Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm googling

because an episode of the doodlebops peaked my curiosity...have you ever seen them without make-up?
I'm going to start googling more things...if I find any other interesting things I'll post 'em.

Memorial Day Weekend-Saturday and Sunday and Monday

Friday night Daddy and I were home watching t.v before bed, Little Man was already sleeping. Daddy's sister calls us to tell us she had Little Daddy, did we want him to spend the night? Hello, what kind of question is that? OF COURSE! We never get to see him, the last time we got to spend any time with him was Christmas. So she dropped him off. He was already sleeping, so we made a makeshift bed for him on the futon we have in the living room. Saturday morning he found his way into our bed, so we all cuddled and waited for Little Man to wake up. When he did he rubbed his eyes and noticed there was someone else there. Oh, the look on his face when he saw it was his big brother! The smile could have lit a room! They played and hugged and played and had breakfast together and watched Ice Age twice. We headed to the mall to get both the boys a new pair of sneakers and a few outfits. We didn't do much, we just hung out. It was good to have them together, and for Daddy to be able to finally spend time with both his boys together. I got a taste of what it would be like to have two kids. (and wouldn't you know, I liked it!) Of course the Bitch had to ruin everything and started calling telling us to drop Little Daddy off. So he ended up going home about five, and the Bitch was standing outside like we were trying to kidnap him. She was saying something along the lines of not giving us permission to take him, blah blah blah...we ignore her. Daddy pays his child support, he has every right to see his kid.
So that was Saturday.

Sunday-Nothing spectacular, We went to a friend's house for a cook-out. But it was boring. (He's one of Daddy's friends, I didn't meet him til recently.) His wife never even came outside, she was upset that there were other women there. (It was me and another friend's wife) Did she not notice that we were there with our husbands? I hate petty jealous women like that, so I was just playing with Little Man and counting down the time for us to leave.

Monday-We decided to head to the beach, but not for swimming...we wanted some clam cakes! Our friends .T. and .I. have a little boy (4) and twin girls (10 months), and Daddy's friend .P. and his wife .L. came over, so we packed the kids up and headed to Iggy's for some good seafood. I swear to you, they have the best doughboys (fried dough for those of you not from here) and clam cakes you have ever tasted. Their prices are great, so you can feed the family for the cost of food at a regular restaurant (maybe less!), but you have a great view of the beach and fresh air...sooooooo good. They should pay me to advetise for their place...
There was a county fair across the walkway, so we headed there and walked around for a while. We didn't play any of the games at the booths, we know they are just scams. (Even though you saw a gleam in Daddy's eye as we passed the basketball shooting game.)

That's it. Our weekend. It started off shitty, but went well for the most part. Nothing extravagant, but good enough for us.
I feel a little better, my head is still a little stuffy but at least the headache is gone. I hate pollen. Blah

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend-Friday (Photo added)

I'm going to have to do this in parts, by day. Because my head still hurts and I can't breathe, so that's how it will go.
Friday Daddy comes home with a LOOK on his face. "I have something to show you." Uh-oh, what the hell is going on??? He takes the cell phone out of his pocket and I've already got this adrenaline thing going on, because when he has a LOOK, it's got to be serious. He starts fiddling with the phone, obviously searching for something. He hands the phone to me, and I see a picture of someone with the biggest blackest eye I have ever seen. I can't even tell who the person is.
Here is what happened: Daddy's sister's husband's grandfather lives with my SIL's MIL (his daughter) because he has Alzheimer's. His wife is already old and can't really take care of him so they both live in an In-Law apartment she (my SIL's MIL, we'll call her N.) fixed up for them. He (we'll call him Grampa since I don't have any living grandparents and don't speak of them anyway) has a tendency to walk off when no one is looking and gets lost because he can't remember where he is or where he's a sad sad thing. So on Thursday one of his other daughters wanted him to come over to her house and spend time with her and her family. He ended up spending the night, but at six a.m when his daughter woke up she realized Grampa was missing. All hell broke loose, the police were called and the search began. They found him hours later, walking down a side street in his pajama pants and a t-shirt full of blood. Someone punched him in the face numerous times while he was walking, that's all they could get out of him. (I'm already crying again I can't even think about this without tearing up) His eye was- IS- so swollen you can't even tell it's him. Who the hell would do such a thing? To an old man walking down a street? An old man who is so sweet and caring, even in his state he is the most lovable man around...especially in his state, because how can you not love a man who tells you every five minutes how beautiful you are? (He did that to me last summer) Who walks around giving kids quarters so they can go to the store and get goodies. A man who built his family a home with his own two hands and supported his many many children for years and now can't even remember your name even though you just told him...WHO COULD DO THAT??? How cold hearted do you really have to be?
He and his wife were put into a nursing home on Saturady morning. We know he will get better care there, but to his daughter, who has been taking care of both of them for years it is the biggest heartbreak she has ever gone through. No one wants to see their parents in a nursing home, but she know it's better for them.
I just can't even imagine who the hell would do something like that? How threatening could he have looked walking around in pajama pants and a fucking t-shirt?
I'm done for now. Hopefully I can squeeze Saturday in today, if not, then I'll be here tomorrow. I uploaded the picture Daddy showed me. I can't even look at it anymore, I may take it down.

