her name dammit, I call her that in real life) was sitting with me in the kitchen. She was asking me about labor and I was giving her honest answers, none of that candy-coated shit. She ended up asking me how I came up with Little Man's name.
When I was pregnant we decided on his name very early on but never told anyone. We called him Little Man when we spoke to the belly (yeah, we did that.) and I even remember my first words to him were "Hey, Little Man, welcome home." Literally using Little Man, not his name. Little Man's real name means God Has Heard in Hebrew. We chose it because of its meaning and it wasn't too common. (It is now. Poor boy is going to be hearing his name everywhere.) The reason for wanting a name with such a meaning is because you couldn't even imagine how much I prayed when we found out we were pregnant, having already had two miscarraiges before. Every appointment I had I went with a heavy heart, every time they searched for his heartbeat I would hold my breath. When I started having contractions at 25 weeks in the shower I thought that was it. When I went in with contractions that would NOT STOP at 38 weeks and ended up having to get induced, praying was all we did. God heard. That was our belief. When he was placed in my arms I couldn't believe what a fitting name it was for my handsome little guy.
That is the origin of my Little Man's name, and she told me she was going to search for baby names that have a great meaning...
Someday I will have to share my birth story. Someday. It was a fun ride I tell you, and in case you can't tell I was being sarcastic. (Hint: 23 HOURS OF LABOR. HOURS!!!! FIFTEEN MINUTES AWAY FROM EMERGENCY C-SECTION!)

Good news/bad news/pictures

Okay, so the good news is that Little Man got into the daycare I applied for. YAY! We got the only spot! Cheer for us!

Okay, now stop. The bad news is that I still have to wait until the end of the month to see if the stupid state is going to help me pay for it. That means that I could bring Little Man to the daycare TOMORROW, and if the state decides that they wont help me pay then I will have to pay for the time Little Man spent at the daycare...which could be upwards of $500.00 by then.

So that's that.
Good and bad.
Now for some pictures:

What he did for 2 hours in the middle of the races! My Little Man sleeping for two hours during the races (yes, he slept during the races, some fan huh?) and this was the only picture I got all day. My mother bought him that shirt with the red demon on it, and he was showing it off to everyone who would pay attention, which was everyone at the track. No one can resist a cute kid...

Some scenery on the way to New Hampshire Some of the color-changing trees on the way to New Hampshire. The route up there has very long stretches of highway surrounded by trees, great photo opps...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


God, please, not again.
I already can't get through to my aunt who lives on W76th in Manhattan, all the lines are tied up.
They say it's just an accident, not terrorists, but come on...why was a plane flying so low? Wasn't that what they said on Sept.11? "Just an accident..."
I just hope this time it's true.

Please, please PLEASE don't let this happen again.

How do you eat your toast?

Help me settle an argument here:

First, let me give you a little backround. When I was younger there were times that we didn't exactly have much to eat. My mother was too proud for her own good and sometimes just made do with what we already had in the house. There were times when we had no ham or cheese, but dammit we had some bread and mayonnaise...so we ate mayonnaise sandwiches. Now, I know this sounds extremely gross to those of you not familiar with the concept, but all it was was toast Bread with mayonnaise Mayonnaise on it instead of butter. It's actually not that bad, and truthfully sometimes I still make it even if I do have ham and cheese in the house. Daddy was in the same situation growing up, so he knows about mayonnaise sandwiches.
The other night I wasn't really hungry, and Daddy was complaining that the pizza the guys at work bought for lunch was making his stomach hurt. So I suggested I just make us some mayonnaise sandwiches, just something light enough so his stomach wouldn't go into convulsions and I could just eat something. (Little Man got his own dinner, don't worry!) So I make our sandwiches (very little prep time and almost no clean-up!) and I hand Daddy his as I sat next to him. Daddy watched as I took my first bite and made a face.
"WHAT?" I asked.
"Why do you eat your sandwich like that?"
"Like what?"
"With both pieces of bread together..."
"Ummmmm, it's a sandwich stupid. How do you eat yours?" (You figure I would already know this, we've been together long enough...)
"I eat each piece of bread separately. Like toast."
"So? You eat yours YOUR way, I'll eat mine MY way."
"It tastes better my way."
I had to laugh out loud for that one. "What the hell do you mean it tastes better? It's bread with fucking mayonnaise on it, it can't taste different if you eat it two different ways."

