Saturday, July 21, 2007


Daddy and I have a wedding to attend today, one of his cousin's is marrying his high school sweetheart. (Everyone say it with me now....awwww!)


Hahaha, joking. I think it's sweet, Daddy could basically care less. So today we're getting all gussied up and leaving the kids with sitters (TILL TOMORROW!!!!!!) so we can have a nice time with people we haven't seen in ages. A lot of our high school friends are going to be there, we'll see how they react when they see that Daddy and I are together (those that don't know by I said we haven't seen a lot of these people in YEARS!)

So seeing a wedding is going to spark up memories of when Daddy and I got together...hopefully he doesn't think I'm a tard if I cry. (Hey, I just had a baby, I'm chock full of some effed up hormones!)

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I just wanted to let you all know I am alive and these two children have not ganged up on me and thrown me out the window.
Thing is for some reason I can't log in from the laptop anymore, I have to do it from the big computer, and well, that itself only works when it wants to so it leaves me shit out of luck when I want to write something. Bummer. SO here I am writing as quickly as possible before the thing decides to stop working again just to let you know I love you all! I miss you all like crazy! At least form the laptop I can log in to leave comments, and I didn't figure that out till a couple days ago...I' trying to catch up with you all.
A quick update: Little Diva turned two months old yesterday, weighed in at 10 lbs 10 oz and measured in at 23 1/2 inches at her check up. She hated her shots but slept for three and a half hours after we left the doc's office, which is the longest she has slept during the day since she came home from the hospital.
She is sleeping 6-7 hours at night and I love her for it.
Little Man...i need a whole post for him. there's a lot going on there.
Daddy- tomorrow is giving his two weeks notice to go work for a new job that pays three dollars more than he makes now (woo-hoo!) so lets keep our fingers crossed for that to be a good transition.
Okay, I have to feed the Diva child, next time I get to write I'll let you know why that is her name.
Oh, yeah, and my birthday is Sunday and I think it's going to suck ass.

And yet, I never listen to the news...

I hate watching the news. As much as they are informative with certain things they usually don't cover things that I would like to know about. Yes, I want to know about the accident that killed the poor 15 year old girl that was crossing a street (for God's sake, they really didn't see her in the middle of the friggin' day???)...but other things...ehhhhh...
Before I get off track- there was a news story the other night about people double and triple checking their travelers medical insurance. Apparently a lot of people are paying for insurance and it turns out they aren't covered for some reason or another if something happens. Fine print. Gotta love it. So I was watching the news story about the poor man and his family that went on vaca and one of his kids got hurt and the ER kept asking for insurance...long story short the man had to end up paying for everything out of pocket, which left them in super debt.
He mentioned a lot how he wished he had read the fine print on all the paperwork, because even the money he paid for the supposed insurance was non-refundable.
So, anyone taking vacations this year look into some short-term insurance, which they have individually or for full families...or even if you're going on a business trip there are even policies that cover corporate employees.
Me, being the nosey person I am started looking around for the agencies that cover travelers insurance, and this webite I've linked to has been one of the most informative and helpful sites I found. Easy to navigate, easy to understand their 'insurance talk'...look into it.