*sniffle, cough, cough, sniffle.*

Yep, got sick on Memorial Day Weekend. I think it's mostly my allergies, since we slept with the windows open on Saturday night... I took Benadryl last night before bed, what a mistake that was, now I feel like my head is in a bubble. My sister called me yesterday to ask if I would meet her at the beach (she's such a beach bum) but as soon as I answered the phone she was like "Um, guess you're staying home, huh?"
I have a shitload of work to do since we were closed yesterday...and (great news!) the asshole Caffeine packed the last of his things and is outta here!!!!! Now I will only have the Shitter here to bug me. (That will be his name, he is the one that's always asking me where the closed files are...he is the shitter because this man can bomb the office bathroom like nobody's business multiple times a day.)
Anyway, I will be back with some stories.
Hope you all had a safe weekend.

Friday, May 26, 2006

I need to leave you with something

I"m not working Monday! Woo-hoo! Running Man Wakka Wakka So here are some things for you:
  • First, check out some people on my sidebar. They aren't there just for decoration. They are some good reading. Enjoy.
  • Second, an idiotic moment: Dumb-ass agent: Do you know where the withdrawn files are?Me: In the file cabinet. Under "Withdrawn". Stupid. (And yes, it was the same guy!)

Have a great, safe weekend, full of BBQ's with good food. Memorial Day Male Salute Memorial Day Female Salute And don't forget to have a moment of silence, because without the soldiers, we would have no holiday this weekend.

Needs and Wants

I want another baby.
This is a conversation that will not happen in my house in the near future. Daddy doesn't want any more. Sure, he has another son from his Other Life, but we never get to see him (his mother is a whore and is still bitter that Daddy could be happy with someone else and punishes him by not letting him see Little Daddy. Bitch. But I'm not angry...), but I only have Little Man. Things were difficult when we first had Little Man, and we have finally found a comfort zone (of sorts) where we can actually eat everyday, and the car has gas, and Little Man has diapers. Well, you know, except for when the bank swallows our money. We are comfortable. Another baby would put us in a bind, because at some point I would have to stop working, meaning Daddy would be the only source of income. Then I would go back to work, but then we would have to pay the babysitter for two kids. So it makes sense to stay as we are. But I can't help but think that my Little Man will be lonely. I don't have him in day care, even though now there are two other kids at his sitter's house. But they aren't his brother and sister.
I don't know.
This was just a thought that has been going through my head recently. Maybe now that I wrote it I can forget about it and stay in my comfortable life...
I need to stay in my comfortable life, I don't want to struggle the way we did when Little Man first came ever again.
But I want another baby...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Don't have much to say

so here are some things I read in the news today:
  • It's a sad sad thing when you read that this guy didn't even know them...rot in hell bastard.
  • Was he thinking his lawyer could get him off??? And then he realized he couldn't so...
  • Again, I'm not a person to condone suicide, but seriously, why can't people leave their family alone and just kill themselves? Why do they have to punish their families?!?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sometimes they don't make me angry...

They just make me laugh at myself:

Good morning, company name here, how can I help you?
Yeah, agent who is not in the office, please.
I'm sorry, he's not in the office right now would you like his voicemail?
Is there another number I can reach him at? (*Exactly how he said it*)
I can give you this number: blah blah blah.
I'm sorry I didn't have a pen ready. Can you repeat that?
Sure. blah blah blah.
Thank you. One more thing, is he an orphan?
Tires screeching in my head. What the hell did he just ask me????
Excuse me?
(slower) Is he in often?

I need to get my hearing checked...I've been living in this state for years and I still hear things wrong when they speak too fast...
***Did you know that "D'jeet?" translates into "Did you eat?" Yeah, it took me a while to get that one. Go ahead, say it out loud, you'll get a kick out of it.***

I have proof I didn't oversleep...

Bossman, I was seven minutes late to work today because a Jeep and an 18 wheeler decided they could not live without eachother, and they decided to cuddle on the road I take to work. Please understand. Thank you.
Besides, what mommy with a young child oversleeps?

***Edited to add: my boss doesn't know what time I come in, nor does he care, he is never around so early. It's now 4 p.m and he hasn't even set foot in this office today. Must be nice...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I may have to change the name of this blog...*

I'm lucky to not have to work weekends anymore, I get to sleep in (until 8! Yay!) and get to spend the time with Daddy and my Little Man. I don't get up till Little Man kicks me in the face or kisses me, depending on his mood. This past Saturday, the boy was feeling lovable I woke up to him rubbing my face. I put him on the couch in the living room with Elmo on the t.v while I went to brush my teeth and put my eyeballs is how I left him: (I took the pic since he looked so cute.) (And yes, he is wearing sneakers, he insists on putting them on.) So I did my thing and I come back to the living room to check on him, and here is how he was: "Lala" was thrown to the floor. Pushed aside. Shunned from the couch area. Then the boy looked at me and said "Bear." He wanted me to take Elmo off the t.v and put Bear in the Big Blue House on. WOW. I did it, how else would I have avoided the meltdown that was sure to follow?
He still loves his Elmo, but now Bear is becoming a common name in our household. (Don't tell Elmo about my sons new love...)What do you think of the name "Stuck in the Big Blue House" ? Not as catchy, huh? Sounds like I'm being held prisoner...
Oh Disney, look what you do to us!
*I'm not changing the name.*
*Sorry if I made it sound like I had some juicy gossip. This was it. I just thought it was cute. I'm a sucker for cute.*

