Friday, April 27, 2007

Catching up

We've been busy, Little Man and I.

We have: Opened up an Easter Basket full of cars...that are now all over the house and I keep stepping on them. (Those candies are in the highest cupboard waiting for me to finish them off. I give him the tiny tootsie rolls like once a week.LOL)

Eaten SpongeRat ice cream in the back seat of the car...because it was still too chilly to go outside but I promised (*cough*bribed*cough*) him that if he behaved while I grocery shopped he could have one. What kind of a mother would I be if I went back on a promise???
Had a playdate with a cousin where they locked themselves in the doogy cage. They got themselves in but couldn't get out. Of course before helping them out I had to snap photos...

Mostly boring...LOL!
It's started to rain again so the trip to the park with the set of golf clubs that were also in the Easter Basket is postponed until we can see the ground again. (I live in a city built on seven hills...the bottom of the hills are covered in water. It's great *SIGH*)

Just wanted to show that I haven't killed him or myself...yet.
Believe it or not our days are getting better, less crying and screaming...and he's doing pretty good, too. When Daddy comes home he LOOKS at me, like inspecting me when he asks how it was. Funny thing is that I actually have stories to share...something funny the boy said or did, what we did, it's cool experiencing this first hand and not having the daycare teachers tell me at the end of the day. The Unemployment thing went through, should start getting paid this week coming up. I can't wait. I was balancing the checkbook and I wanted to crawl into the fetal position for a few hours...but then again rent time just passed and I have to keep reminding myself that it will be okay.
I'm sick right now, caugth whatever it was that Daddy and Little Man fought off (passed to me) from this past throat is killing me and it hurts so much to cough. I'm just trying to keep the boy away from me this weekend so he won't get it back, because he actually fought it off with no meds. (YAY!)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ice Cream Question

We went for ice cream the other night. Daddy got out the car while I waited for him with Little Man...there were way too many cars out there for him to be running around while we ordered.
"So what kind do you want?"
"I want one of those big sugar cones with maple walnut and coconut. Maple Walnut on the bottom, please."
Daddy gives me a funny look. "What kind of combination is that?"
"What are you talking about?"
"Those two flavors don't even go together..."
My turn to give the funny look.
"Dude, I didn't know ice cream flavors were supposed to compliment eachother...just get the damn ice cream already!"

So my question for YOU: when you get more than one scoop of ice cream- do you get flavors that 'go together' or do you get crazy combos like me? Or do you just get boring vanilla soft serve like Daddy always does? (Unless it's chocolate dipped, I don't want vanilla, thank you!)

P.S- OTJ seems to have nominated me for some Blogger's Choice Thingy...but I have no idea what it is or what it's about or if I'm good enough to win...anyone want to enlighten me and give me some details? God knows my computer time is limited now...I need people to do the work for me.

Friday, April 20, 2007


You guys still check in here? Holy hell....
You like me, you really like me...
Okay, so the end of week two as a new SAHM. And I am EXHAUSTED.
I thought coming home from an eight-hour day to start these duties was rough...but I seem to be more tired NOW. (WHY???)
I have always defended SAHM's, I used to be one way back when one paycheck was enough...but yesterday I got into such an argument with Friend's brother. (Not a real argument, but still...) He does landscaping, and yes while I see that that is tiring and all he really had the nerve to tell me that I don't do anything all day.
He doesn't have children.
I saw red as I turned my head to face him, and Friend just started to laugh...I asked him "Do you work after you clock out at the end of the day?" His answer was obviously NO. "Okay, buddy, I don't have a time clock. I am a MOTHER twenty four hours a fucking day, a wife twenty four hours a fucking day, you are a landscaper for ten hours, and then you can take a nap, go out and hang with friends..."
I went on and on.
I forgot how much work this motherhood/housewife thing is.
Still hasn't really kicked in yet, either, my eyes pop open at 6:30 every morning, even though the alarm clock has been changed to 8:30 for Daddy to get up for work. I lay in bed listening to the men in the bed breathe until the alarm goes off.
I'm tired now. I took a break and escaped, left the boys at home together (they are sleeping) and came to my sister's...
I got the book o' classes waiting on my dinner table to be looked at so I can register for classes, I keep looking at it with fear, haven't even opened it yet. I will. I will......soon...
This is crazy.
It' s late, i should go home.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Total Culture Shock

Holy shit, I'm alive.