This went on while we finished our sandwiches. Yes, we were discussing our methods of eating this strange concoction...
Now my question to you is: do you think it tastes different eating it as a sandwich or as toast? I think not, but it would be interesting to hear if anybody does.
AND! Are there any strange sandwiches/foods you eat that you think other people would be all eeeewwwwww about if they knew? (Because I think people are going to be all eeewwwwww about my mayonnaise sandwiches...)

I will start: Little Man likes ketchup and mayo sandwiches.
Sounds disgusting right? Well, Daddy likes egg sandwiches with cheese, mayo, and ketchup. (BLECH!) One day Little Man grabbed Daddy's sandwich, took the egg and cheese out and ate the bread with ketchup and mayo on it. And he loved it. He actually asks for it for breakfast sometimes and yells and kicks and screams if I try to give him something else.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Horrible parenting and wifery to commence..........NOW!

It's the middle of October. (Almost.)
We don't have a Halloween costume for Little Man and he's been invited to a Halloween Party (already? He's only turning two! GEEZ, I didn't get invited to a party until I was....never mind. I was boring.) followed by trick-or-treating with the same kids from the party.
It's the middle of October and my son's birthday is three weeks away. Do you think I have something planned? Do you think I have even thought about getting a cake and inviting a few (very few) people over just to sing to him and make him happy? Do you think I have even thought about what to get him?
It's the middle of October and I have a little more than a month before Daddy's birthday is upon us. (Same gripe from above inserted here.)
I'm a horrible wife and mother, who the hell let me become a wife and mother? They really should start screening us before just letting us do it...


I watch a lot of late night t.v when I can't sleep (which lately has been almost every night). That's a problem, as I don't have cable and the late night stuff is usually infommercials and, well, crap.
The other night, though, I came across a rodeo show and I left it on. Yeah, me: Big City girl watching people riding on bulls for sport. It made for a good laugh. It was actually pretty interesting because I can only imagine how hard it must be to stay on a bucking bronco for eight full seconds. I know I would never be able to do it...
The arena appeared to be sold out- so I imagine that these folks in Texas take this rodeo stuff pretty seriously. (Just like football, right?) So do you think people line up outside to get their Houston rodeo concert tickets? Do they camp out with sleeping bags like they do for American Idol? From what I hear, they give concerts (usually Country singers) right after the events, so you get an action-packed show followed by a great singer.
What I also found funny about the rodeo was the clowns they had down in the arena. They are there to distract the bull from the bull-rider if the rider falls off, so the bull won't trample the poor guy. Who actually applies for these jobs? Who WILLINGLY puts themselves in the path between the bull and the rider? Holy hell, I would make a horrible clown, because I would be running so far away from the bull...they would never even hire me. I would run from a picture of a bull. LOL.
I do feel bad for the riders that fall off the bull and get hurt. Imagine having a 400+ pound bull STEP on you? Thankfully none of the riders got hurt while I was watching, but I do remember one guy getting stomped on the head because the bull wouldn't stop bucking around...
Craziness. But people find it to be a sport. Everyone has their own form of entertainment, right?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Last Race

Saturday was the last big racing event in New Hampshire. They will keep the track open till November for time trials, but no more races until May.


