Thursday, September 28, 2006

Maybe Good-bye

I may have to quit my job. I'm crying as I write this because i don't want to have to quit my job, but unless I find someone to take care of my son that's the only thing I can do. I have forty hours vacation time for the vacation I will never take anyway, so I at least have some time that I can take off to be able to go to the Welfare Dept. and see if they can give me some assistance and pay (or help pay) for daycare for my son. I don't want food stamps, I don't want their money, I just want daycare. Daycare around here costs $125 A WEEK, for the cheapest place. We can't afford that.
My babysitter told me this morning that she starts a new job today. She told me to still leave my son there today, but that tomorrow she can't take him. I left her house in tears.
What the fuck am I supposed to do?
Everyone I know works. There is no one else who can watch him. If I quit my job, we can't survive on Daddy's paycheck- after taxes and child support for Little Daddy? NO. We will have to move in with one of our parents.
So this may be good-bye from me because I still haven't put the internet on at home, and I won't be able to easily access a computer. It's not like I'm going to be visiting .S. just to get my internet fix everyday.
So there's that.
Wish me luck for tomorrow at the stupid Welfare Dept. Hopefully they will at least help me pay for daycare...they're getting pretty strict in my state.
I hate this shit.

No apologies here, my friend.

T-Rex 2 I had written here before that I was looking into getting ads for my blog. I had also written before that a fellow mommy introduced me to a site that pays me for writing up a post and putting the ad in the post.
Well, it seems I have pissed someone right the fuck off.
I guess I should feel bad that this person has a problem with me writing for $2.50, for just adding a link (that you don't even have to click on, mind you!) to a post I would write anyway. I guess I should feel bad that I only make $9 an hour at a job that I was lucky enough to get. I guess I should feel bad that Daddy works in a warehouse job that he loves but they don't pay him much either. I guess I should feel bad that at the end of the month I cry because I don't think we can make rent because gas and food and diapers and babysitters and LIVING is FUCKING EXPENSIVE. I guess I should feel bad that this person is obviously so very successful, and owns a home and has money and time to take multiple vacations, while I work my ass off just to have a roof over my head, all the while wishing I didn't have to buy generic ANYTHING for once. The little bit of money I am making from Payperpost is helping my bank account stay in the positive instead of the negative, so I am not going to apologize for writing for them. I'm actually going to thank them, because while we can make rent, and while my son's ass is covered, they are helping put my mind at ease, knowing that my bank account won't have a negative dash in front of the balance.
So I won't apologize for putting the ads up. I'm not sorry I am taking extra steps to help my family. I'm just sorry that not everyone has been poor enough to know what it is I'm going through and have gone through. I am sorry that some people are just well-off to begin with and will never know what it's like to worry about the things I worry about. You guys don't have to click the links I put up here, it's up to you. Like I have said before, don't judge, just understand. This is my blog, I write for ME, my feelings, my thoughts, my decisions. I don't write for approval from anyone. My days of wanting everyone to like and accept me are finished. I'm not sorry if you don't like it, you don't have to, that's YOUR decision. And I WILL apologize to the people this is not directed to, sorry you had to read this. But I had to get it out, I had to let my feelings known, because that is why I started this blog anyway, to get my feelings OUT.

The payperpost crew was actually at the Today Show yesterday. While I'm not forcing you to watch the video, I will tell you that these people are trying to survive, just like me. I'm not a fan of the Today Show, so obviously I didn't catch them there, but they provided us with the 'inside look' on their visit. I thought it was cool.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I don't feel like writing. I feel sick and things are a little hectic here today.

Until tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sad but true

I sometimes forget that there is still racism out there. I guess I must just turn a blind eye when people in the very neighborhood I work in look at me funny, or when they see me and Daddy together with our very light-skinned son. I guess I choose to ignore the sheer ignorance that some people have, even though we 'overcame' this years ago.
I wasn't going to write about this, but it's bugging me. And it's my blog.
Don't judge, just understand.

Yesterday was very slow in the afternoon, and I was done with my blogroll in no time. Not many people had updated, so I didn't have much to read. Sometimes I click on other people's blogrolls just to have something new to read, you never know what awesome person you may find on someone else's list. I clicked a link that ended up giving me shivers and it just froze me. I was dumbfounded and shocked, but it was this person's blog, their space, their feelings. I just couldn't believe it...I won't link it. I will quote: "I hate going near the mall because it is scary...we call that area the jungle because there are so many blacks in the area...I thought we were the majority here...I wonder where we're going to have to move to not be overrun by blacks..."
I'm not black, but that shit hurt me. I guess I'm really really stupid to believe that people didn't think this way anymore.
I don't even know what to say.
I'm just glad I'm not like that, I'm glad that my son is being brought up in a culturally diverse area. My son is hispanic but he is a mixture of two rival hispanic countries who for years never wanted to be associated with the one another. If you confused one with the other you would be told in a not-so-nice way that you were wrong. But i'm super proud, I'm in love with Daddy and love my son a gazillion times more than that...And if anyone ever told my son to his face that he lived in a jungle...well I wouldn't be too nice.
Needless to say, I won't be visiting that blog again. I just wish there was some way to stop all this...