Monday, May 22, 2006


*Isn't that a song? Name that tune! (Because I can't remember...)
Mighta been aerosmith...
There are going to be some changes here soon. Like template changes. Like custom-made. I have previewed said changes and I must say... Thumbs UpI likey.
That's all right now. I have a post in the works about my child's cheating ways, but I didn't upload the pics last night (what's a story without pics for proof?), and now it'll have to wait for tomorrow. How's that for suspense?
Until tomorrow...

We're off to a bad start here...

(I will be in red because it will reflect the fire I have in my eyes right now.) (Don't look into my eyes, you may melt.)
Good morning, company name here, how can I help you?
Yeah I'd like to speak to woman who doesn't work here anymore.
I'm sorry, sir, she is no longer in this office, but I can give you her cell phone number if you'd like to reach her there.
I don't want her cell phone number, I've already called her there, and she hasn't returned my phone call.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that, but she no longer works in this office-
(interrupting me)Well, can you tell me where she works now? Isn't it the same company?
Well, sir, I'm not sure which office she is currently working in. All she left me was her cell phone number to give to anyone who called here for her, that is the only information I have. And no, it is not the same company, every office is owned by a different person.
Well, I've been leaving her messages for two weeks.
*Sigh*.maybe she doesn't want to talk to you, asshole. Well, she doesn't have a voicemail system here anymore, so the only thing I can do is offer you her cell phone number again.
Why is it so hard to get in touch with real estate agents? These fuckin-
*Click* Hung up on me.

I am not a real estate agent. I don't sell houses, I don't buy houses. All I do here is answer the damn phone. I don't know where they are if they aren't in the office, I don't keep tabs on them all hours of the day. If they aren't answering the phone, I don't know why because I'm at a desk in an office and they are not. If they are at an appointment, they will not answer the phone. If they are home sleeping, they will not answer the phone. Don't take it out on me, I'm just here to answer the phone. I do not physically take their hand and dial numbers for them, so it is their responsibility to return phonecalls, not mine.
Aaaaaauuuuggggghhhh! It's so early on a Monday and I'm working on a great headache...

Friday, May 19, 2006

Some Friday Stuff

Two jokes I read on this site:
An old man and woman were married for many years, even though they hated each other. When they had a confrontation, screaming and yelling could be heard deep into the night. The old man would shout, "When I die, I will dig my way up and out of the grave and come back and haunt you for the rest of your life!" Neighbors feared him. They believed he practiced black magic, because of the many strange occurrences that took place in their neighborhood. The old man liked the fact that he was feared. To everyone's relief, he died of a heart attack when he was 68. His wife had a closed casket at the wake. After the burial, she went straight to the local bar and began to party, as if there was no tomorrow. Her neighbors, concerned for her safety, asked, "Aren't you afraid that he may indeed be able to dig his way up and out of the grave and come back to haunt you for the rest of your life?" The wife put down her drink and said, "Let him dig. I had the bastard buried upside down..."

A senior citizen in Florida bought a brand new Corvette convertible. He took off down the road, flooring it to 80 mph and enjoying the wind blowing through what little hair he had left on his head. "This is great," he thought as he roared up I-75. He pushed the pedal to the metal even more. Then he looked in his rear view mirror and saw a highway patrol trooper behind him, blue lights flashing and siren blaring. "I can get away from him with no problem" thought the man and he tromped it some more and flew down the road at over 100 mph. Then 110, 120 mph.
Then he thought, "What am I doing? I'm too old for this kind of thing." He pulled over to the side of the road and waited for the trooper to catch up with him. The trooper pulled in behind the Corvette and walked up to the man. "Sir," he said, looking at his watch. "My shift ends in 10 minutes and today is Friday. If you can give me a reason why you were speeding that I've never heard before, I'll let you go." The man looked at the trooper and said, "Years ago my wife ran off with a Florida State Trooper, and I thought you were bringing her back"
"Have a good day, Sir," said the Trooper

Some people have way too much time on their hands. (Pun intended? maybe...) (The cans are cool though...)

Thank goodness they were able to save this baby. I'm so glad the nurses spoke up. I hope the baby will be okay.

My kid is just like your kid...