We took Little man with us on Saturday, we figured that he is almost two and loves cars enough to let him experience the races himself. And he loved them. Some of the louder cars with the rotories scared him a bit, but other than that he was basically in heaven. I only have one picture of him from the whole day and I forgot to upload it from the phone, so I will just add it here tomorrow. (If I can come to work.)
On our way home from New Hampshire, Daddy's friend .P.'s girlfriend, .L. invited us to go eat at a restaurant she likes in Boston. It was still early enough, and it would beat fast food so we went. We were in the restaurant for an hour and a half and don't you know that while we were in there .P.'s car got stolen right from the parking lot? Gone, vanished, no broken glass (not amateurs) and we were just in total shock... Thank God we had four cars with us and they weren't stranded. Police reports were made (can I say how much I love the Saugus PD right now? They were so nice and helpful, more than I can say about the stupid cops in my town from when Daddy's car got stolen and they wouldn't even make a report!) I know it's going to sound selfish, but I was just glad it wasn't mine. Daddy and I don't need anymore shit like this happening to us. Sooooo....we went to .L.'s house (she lives in Beantown) so she could pick up her spare car keys (her keys were in .P.'s car, and her car was at our house) and we stop at a gas station to fill up before heading home. Don't you know that while we were parked at the gas station waiting for one of our buddies to finish up we got surrounded by cops with their lights flashing and sirens going. Daddy and I were sitting in our car, Little Man was already asleep in the back seat. The cops block us in and they all get out of their patrol cars and start coming at us fast with their flashlights out and hands on their guns. I got scared and looked over at Daddy, his eyes were as wide as mine were. What the hell is going on...
Cops came at all of us from all sides, surrounding all the cars so that nobody could get out. The cops were yelling for licenses and for windows to be put down. Daddy put his down but told the cop that our son was in the back and it was a little cold out, would he mind if we left it just halfway down? The cop ignored him.
The cop that was in front of my car started saying something about street racers and how sick of us he was and we were all going to end up roadkill. I wanted to cry, this wasn't meant for us, we just had the sports cars that they were probably chasing and got away...the cop looks in my car because Little Man starts to cry and starts yelling at us about having the baby in the car. I'm in the back seat now trying to calm him down, while trying to explain to the cop that we aren't out racing, we just stopped in this town for gas. The cops didn't want to hear it, "they were right, who are we to argue?", they "knew we were street racing" and we're "lying about coming from New Hampshire." Couldn't we come up with a better story? Tears were stinging my eyes, just because we were younger we get the lecture, and the cop tells us to "get the hell out of Mass., we didn't belong there." Revere cops are very different from Saugus cops. They finally let us go without tickets...I heard the radio crackle that the cars they were looking for were spotted in another town...the ride home was very long and quiet.

This is the very reason we go to New Hampshire to watch and participate in races, so our husbands and boyfriends don't get killed or arrested. This is why we pay the money to go so often, for people that challenge eachother's cars. Take it to the track, where it's timed and measured perfectly and the spectators in the stands are your witnesses.

We won't be stopping for gas in Revere at night ever again.

Guess what I'm doing today???

Handcuffed To The Desk WORKING.

Yes, while 3/4 of the free world is home sleeping in and enjoying daytime t.v I am sitting at my desk waiting, hoping, wishing for the phone to ring. I don't think my bossman remembers that last year the phone rang three times all day, and it was the agents checking their messages because they thought I wasn't in the office...
The thing is he'll probably send us home at like 3, but by then I won't be able to go home and take a decent nap...
My mother has Little Man today, since she works for the college and she has the day off. Daddy...at work. Hmmm. It's a conspiracy.
I get to work the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas, too. Aren't I lucky?

Friday, October 06, 2006

What is WRONG with you?

I just saw a grown-ass girl- she had to be a least 17-18 years old- walking by my office with a binky in her mouth. There was no child anywhere near her...she wasn't carrying a diaper bag, she didn't have a stroller, but she had a pacifier in her mouth.


Shameless Plug

Payperpost.com has created a blog...
Ummm...for those that care to see what all the hoopla is about, check it out and read what other bloggers are saying about PPP and advertising on blogs. The head honcho over there, Ted, runs the joint and is mostly the main blogger, but anyone can participate in discussions and go there with any questions and coments and concerns they may have. There, they present new ideas and posts worth big moola...there is a contest going on worth $1000! They will post about new advertisers, new bloggers, bloggers of the week, issues anyone might be having...
Payperpost.com is blowing up, they have a total of 148 opportunities for bloggers to take part in, and God only knows how many advertisers waiting to be approved to be part of it all. Go take a look-see. Take a chance and advertise on blogs. Tell them I sent ya.

Here's Your Sign...cont'd

  • A guy that came in for a meeting with Stoopid was leaving the office Wednesday, and on his way out he asked me "Do you want this door open or closed?" It would have been a logical question, except for the fact that I had the door PROPPED open to get fresh air in the office. I didn't want to make him feel stupid, so I just said "Open is fine, thanks." and then he asked me "Are you sure?"

Let's get buzzed

Has anyone ever been to a wine tasting?
I've never been to one, as my wine drinking has been limited to sips at Christmas and Thanksgiving before gulping down cups of soda or egg nog. I hear commercials for them all the time, and have wondered how many people actually go to these things. I know of people (some of the agents here, actually) that have wine closets, and wine collections, and of course bring a bottle with them when they are invited to someone's home. My bossman always has a glass of wine when he goes out to lunch, since he goes to these fancy places that serve sparkling water and give you the eye when you ask for a coke. Bossman and Beantown get magazines here that advertise wines and fancy cigars at 'below market value' and that 'are of exceptional taste'. As far as I know they only order from these places at this time of year, as gifts to co-workers and/or Mortgage buddies that give them a deal. Since I am obviously from a different upbringing than they are, I wouldn't really relish in having these as gifts for the holidays, even if the wine is made from 'hand selected grapes and aged to perfection' and 'come from the finest of fields in Spain and Portugal'. I am not a wine drinker. And don't even think about the cigars...
So- have any of you ever gone to a wine tasting? What's it like? Do you spit or swallow? (If that didn't sound right...lol) Are all the people stuck up and snobby? Share...