Just take my paycheck.

I have to buy new clothes for Little man. He is so tall all the shirts that would have fit him from last year don't because his arms and legs are long. Instead of buying anything 24 months, it has to be 2T or in some cases 3T. So I get an excuse to go shopping in the next couple of weeks.
I get to pick out shirts that say "what happens at Grandmas..." because God only knows I love t-shirts that have personality. I can get him shirts that have tattoo images just to piss my mother off. (She hates my tattoo and has told me that I can't let Little Man ever get a tattoo. But when he gets older and sees that Mommy has one and Daddy has three, I think that will be a problem.)
I like the new ringer t-shirts that are finally becoming popular, they remind me of the baseball t-shirts we used to wear as kids for our little league games. (Sometimes we weren't sponsered enough to get actual jerseys!) My little guy is going to be styling this winter, thanks to his momma.
I'm just going to have to remember to control myself and not go too crazy, he is a growing boy and he outgrew a pair of sneakers after wearing them just three times this spring. (That pissed me off beyond belief.)
New pictures of Little Man will be posted with his stylin' new clothes.

Wishing and hoping...maybe this year?

Will I get my Christmas wish this year?


My finger is naked! My ring finger! The one that tells everyone I am married. The one that keeps jerks from stopping me in the grocery store to say "hello".
Daddy and I don't have rings, though I wish we did. I don't nag him about it, but I am hoping the time will come that we can say "Hey, let's go buy our rings!" and not have to worry about making rent that month. I don't even want anything too extravagant, it doesn't even have to be a diamond ring, even if I just had the band I would be fine with it. Daddy doesn't want any diamonds on his, he's made that clear, but I want something nice for him.
How did you pick your rings out? What made your rings "The One"?
Let me know, because as much as I don't want to spend a fortune on our rings, I do want them to be perfect for us. I know we can get them custom made, but would that be too expensive, too? Or would that be better?

Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm not too sure about lasers in my eye!!!

But I think I want to get Lasik surgery. I've been wearing glasses and/or contacts for about ten years now, maybe a little more, and I'm tired of them. I want to be able to wake up in the morning and not have to feel around for my glasses. I want to be able to get ready without having to poke myself in the eye, and hope the damn contact didn't fall in the sink. I want to go to sleep at night without having to worry about falling asleep with my contacts on and having red eyes the next day.
When I first got contact lenses I was a freshman in high school. I couldn't be happier, because what's more geeky than wearing glasses AND braces? Even though i was a geek, I didn't want people to know just by looking at me. I wore the regular, clear soft lenses by Acuvue. Very comfortable, hardly ever had a problem with them. I even went a little crazy after a while and started getting colors. (Had a job, my mother said I could have them if I paid for them. ANd I did.) I wore hazel, which with my skin tone (then) they looked really nice and natural. My doctor gave me a free sample of some violet ones, and I thought "Who the hell would wear these???" Then one day one of my hazel contacts broke, and I had no more so I had to wear the violet ones until I could replace the hazel...I used to get some weird looks with those violet contacts, but some people thought they were cool.
At 17 I had a pretty bad car accident where a car smashed into the passenger door (where I was sitting) and my head went through the window, I ended up with glass in my eye and my doctor told me I had to go back to glasses until my eye healed. I finally got the okay to wear contacts again after about a year and a half, and now I'm back to boring old clear contacts, which I don't mind.
But I want to be able to see when I open my agent here told me she is going to Canada to get Lasik done since it's much cheaper there, and she told me she would let me know how it went.
Let's see if I'm not too scared of having lasers coming at my eyes.
Any opinions?