My son is not in daycare. He stays with Daddy's aunt during the day while we are at work. He loves her, she loves him, it's all about love. (And she's working on getting him to call her Lela, instead of Ma, which thankfully he hasn't done in a while anyway.) I have her take him because she is way cheaper than daycare, but sometimes I wonder if I'm depriving him of the social experience of daycare....
I had another "I'm not the only one!" moment just yesterday as I picked him up from her house. She has new tenants on the third floor of her house, and the mommy needed to step out for a moment and left her two kids with Lela. (We can call her that, too. It's a kid's way of saying of Grandma in spanish...abuela, lela...don't look at me like that.) Two kids= a four year old girl and a six month old boy. This is how Lela told me the story (between fits of laughter, she thought it was hilarious.) The baby was in the swing just being a baby and Little Man goes and gives him a kiss. Little Man starts patting the baby, talking gibberish to him, and is holding the baby's hand, being all nice. So Lela notices that Little Man is leaning in for what seems like another kiss, and BITES THE BABY'S HAND! Lela is trying to hold her laughter as she tells Little Man "No!" and tells him biting is bad. He doesn't do it again, but she watches him extra close when he is near the baby.
When I get into the car, I'm thinking of Zach and his Daycare 90210 drama, and I practically slap myself on the forehead. If Little Man were in daycare, I would have had lots of incident reports by now I'm sure. He probably would have already gotten kicked out. My question is, where the hell do they learn this? We don't bite little Man at home, not even playing. He has not tried biting us, so I never would have thought he would be trying cannibalism already... Of course, when I told Daddy he laughed (I don't think it's funny) and said "They all do that."
When does it stop???
When I dropped him off this morning, the little boy was there again. My son ignored me to go and "play" with the baby, didn't even notice me leave. My son just loves everyone. Hopefully he won't put BBQ sauce on the baby when no one is looking...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Stuck Up Mommy

Yesterday my son had a well-visit at the doctor. My boy measures at 32.5 inches! and 23 lbs! (That's it? He eats everything in sight!) He's already halfway up to me... at this rate he'll be taller than me by the time he's five. (And what is it about the doc's office that intimidates me? When he asks questions, I stumble over each one... like when he asked if Little Man is saying any words, I could only say yes, I couldn't think of any of the words!)
Anyhoo- I took the afternoon off work so I could take him to the appt. and I ended up meeting my sister at the mall. They have a new play area on the first floor, equipped with a changing table, a reading area, and a nice soft carpet. My sister and I were the only ones there for a while, then comes in a very well-dressed mommy with her cute little four or five year old daughter. Mommy was dressed in perfectly creased jeans (I didn't know people still did that!) with high heels, her fake pony tail reached the middle of her back. My son stood looking at her cute daughter, smiling. A friend at last! Now let me start off by saying, I'm totally not judging. She's a mommy, I'm a mommy, my sister is a god-mommy, we're part of the same world. I noticed from the corner of my eye that this mommy wouldn't let her cute daughter near my son. My boy kept playing around, my sister would get into the playhouse with him and run around, but he kept looking at the cute daughter hoping she would come and play, too. At some point, the mommy took her high heels off and played with her daughter, but if my son went near them she would move away. I grabbed my son and sniffed him to see if he stunk. No poop. I checked his hands, no stickiness. Why was she treating my son like he had the plague?
My sister gave me A LOOK.
I know! I mouthed to her.
So we continue playing with my boy and after a while a few other mommies started coming in. The look on my sons face when he saw another little boy saying "Car!" was priceless. There was a mommy with two boys and a few month old girl, a daddy with another boy...I look over at the mommy with the cute daughter. Gone.
I looked at my sister. She laughed. "I guess she doesn't like other mommies!"
I smiled at the other mommies/daddy there, our children were playing together, it's nature. I'm sorry if that other mommy felt my son was invading her and her cute daughter's space, but I brought my child to a PUBLIC PLACE, I wasn't expecting the play area to be exclusively hers. I hope that little girl doesn't grow up with the same mentality her mother has, because she will be very, very lonely.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Please sign this petition

It's important...

Tired of bad parenting stories?

Well, don't read this then, because yesterday was a day for bad parenting.
Scene: Early morning in our household, normal hustle and bustle as Daddy and I try to hurry out the door and begin our trek to our jobs. Usually Daddy drives, so since Little Man's car seat is behind the passenger seat, I am the one who puts him in, straps him and we leave. Yesterday, Daddy walked out with Little Man and I scooped him up and dunked him in his seat. Big smiles since I was holding the milk. Suddenly I remember that I forgot something inside and run to go get it. (I can't remember now what IT was.) Off we go to fight traffic...(Nita, you know 195!)
We get to Daddy's job and we're saying bye's and see you later's when Little man says "Mama" from the back. He never calls out to me when he's saying good-bye to Daddy so I look back, and the boy is holding the seatbelt strap out to me. The seatbelt strap he should have been wearing. The seatbelt strap that I didn't put on him. Scared 1
After we both scramble to get the straps on him, I felt like shiiiiiiiit. All the what if's started racing through my head, and I couldn't be more thankful that the trip to Daddy's job never has us going more than 20 mph. On my way to the babysitter's I stopped to laugh for a moment, because I realized I'm not the only one who has done this. I was distracted, I made a bad move by going back into the house without strapping him in first...but we all do stuff like this. I'm just so grateful nothing happened.
This morning I checked his straps twice.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Turn away Latteman...