9 1/2 hours...

Sorry, this isn't going to be like 9 1/2 Weeks...

9 1/2 hours is how long I had a twitch on my face yesterday.
I lost the new babysitter. Something about her having a certain number of kids under three and she already has four under three, so Little man can't go there. I stayed home with him yesterday. During his nap, I laid on the bed to watch t.v and hopefully doze off myself and I noticed my cheek spasmed a few times. No biggie, this has happened before, I'll just rub my face a bit...
Two and a half hours my son slept and I was still twitching. I went to Walmart on a diaper run when he woke up and I was still twitching. We went to pick up Daddy from work and I made him look at my cheek to make sure an alien wasn't popping out. "Nope, just twitching." I know it's stress related...but seeing as how I can't seem to get rid of the stress I can't get rid of the twitch.
When I fell asleep last night, it was still there, but when i woke up this morning it was gone. Good, I thought. But it's back. Less noticeable, but I can feel it.
I filled out an application at an awesome place that only had one position open in their toddler room, but I don't even want to get too excited about it because I don't want to jinx it. I have to call them in an hour to see if my little guy has been accepted. If not, I'm screwed. Still haven't heard back from the welfare office, no letter in the "48 hours" they promised. Nothing. So they're getting a not-so-nice-but-sugar-coated phonecall from me today. I tricked them into giving me the name of my 'social worker' so I'll call specifically for her. She doesn't know what she's in for...I'm angry and twitching and hungry...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


The folks at the DMV make people crazy. Besides the lines, and the waiting, and the stink, they are just on a mission to see how far they can push a person to the edge of going postal.
Daddy took a few hours off work this morning to go to the DMV to renew and change the address on his license. Easy stuff, right? Just bring in a copy of our lease with our new address on it and they just make the change, right???


They want a bill from the old house. Why would you want a bill from the old house if we don't live there anymore? We don't have a bill from the old house...
They want a bill from the new house. We don't pay the bills here, everything is included in the rent, that's why we brought a copy of the lease.
Go find a bill.

Do they want us to create a fucking bill? We don't have cable, so no bill there...the utilities are included in the rent...there is nothing else. Why do they have to make things so difficult? A copy of our lease is being used in place of bills in everything, it's what I gave at the Welfare office and they understood, they accepted it with no problem. Why does the DMV have to be so stupid?
Daddy is home now searching for something anything that can be used...they're so stupid.

"Here's your sign.."

Mamaof2 and Jenni have both mentioned Bill Engval in the comments section regarding The Shitter and Stoopid. I have to admit, when I watch comedy I often forget the comedian's name, but their bit stays with me...
When they both mentioned "Here's your sign" a dim (very dim) lightbulb went off in my head. I've heard this before... I googled it (cheated! but I couldn't remember it!) and yes, yes, I remember seeing him on HBO and Comedy Central.
Too funny, but very true. Read some of his bit, and tell me you don't agree with what he says about handing out signs.
I'm going to have to design some signs to start handing out...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I'm going to have to get a self-help book or something.Maybe if I learn to de-stress myself I won't get so wound up when these idiots make stupid remarks/requests. Or maybe I should gift them at Christmas time, make them help themselves stop driving me crazy...

Hate to state the obvious...

Bulleted posts are fun!

  • The insurance 'investigator' who was given the case about the break-ins next door came into my office and asked me if anyone had been in the office when the break-ins occured. Um, don't you think someone would have called the cops if we were here? Hello? Duh. Not even the cops were stupid enough to ask us that.
  • The Shitter gave me a new property to enter into our MLS listing service. I entered it. He called me about a half an our later and said (And I'm totally quoting this word for word) "I just put a sign up on the property I gave you to list. Would you do me a favor and if anyone calls, put them into my voicemail?" Dude, what the hell do you think I do with your calls?
  • Stoopid came to my desk to tell me she is expecting a package via Fed-Ex. "Can you call me to tell me it arrived?" Nope. Gonna throw it out.