Ha, this SAHM thing has caught me totally off guard, you wouldn't even believe it. Going from working 40 hours a week to being with Little Man every single hour of every single day has been...interesting. It's like throwing someone in the middle of a swimming pool and saying "Here, swim."
Culture shock- neither of us is used to being around the other for too long and we're still getting used to it. The first day we sat at opposite sides of the room and stared at eachother while old school western music played in the backround and tumble weeds flew by.

I'm here at Friend's house, I had to hog her computer and come and say hi to ya'll that might still be peeking in here...
As for the sitch: the Bossman has somehow gotten pissed at me, I guess he feels I may have deliberately sabotaged my daycare so I wouldn't have to finish off the month and he won't even speak to me. Really. Today I went to pick up my last paycheck and drop off my set of keys and I brought the daycare letter with me that has DENIED stamped right on the front and left a copy on his desk.
So a few things I have learned while being a new SAHM:
  • I can make a mean french toast. My son will actually ask for more...Chef Boy-ar-Diana.
  • I am a fucking handyman! I caulked the tiles that were threatening to fall on top of us in the bathtub all by myself today...I actually had fun doing it. I was looking for more stuff to caulk. Little Man ended up with caulk in his hair, so we may have to shave his head because it wouldn't come out when I gave him a bath. (Maria, I can probably offer to help finish your bathroom if Bing doesn't...LOL!)
  • Laundry is easy once you're all caught up. I used to look at the laundry piles with trepidation, and I used to tremble at the thought of having to do all of it...but man...having clean clothes all the time is awesome. Of course, now that I have time to do it all, the Hubby and the Child both seem to dirty everything they wear within five minutes.

I don't know what else I've learned. My mind has backtracked into two-year-old mode...I may have to go back to doing pay-per-bullshit, which I hate having to do but Unemployment is giving me less than what I was making and I don't want to end up having to cry at the bills again...

Well...until I can take over the computer again...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ah, yes, that third thing...

Have you ever heard that bad things come in threes? Maybe it's my being around superstitious spanish folks, but I've always heard it. I said the other day "When is the third thing cming?" Well, it came yesterday.
Oh my God did it come yesterday. I swear the flood of tears that I shed yesterday should have left me dehydrated and shriveled in a corner...

No more daycare for Little Man.

Three weeks too soon.

Apparently they make you reapply for everything every six months, and I sent the paperwork in but the nice and incompetent social worker didn't process it in time, so my daycare coverage has been terminated. And since the daycare coverage ended A MONTH AGO the bill is up to $1,450...even with my payments, (hell I just dropped them $300 the other day) and the daycare says until the payment is made in full- IN FULL they can't take Little Man.

Three weeks too soon.

So now, even applying for the Unemployment tomorrow I'm going to end up having a gap between checks, and depending solely on Daddy's money and what we have saved in the bank. (Which unfortunately is not $1,400 or I would give it all to the daycare just to keep him for three more weeks.) So I didn't go to work today, and by the looks of it (because I have no one to stay with Little Man even for just these three weeks) I won't be going back...

Oh man this is when shit starts hitting the fan.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm not angry.

Here's the pic of my baby's face the day after he fell. The scratches on his lips were gone by the end of that day except for the bigger one on the bottom lip which ended up scabbing later on, the scratches on the forehead were already gone, the nose scab stayed a few more days, but it's gone now. I think the little booger picked at it, but it doesn't look like it's going to scar...
And do you see the yellow mark on his forehead? Right over his left eyebrow? Yeah, that's another bruise. I had gone to my sister's job to get waxed and he tripped over the same stupid shadow as earlier and he hit his head on the counter. He cried for like a second, and it didn't end up swelling or turning purple so DCYF was not called on me for messing my kid's face up.

As for this job sitch, I'm not angry. Hence the title. I had said it before-that I would probably cheer instead of cry at losing this job. I will admit, after The Meeting, I was in a bit of shock, like the "oh, shit, this is really happening" shock...and I called Daddy but I didn't say anything over the phone. Then I called my mother, and that's when I actually GOT IT. I cried for like a second, but then as I walked out the door and the fresh air hit me, I realized this is a good thing. It really is. How many posts are dedicated to the stress and agony of this place? The funny (but really not) posts about the idiots here...the fact that I've been here going on two years and still making $9 with no hope for a raise...
I love my boss. Really, where else would I be able to work and be able to leave in the middle of the day because my son got sick, and the boss wouldn't get mad or hold it over my head for a month? Where else would I be able to work and call five minutes before I'm supposed to be at work and tell them I'm on my way to the ER with my husband and not get any shit for it? Where else would I be able to tell people on the phone to go fuck themselves over the phone when they are being assholes and my boss have my back? He is great....Real Estate is not. And this isn't what I want to do anyway, so what is the point of crying over it? I wouldn't be able to do R.E, I would kill people.
When I got home and talked to Daddy he was actually surprised that it was happening so quickly, but he said "Screw it." And it was done. I will be on the phone with Unemployment after lunch to get that ball rolling before we end up with too much of a gap between paychecks. I will be calling the Welfare Dept. to see about them covering ALL of Little Man's daycare so I can go to school...actually I have to call the Community College here and see if I can still register for summer courses because the deadline on their website says the 6th was the last day...
It will be okay.
I know it will be okay.