girl talk is about to commence. And if you do read this, don't say I didn't warn you.
Ladies, I need your input.
Back story: After I weaned Little Man off the boobage, I got on the Depo shot. (World-wide groan just heard...) Daddy and I were not taking any risks to having two under two, and my ob was basically telling me it was the easiest thing to be on with my new hectic Mommy schedule. What he didn't say was that it was the easiest thing to be on if I wanted to gain all my baby weight back plus!!! I had lost my baby weight in about two months...and gained it back in three more. In December I made the decision to not go back for the dreaded shot, that I would wait for my period to begin (since it totally stopped-and yes, now IN MAY is when I'm starting to see signs of it coming back) so I can clean my system, and get on something else. This is where I get stuck. I don't know what else to get on...(BCP are not an option...) and I would prefer it not be hormonal. Yeah, I should be discussing this with my ob, but since my luck gave me the one doctor in the office rotation that I didn't like, I'm bringing it here. (My ob's office consists of seven Dr.'s and whoever is on call delivers you baby then becomes your ob permanently.)
So any of you that have an input, leave it here. I'm taking suggestions from everyone and anyone. Let me know what worked/works for you...what's comfortable...what's easier (because i still have a hectic Mommy schedule)...

Now for why I hate the fact that my period disappeared for more than a year, and why I told Latteman to look away:
the first period after all that time will kill you. I haven't even fully started it yet, and last night I was laid out on the couch under a fleece blanket hunched over from the cramps. Thank goodness my Little Man will follow anyone who will entertain him and doesn't give Daddy a hard time because I was dy-ing. And as of this morning, I have only been passing little clots, which is all the gross crap that has been stored away in my uterus for the past year...and it hurts. And its gross. And I never want to do this again. (Fuck you Depo) I liked not having a period, but this part (and the weight gain) sucks.
*Edited to add- I lightened the graphics so as not to chase away what few readers I have anyway. Latteman, if you ended up reading this anyway, it didn't turn out as bad as I planned and I could have changed the title, but I didn't. Just because it seemed fun. I have cramps and you can't be mean cause I'll bite. T-Rex 2 (I really like that dinosaur, I should make it my profile pic, since it look just like me)

Monday, May 15, 2006

The good, the bad, and ugh, that's it.

The good:
I had a good Mother's Day. No presents (except from my mother but at that point I was so sick to my stomach i didn't even want them.) but I spent the day with Daddy and Little Man. No fighting (except when we wouldn't let Little Man play Uno with us), no screaming (except when we tickled Little Man), no bruises (until Little Man ran into my mother's wall at the end of the night.) It was good.
The bad:
The reason I didn't get anything was because Daddy was planning on taking me shopping (!) on Sunday. So on Saturday I was balancing our checkbook and according to the automated bank line, we were in the negative. We both deposited both of our checks on Thursday, they cleared on Friday. The money should have been there. So now I'm freaking out because we have NO MONEY. I don't care about presents, we have no money for gas, for diapers, for FOOD, FOR MILK...
We have spent no money except for necesities, which would NOT put us in anything negative, so a fight with the bank is in order. So I spent most of Saturday pacing the house, sick to my stomach, ignoring everyone's bullshit about "It's probably just a fluke." and "It'll be there Monday." No. Our money goes in Thursday, ALWAYS, and is there right away. All of our savings don't just disappear. I'm still sick to my stomach. After a few unsuccessful attempts to get my statement faxed to my job, i think I'm going to have to miss a morning to go and investigate, you know, because at this point I can afford to and all. And I'm sure my gas tank will reserve every bit of gas I have in there to make the trip...
ugh. I can't write anymore.
And I'd like to point out that this has happened at the exact time my son runs out of diapers AND milk. Cloud of Doom...

*Five minutes later: I don't know why I'm back here. Maybe because I don't want to complain to Daddy anymore, and everyone else seems to not care because Hey! It's not their bank account that's getting fucked with. They aren't worried of their child starving tonight, they aren't worried of getting stranded because Hondas don't run on air alone. I just want to rip my hair out. I am so pissed that this is happening, we've been working so hard to save money, and we haven't been doing any stupid spending. And now it's EMPTY. EMPTY. EMPTY. WHY??????????? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING???? WHY CAN'T THE FUCKING UNIVERSE LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE FOR ONCE?????? FUCK!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Dear Mr. President

Mom 101 had this posted on her site, but I wanted to put it here so anyone who doesn't read her (stupid me, who doesn't read her, huh?) can see/hear it. This is my new favorite song.
And here is a news article that might start a riot...

Happy Mother's Day Ladies!

Mother's Day Mother's Day Basket Mother's Day Cake Mother's Day Flowers Mother's Day Teddy
Couple days early, but I won't be around on Sunday, so I figure I'd say it now. (My son is waaay bigger than that, but it's the closest thing Yahoo! had...)