Every fricking time someone gets a package here, I call them to tell them. Every time a call comes in- right to their voicemail it goes. Do these people really have to keep telling me how to do my job? Do they really?

Because I need a mind break

I'm looking at car forums. Daddy's passion for cars far exceeds mine, but I like looking at the magazines he brings home on occasion. I like to see the concept cars that company's will be coming out with, I like to see the next years line-up before anyone else does. I like knowing who has what car. Jay Leno has an extensive car collection that would put anyone to shame. When I heard that he drives a different car to work everyday, it made me sigh harder than the women that wear a different outfit to work (on a set) everyday. A car is more respectable than an outfit. (And this coming form a female. I know, I know...)
Wyclef Jean is developing his own collection to be able to keep up with the masses, I guess. (Joke! He has amazing cars because he wants them!) He has an awesome Ferrari that he drove around in while being interviewed by an MTV VJ, it's a nice car. I wonder how often he goes into Ferrari forums to check out the FAQ's or see if a picture of his is up for wallpaper downloads. Or maybe he goes into the forums to see what specifications he can modify on the car to make it a beast. Wait, who am I kidding? He probably pays someone to surf these forums for him... His Spiderman motorcycle that he had custom made is my favorite, though.
Okay, more work to do. Break time over!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Come on over to my house, we can eat off the floor.



Thank you guys so much for thinking of me. You don't even know...

Many moons ago I had posted about how I clean obsessively when I'm angry. Let me tell you that as of Thursday night, you can lick your food off the floor in my house, and not have to worry about germs or dirt or is that a spider? I went to go pick up Little Man at the stupid sitters, she wasn't even there. She had gone to work at twelve, left my son with her son (who I know and love, but still, come on) and nephew. I didn't say a word, just grabbed my son and left. Daddy already knew there was steam coming out of my ears, so the ride home was silent. Except for the times I would start ranting and raving on what an idiot she was. He was in total agreement, smart man just kept nodding. I told the Other Admin she would have to come in Friday. I told the Head Admin what happened. "So, what does that mean? Like, long term?" she asked me.
"I don't really know right now."
I walked into my house and made a beeline for my room where I changed into sweats and pulled my hair up in a bun. I checked under the sink to make sure all my old buddies were there waiting...extra strength this, and super disinfecting that...I was ready. My mind needed to be numbed. Little Man and Daddy went into the living room while I started in my bedroom. No more boxes of clothes. (Mama of 2 those clothes are basically ready for shipping!) No more piles of laundry 'that I could do later'. My SIL ended up coming over with her boyfriend and Daddy explained what happened, and don't you know she got on her hands and knees and started cleaning with me. My bathroom has been scrubbed from ceiling to floor. My kitchen, the same. My wood floors in the living room have never shined so much, I could put them in a commercial. I finished at about one in the morning, Daddy and Little Man long asleep.
I still felt like shit.
No sleep.
Took Daddy to work in the morning and Little Man noticed we weren't going to the sitters house. I told him he was staying with mommy today, and he just smiled.
Welfare office was a nightmare, as I imagined it would be. I filled out the application and the lady behind the desk was such a bitch. "Do you have all the paperwork necessary?" "Yes, but I need to make copies of the birth certificates and social security cards, I only have the originals." "Then you don't have all your paperwork." "Yes. I. Do. Everything is here, I just need to make copies." "Have a seat." She really had to call a social worker to come and make copies for me. The social worker was annoyed at that, he looked at me and said "So, you have all the paperwork?" "YES." "And she couldn't make the copies for you...mumble mumble..." he went and made the copies and told me it would be about 48 hours before I heard back from them.
The good news is that my mother's friend has an at-home daycare that is totally paid by the state, but she heard what the regular sitter did to me and said she would take Little Man, and while the paperwork was being processed I could just pay her $60 for the week. What a relief. I just hope the stupid state will pay her, I don't want to have to go on a more extensive search and keep pulling Little Man from one house to another. I spent most of Friday afternoon at her house with Little Man to see how he liked it. He ignored me. He went to play with the kids that were there and had a grand old time. This morning he didn't even notice me leave. I hope he will be okay...but I'm sure he will be. My boy loves being around other kids.
So, while I'm still having a great difficulty sleeping and I'm super tired today, I'm here at work.
Thanking all of you for you thoughts.