I hope it will be okay...

Monday, April 09, 2007

Closing Time...

*that's a song isn't it? I've been singing it since I left the office*
Anyway, Bossman pulled me into the office for The Meeting.
The "I'm closing the office" Meeting that I've been waiting for.
EXCEPT that I thought he would be telling me to go to the Other Office. EXCEPT that that's not what happened...turns out things are so bad that he can't even afford to pay me right now, because so many of the agents are doing NO turnover, making NO that leaves 30 some odd agents all at The Other office to torture Head Admin...on her own.

That's two things in two days, is tomorrow going to bring the third?

I think the only good thing is that I can collect Unemployment, I'm planning on calling them to see if they'll still pay me as I go to school. Closing Time happens at the end of the month, too late to sign up for Summer Classes, but maybe it can turn around in my favor and I'll still be able to attend somehow...

So now I wait.

RIP Jason

We knew him and his girlfriend...his girlfriend witnessed the accident...she is out of her mind right now...

Crash kills Woonsocket man
WOONSOCKET - A 24-year-old man was killed in a
single-car accident early Sunday morning, according to the police.
Jason ... was driving north on Mendon Road around 12:52 a.m.
when he lost control of the car and crashed into a telephone pole near ...
Mendon Road.
Officers said speed was a factor in the fatal accident, which
is still being investigated.
-- Journal staff writer Kia Hall Hayes

Friday, April 06, 2007

This is what I get for lying

I have Little Daddy and Little Man driving me up a wall today. I had taken the day off work because we were supposed to head out to New Hampshire at 2, but since the events were canceled and I didn't go to work today...
Daddy wanted Little Daddy to come with us to the races since he's never been. I had already said I wasn't going to bring Little Man because it was a night event...I lied to my boss and told him that Little Man didn't have school I woke up to Little Man and Little Daddy playing nicely. And then Daddy went to go help someone with their car and their true colors came out, they are driving me nuts. I came to Friend's house right now because we're going to take the kids somewhere and let them burn some steam off and hopefully crash into a three hour nap...
I kinda wish I was at work.
I already called Daddy and told him I was about to drop Little Daddy off wherever he was and I was going to take Little Man to my sister (who is babysitting tonight) and I was going to run away. Far, far away.
Well, Happy Easter to you all that celebrate it.
May your Easter egg hunts go without disaster, and make sure you put clothes that take the grass stains like a soldier.

*OH! A complaint: Little Daddy's mother has already called three times to ask if we bought him this one pair of sneakers that she 'couldn't' buy know because her drug dealer boyfriend never has money, and she uses her welfare for drugs....I swear I swear I SWEAR I could kill her. Here we are struggling to stay afloat while she gets handouts all over the place and the child support that Daddy pays apparently never goes to the kid anyway....ugh. Mind you we bought the sneakers last night, and we actually caught them on sale.

I need a nap.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Really? For EASTER?

So we're not going to New Hampshire tomorrow...
the event was SNOWED OUT.
Really, there is about 7 inches of snow in the town we were going to, and according to nice Mr. John Something it doesn't look like it's going to melt by tomorrow. It didn't snow for Christmas but it snowed for Easter....hmmmm.
Daddy is bummed. But that means we may head home to NYC for a get-together two of our friends are hosting...I mean, I already have the babysitter lined up, why cancel, right?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's that time of year again.

Nope, not the holidays...
Racing Season. I've been avoiding the inevitable, but this Friday marks opening day in New Hampshire, and Daddy wants to be there when the doors open.

I'm arranging for a babysitter because the events start at five and won't end till about ten, and I'm not having my boy sit outside in the cold (I don't care how nice it is, once the sun goes down, it's cold out.) and have him get sick.

But now the good thing is that I can take pics.
Of the trees.

Friday...which for the rest of the world is Good Friday...but racing isn't bad for Good Friday is it?

(What I forgot to write yesterday...)