Second Post for Today

I really, really have to learn to keep my mouth shut. When I say things it's like an automatic jinx. Daddy, Little Man and I were going to my mother's house and we passed a pretty bad accident on the highway. As we passed it I said to Daddy "I don't know what I would do if the car in front of me would have an accident. Like as we're driving...imagine seeing that happen?" He nodded. He knows how I feel about car accidents, I'm terrified of having another one like that. (I still haven't told you about the one I had when I was seventeen...some other time.) So we continue on our way, and that's that.
Yesterday I was on the highway (I swear I live on the highway) on my way to the unholy Mecca: Wal-Mart. (My bank branch which is open till 7 p.m is in's a set-up.) I'm in the lane next to the slow lane, and from my left comes Speedy Gonzalez rushing by, when suddenly he decides he needs to get off on the next exit, so he darts across my lane and cuts off a Passat that was in the slow lane. Now- when I say cut off, I mean he almost took off the guy's bumper. The Passat comes into my lane, trying not to get hit by the asshole, and the Passat seems to not be able to gain control so he's swerving all over the place. I'm hitting my brakes thinking this guy is going to spin out any second and what the hell am I going to do? I have Little Man in the car with me, his safety is my main concern. Finally, the Passat gets himself straight and I switch lanes just wanting to get away from there.
I'm never going to speculate aloud anymore.

*Read this, it's reeeeeeaaaaaaalllllly funny.

There will be two posts today, whether you like it or not.

Since I was in a pissy mood yesterday I couldn't share this, it happened about a week ago...
Daddy and I drove by a flower shop that is near our house, and they have a big sign outside saying MOTHER'S DAY ROSES $12.99.
Me: Are you getting me roses for Mother's Day?
Daddy: Is that what you want, flowers?
Me: What, you don't have a gift for me? (Half-joking, I'm not one to expect gifts.)
Daddy: Well, I have a gift all set for you birthday, I just don't know what to get you for Mother's Day.
Me: My birthday is like two months away, just give me my birthday gift for Mother's Day.
Daddy: NO! That's cheating. It's for your birthday. So you should tell me what you want for Mother's Day, do you want flowers?
Me: I don't want flowers. I want my birthday present.
Daddy: It's not your birthday.
Me: We can pretend...
Daddy: No.
Me: Please? Pretty please? With Mother's Day roses on top?
Daddy: No.
Me: Fine.
Me: You sure? Can't you give it to me on Mother's Day AND my birthday?

He turned the music up. I tried...

Thursday, May 11, 2006


T-Rex 2 I'm kinda in a bitchy mood. Don't feel much like writing, so I will give you guys some links to distract you from my suckiness. Because I care that much.

  • This game has me addicted right now, it's a little tricky to get used to, but then you get it and you're a prisoner. Forever. Or until you get so frustrated, you throw the computer out the window. Or until you find another game.
  • Play this one if you have a few minutes to sit down and concentrate. Play the whole way through, it's great!

Oh. No.

Please, no! This will be some scary stuff...please please please don't let it happen!!! (Right now he says he 'doesn't know', but you know we'll end up seeing his face on 'Vote for Me!' posters in no time!!!

***I had trouble logging on to blogger yesterday, so I couldn't post after what I wrote. I may change the comments back because some people wouldn't be able to comment since they have typepad...(there are better things than blogger??? Shocked ) So, hopefully that was just a one-time thing and I don't have to do it permanently, because i heart my (few but lovely) commentors!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fuck You Anonymous

Someone left a nasty comment on my post about everyone coming here for Elmo. I erased it, and have taken it upon myself to not allow anonymous comments. So fuck you, asshole. Get a life.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Well-wishes needed

Catherine over at Everything's Under Control has just lost her baby at 20 weeks. Please have her in your thoughts and prayers in this very difficult time. She is a beautiful person, and it's such a shame that things like this have to happen.

My Weekend

FRIDAY: Daddy and I had plans to go out with some friends. Nothing too extravagant, just hang out and bullshit. After work I ended up getting a slight migraine just behind my right eye. Daddy went and got me some Excedrin since I had run out a while ago and never needed it since. (Stupid me, thinking I would never get another headache!) So I take the pills and we go to meet up with our friends. I couldn't get out of the car, my headache was literally crippling me, I couldn't even open my eyes anymore, the pills weren't working. I asked Daddy to drive me home, I couldn't take it. I get home and take my contacts out so I could lay down, and wouldn't you know my freaking contact was RIPPED! IN MY EYE! It didn't cause 'discomfort' to my eye, like the eye doctor always says, my eye wasn't in ANY discomfort- except for the blinding headache I got...
SATURDAY: One of my mother's friends was throwing her husband a surprise 50th birthday party. My mother asked me to go shopping for a gift with her. So off we go to The Christmas Tree Shops and she bought him this really nice garden decoration. (He loves gardening when he's not off saving lives at the hospital.) We had lunch together, and Little Man was starting to show signs of wanting a nap so we go back to her house where I lay him down and she prepares to wrap the gift. (My mother has a gift for wrapping things, she does wonders with some cellophane and fake grass and all that jazz.) She takes the foot-tall Owl out of the bag and SMASH!!!! The stupid thing falls and breaks into a million pieces. She wanted to cry. I wanted to cry, we had driven almost forty-five minutes just to get to the stupid store in the first place. I just shook my head, grabbed my keys and left her with Little Man while I got another Owl. (Great daughter I am!) The party was nice. His wife got him a motorcycle, so I don't think he even noticed the Owl.
SUNDAY: When we discover that not only have I passed my smashing good looks down to my son, but that I have also passed down my allergies. My severe allergies. To my 18 month old. Let's just say that at some point I was literally driving (speeding?) across two cities just to get to a 24-hour pharmacy because the stupid one right next to my house wouldn't let me in at 6:02 (they close at 6) even for an emergency. So I get the children's Benadryl, which makes my son drunk, but the swelling went down. (Poor kids eyes were almost shut.) And the itchy eyes stopped. And the foot-long snot projecting from his nose when he sneezed stopped. (Um, eeewwww.) Unfortunately, my yard is a jungle, so every time we go to get in the car there is pollen and crap all over so we have to run when we have the baby in our arms. Daddy made it a game and the kid was hiccuping from laughing so hard.
That's it, in a nutshell.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Reasons I should move back to NYC

  • I miss my family terribly. My extended family. Pre-baby I used to be there every weekend I had off from work. Post-baby, I've been back there once, without Little Man. I was not welcome there. (My mother gave me concert tickets for my birthday and she offered to stay with the baby...)
  • The owners of the Chinese Restaurant near my house could speak fluent Spanish. It was kind of weird, but they made some KILLER plaintains. (Don't tell my mother I said that) And they were open late. Really late. Like you could get Chinese/Spanish food at 4 a.m.
  • I had a store nearby that was dedicated to hair-care products and nothing more. I would go and drop money there like crazy, so my hair was always beautifully maintained. Very important when you have long hair.
  • I didn't need a car.
  • I didn't need a car.
  • I didn't need a car.

I swear the Cloud of Doom...

Yesterday some hose on my car decided to explode while I was on the highway, causing the car to shut itself off (in order to save the motor from BLOWING UP!) and leave me to barely pull over enough so no one would hit me. Thankfully, I had just dropped Little Man off at my mother's, so Daddy and I quickly called for reinforcements and stood as far away from the car as possible. My sister's boyfriend (a mechanic) and Daddy got to work and repaired the hose by the side of the highway, while I sat there wanting to cry. I just get so frustrated at the fact that i don't want to spend all my money on a car, and it seems that when you fix one thing, another breaks. I just finished putting a brand new transmission in the piece of shit. And this is my "new" car. Please don't ask me to get into details- i have been in a tug-of-war with the dealership and my lawyer since the thing went caput, and I'm utterly exhausted about the whole ordeal. So yesterday I was thinking if the motor just blew on this thing, I'm taking it as a sign to move back to The City. I'm done with this car bullshit, I'm done!done!done!!! The car is fine now. Until...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Life Lesson

Don't Shit on the People Who Help You
Something everyone should practice. Now- I know I have very openly expressed my dislike for a certain asshole Caffeine in this office. I haven't gotten into many details except for the stupid things that send me into a tirade when it becomes too much. This guy had a personal assistant that left at the end of December, but she found herself a replacement. I personally thought she hated the person she found as her replacement, because I knew she hated the asshole- why would you have someone you like work for someone you hate? Three weeks went by after she left, and still no sign of the replacement assistant, I thought for sure the replacement had come to his (yes, it's a guy) senses and decided not to come work for the asshole. But lo and behold, the shiny new replacement assistant came in. Smiling. Obviously unsuspecting to the hell that awaited him.
It's been four months. I feel bad for the replacement. The asshole- just to give you some backround on why I hate him so you don't think it's all senseless- uses everyone as a scapegoat. Never is he wrong, there is always someone he can point the finger at and take any blame or fault off himself. There was one day that I had put a listing in the computer for him ( a house that just went on the market) and as always, I follow the listing sheet, putting in the information the agent has provided for me. Apparently some of the information was wrong and the sellers of the house called to complain to the asshole. I was on the back computer, near his office, and heard his conversation. I believe the words I heard were along the lines of "I'm sorry. I guess she just put in whatever she felt like. I don't know where she got this information from. Goes to show how good help is these days, she does this all the time." See why I call him an asshole? Not one other agent has ever had a complaint about me, and all I did was follow his instructions.
So, last week the asshole went to Texas for some conference. One of the sellers from one of his properties apparently had to get in touch with the asshole, and the asshole wasn't picking up her phone calls. She called the office sixteen times a day, she even ended up calling my bossman, who was not happy to be having to try to calm this woman down when she had every right to be angry. (Please remember that the asshole's last day was supposed to be last Friday...he told my boss he would be staying another month...on MONDAY MORNING.) So the asshole comes back, everyone is livid with him, he's about to lose business all over the place. He's on the phone Monday, Tuesday and most of Wednesday trying to kiss people's asses and keep his business. (Who wouldn't, that's money he would be losing...) So the replacement comes to me today and says that he gave the asshole his month's notice. A sigh of relief for him, i know he was miserable. Twenty minutes later, the asshole hands me a sheet of paper asking me to fax it for him. On the sheet of paper (I happened to glance at it) it said "Sorry about last week, I left the replacement specific instructions, and they were not followed. It has been taking care of, I have fired him." (The replacement told me last week that his specific instructions were to not come to work...)
Can you believe this guy???
The replacement ended up at the fax machine and saw the fax. All he said was "Well, I guess I don't have to finish up the month, huh? He could have told me instead of saying it to other people."
The replacement helped the asshole with a lot, has gotten him out of very sticky situations, and has helped him keep people that want to pull out of deals and for the asshole to go and shit on him like this. I feel bad.
I appreciate that my boss is not an asshole like this guy.
I feel bad for whoever he hires as his assistant next...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

An oldie, but a goodie/ A must read!