I forgot to tell you the story from Picture Day.
The fact that good luck was written on the permission slip must have tipped them off...when I went to pick him up that day I hesitantly asked how he did. The teacher grinned, "He did great!" I thought she was joking.
She told me that at first he didn't want to sit down, and he was reaching out for the teacher, but then they started bribing him telling him he would get to go out in Daddy's car later (that's all he talks about in school, all his drawings/scribbles are Daddy's car) and that he would see Chuck-E-Rat (we haven't been there since last fall and he still talks about it.) so he sat still for the pictures.
That, and the fact that I wasn't there (I imagine) worked just fine.
You can kind of tell in the pictures that he was like "Hurry up and take the picture this is the most smile you're going to get out of me."
The one with the basket chair, he looks like he was really forcing that one, but I"m very satisfied with the pictures, I just wish they weren't so expensive. ($50 for eight sheets, and only two sheets are wallet sized, one of each pose, so distribution is going to be quite a problem....and to re-order more sheets- WOOOO DOGGY! Let's not even get into that...)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Oops- who left the window open?

Because the breeze just came in and dropped these pictures on the floor, and I was moving the camera from one side of the room to the other, and all of a sudden the flash went off, so I guess some pictures were taken...(thanx for leaving the window open Pam, I know it was you, just because someone left the window open at your house...LOL!)

I'm taking offers for arranged marraiges...if anyone wants to pay a hefty fee for the heart of my son.

P.S Where the hell did my baby go????? Has anyone seen him, because this grown ass man in these pictures seems to have shipped my baby to Guam and taken his place...
P.P.S- sorry about the flash reflection, I'm still working the kinks on my newly discovered photo taking abilities. Without the flash the pics looked kinda funky...

Monday, April 02, 2007

Incident Reports- what an ugly word!

Zach and Brie's adventures in Daycare 90210 seem to have migrated to the East Coast, and we now have two, TWO incident reports under our belt for Little Man.
In his defense, neither was his fault. Really.
The first one happened a few months ago and I totally forgot to write about it, because i'm a horrible person who starts blogging to write about her son and FORGETS to write about her son.
Well, Little Man and some other child (who they tried to keep 'anonymous' but they forget my son can TALK and knows everyone's names and tells me EVERYTHING!) were playing with the dinosaurs. Apparently Anonymous Boy started to swing his dinosaur and hit Little Man in the face with it. And made him bleed. And cry. So I had to sign an incident report stating that I was aware of the fact that my son had to walk around with an ice pack on his face for an hour and had a small black eye because of the Anonymous Boy's batting practices. Here's the funny part: I am the mother of a toddler. I know kids swing things and throw things and hit people with things (whether on purpose or!) so I wasn't angry with Anonymous Boy, per se. BUT! I did feel the Mommy Sensors come up, the defense mechanism where someone does something to my child and I get all Incredible Hulk on them and bite their heads off. So, no anger when I signed the Incident Report, but I did give Anonymous Boy the evil eye as I hugged my baby and kissed his boo-boo. All is well with Anonymous Boy.

Friday when I picked my son up, the teacher came to me right away, something she never does. She usually just watches as my son runs to me to show me whatever they did that I knew something was wrong. I was waiting for her to tell me he threw someone off the swing or kicked someone down the slide, but then I saw my son's face. Oh my baby's face. (And don't get upset- I did take a picture, but I stupidly left the camera at home so I can't upload the pics until tomorrow!) Well, when they were walking in from the outdoor playground my son decided he wanted to race his own shadow (come on, he's an only child...) and tripped and fell flat on his face on the cement walkway. Oh boy. Ice packs and antibiotic ointment and another signature on a piece of paper that I imagine will make babies with the other Incident Report...He had scratches from the top of his forehead to the bottom of his chin, lips included. My heart sank, and I wanted to cry but I laughed because he started pointing at his face and saying "Mommy, I fall down outside."
Everyone that saw my son this weekend couldn't hide their reaction when they saw his face. It was that shocked "Oh my GOD! What happened!??" look, and Daddy and I would smile and say "He's Diana's SON what do you expect?" (Have I mentioned what a clutz I am? Be cause I'm a huge one.)
Right now most of the scratches are gone, they were mostly surface scratches, and all that's left is a scab on the bridge of his nose, and a scab on his lip (that he keeps picking at, but imagine how uncomfortable a scab on your lip is...I'd pick at it, too) but at least there will be no scarring. He's had a boo-boo on the same spot on his nose that the scab took like two weeks to fall off last time, but it didn't leave a mark, hopefully we'll be as lucky this time around.
Adventures in fun.