Rainy Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day...
Remember that song from, what? kindergarten? I used to believe it actually worked. Singing it to myself today, it's been raining for two days, and my son can't go out and play because of it. I'm hoping to take him out to a park on Saturday, Daddy works so me and LittleMan get eight hours to ourselves...but if it rains...

***A must read!!! I read this at Mary Jane's place, please read it. I would like to know how many husbands will sign up/survive!!! (Thanks Mary Jane for the great read!)
Edited to add: Latteman, no cheating. We all know you will win!
>>>Look at that- I added a photo on my profile! I'm learning guys! Now, will it show up when i make comments on other blogs? Will my son's pic be all over the internet...literally???

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Was she told?

You know, we are going to keep reading stories like this over and over and over. Those readers that have been around here a while know how I feel about these situations where a child (yes 13 is a CHILD) is put in danger. But then I stop and think- (after saying what a prickly pervert the guy is to be seeking a 13 year-old girl) did anyone educate this girl on the dangers out there? Did anyone tell her it was NOT okay to be talking to grown men on the internet? Did anyone tell her to stop trying to grow up so fast?
I hate the fact that MySpace has become a forum for people just looking to "hook up" (I've seen a couple of profiles and-ewwwww.)
So while we are arresting the men (good) and scolding the owners/people who run MySpace (ehhh) what are we doing to the kids? At thirteen, I really think she already knew what she was getting herself into. At thirteen, she was talking to a "guy" that she was interested in, and skipped school. At thirteen she must have agreed to go somewhere with this man, but unfortunately her thoughts were probably "Oh he really likes me."
Please, please, please if you have children (ESPECIALLY YOUNG GIRLS) educate them, let them know what is going on. I know we want to keep thinking our kids are our babies and 'they would never do such a thing', but let's be realistic, okay? Kids are growing up waaaaay too fast these days...let's at least try to make it just a little safer for them by educating them on what really goes on...
When I was a freshman in high school our computer class assignment on the first day of school was to open an e-mail account. We started going into chat rooms behind our teacher's back, and a girl from my class- 14 years old- met a guy she thought 'was really cool'. She was kidnapped and raped. She told him exactly where she lived, where she went to school, where she went after school. No one had told us not to do that. If someone had...well, it might not have happened.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Hustle and Bustle

I had two weddings to attend on Saturday. One ceremony was at three, the other was at four. It would have been easy if one of the weddings was in the morning, but no. So to not disappoint anyone, I RSVP'd to both, and bet your ass I made it to both ceremonies. They were beautiful.

My friend's wedding was emotional for everyone. She has been away at college (now at graduate school) for about four years now, and this is the first time we (the buddies) have been together at once since then. We were the buddies, six of us, who met mainly through eachother. We went out every weekend, we called eachother at 6 a.m on birthdays, exchanged gifts at Holidays...then one had a baby. Then The Bride went away for school. Then another had twins and moved back home to be closer to her sick mother. Then I had Little Man. There are just two that are neither married nor have kids. We have grown up and are following the path our lives are leading us to, which for us seems to be in different ways. But we were together again, and we were so happy. I was tearing up the second she started walking down the aisle. When they were announced as husband and wife I felt such joy for them. The reception was a time for five of us (The Bride was busy, hello!) to snap a million pictures together, and (those of us with kids) break out the most recent photos. We ate, drank, and talked talked talked was great. I miss my buddies. I'm glad I got to spend time with them.
The other wedding, for one of the agents at my job, also beautiful. They make a great couple. Their reception was also beautiful, the little time I got to spend there. I snuck away from my friend's reception to go and make my appearance there, and got lost on the way. But I showed my face, laughed with some co-workers. Danced to "Hey, Mickey!" (Hey Mickey, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind. Hey Mickey!!!!)
Then I rejoined the buddies. God, I could have stayed there all night. But I was home by midnight. And Daddy pointed out the huge smile I had on my face. And I felt goooooooood.
Sunday morning was not great, I had to pick Little Man up from my mother's house, but I woke up with the biggest headache, ever. It actually kinda felt like a hangover headache, but I had only had one drink. ONE DRINK. I had to crawl out of bed and find some sunglasses, quick! I made myself somewhat presentable, took some advil and spent the day with Daddy and Little Man.
So I made it to both. Barely made it to the second, but dammit I showed my face!!!

***To the person looking for sex*pictures*of*elmo- that's just gross. Really.

Ugh, Monday, go away.

It's Monday, I'm swamped at work. Yes, I came to work. Yep, I'm a "sell-out", I "don't care about my relatives", and "I have no appreciation for what my fellow hispanics are going through." Fuck off- I totally understand what's going on, but I'm very easily replaceable at work and I can't afford to lose my job. For those in the know- here's how it is in my neck of the woods>>>the highway was surprisingly lighter in traffic this morning, I hear downtown is a mess. City Hall (according to someone else- i don't go near downtown) is full of people...this could get ugly.
I will be back later with reports of the Two Weddings.