Call me Crutch

I'm injured. I have a doctor's note, can't be in gym class for three weeks. Hehe...
Seriously, I haven't been able to walk since Friday. See, there's this hole in our back yard that we KNOW is there, and always avoid it. Daddy has tripped on it a few times (we cut through the back to get inside) and I have laughed at him, telling him "You know the damn thing is THERE!" Daddy got to laugh at me on Friday, before he realized I was actually injured! Then he laughed harder...
I was walking on the cement part and for some reason my foot decided it wanted to go towards the grass at the precise location of the stupid hole. And my foot went into the hole SIDEWAYS. I was laughing, too, believe it or not because I knew Daddy was going to say it was Karma kicking my ass for laughing at him, but the thing was really hurting. So I spent Friday night with my leg propped up on my extra pillows and trying to keep Little Man from jumping on that leg. (Though why is it that they are magnetized to the area you are injured? Why do they specifically have to jump at you from three feet in the air and land right on that ONE part of your leg that is throbbing anyway???) "Going to the doctor?" Daddy asked.
"Hell no. This will be fine tomorrow."
Why do I open my big mouth?
Saturday morning was the baptizm. Good times. (Hear the sarcasm?) But I was in church and I behaved myself. I was wearing heels and limping horribly, and my MIL was all worried about me, kept telling me to go to the doctor.
Saturday afternoon was a BBQ held at my SIL's MIL's house. The Whore was NOT invited, so it was a good time, Little Man was running around with the other kids and I was trying not to walk. I changed into a pair of flat sandals, but I was still limping when I got up. My MIL was passing by every once in a while telling me to go get checked, and she would tell Daddy to make sure I went. The concern was appreciated by me, though it did surprise me a bit. (I must interrupt myself here to say there has been a drastic change by my MIL and one of my SIL, I will have to write another post on it...drama!)
Saturday night I couldn't even sleep. Little Man kept kicking my leg in his sleep, and I couldn't get comfortable even with my extra pillows. I woke Daddy up to tell him we were going to the doctor in the morning. He nodded, but I don't think he heard me.
Sunday morning came and we dropped Little Man off at my sister's house. (Who wants an almost two year old running around in the ER with sick people around?) Three hours later finds me with a wrap on my leg, a prescription for vicodin for the pain (do they just give these away for anything now?) and plans to see the doc again Wednesday to see if it's better. He didn't see a break (good) but thinks I might have just 'irritated the muscle'. Hmmmm, okay, whatever doc. Went home and took Advil and laid down. Little Man napped from 4-7 which helped me out a lot by giving me more rest time. Daddy picked dinner up and as far as the pain- almost gone. Cool. Today I can actually walk without having to hold on to something, and standing and sitting is better, too.
Now, to do some work...

Friday, September 22, 2006

Is it 5 yet?

I'm so tiiiiiired! My eyes feel so heavy. Still looking for suggestions on sleeping at night.
Here's a few links to get you through the weekend:

  • I've decided to finally really start trying to lose weight. Joined a couple ladies on their blog to document my success (or failure). Check it out. If you're interested in doing the same, let VJ know. She's in charge. Why not have people supporting and helping you, even if it is through the internet?
  • A music video for you to enjoy. I think he did a really good job with it, I've played it like four times already. But it's probably only me that likes Weird Al...
  • Poor kid.
  • Here is a video of that new red demon in action. The one I don't want to pay forty dollars for.
  • I like card tricks. (Also watch the video where the trick is explained. It's pretty cool.)


Die Sprint, DIEEEE!!!

I hate my cell phone. How many people can actually say they love theirs? I absolutely, positively hate hate hate my phone. That's why I never even carry the stupid thing with me, I always tell Daddy "Here , you take it. I don't need it." Er, I don't WANT it. I don't know the model number, but I have a Sprint phone, and you wouldn't believe how many calls I lose. I've been on the phone trying to get directions somewhere, and I'll think the person on the other line is just staying quiet, but NO, the call has been dropped. You would think they reimburse you for that, right? Uh-uh. No way.
The only time I take my phone with me anywhere is when I'm going to be in the car with Little Man by myself for a while. Just in case anything happens, I can always call someone. Other than that, ask me where my phone is and at best you'll get a shrug from me. Most of the time Little Man is playing with it anyway "calling" people. He walks around the house on it all the time.
I just tried calling Daddy to see what he wants for lunch, and just after I say hello the line went dead. DEAD. And everytime I call back, I get the voicemail. Stupid phone. It's like, you spend so much time shopping around and searching for the best deals on cell phones, and you still end up with crap.
I think the only thing I like about my phone is the camera. I love taking pictures of my guys, and without having the stupid phone close by I would miss out on my photo ops. I need to buy a new digital camera, let's see if I get one for Christmas for myself.
Let's see if I can get through to Daddy now...

In need of serious sleep

For four days, four very long days I have not gotten any sleep. It's not because of my son (though last night it could have been his fault), it's not because I'm up like a crackhead watching Sex and the City and Friends reruns (they only give them at 11 and 11:30 now)...I don't know why it is. I go to bed at ten, the latest, which is earlier than usual for me anyway, but I've started doing it so I won't feel so tired and sluggish in the morning and throughout the day. But it seems that I've been waking up several times a night, for no reason, and just can't go back to sleep. WTF??? In turn, that makes me MORE tired and sluggish because it seems that when the alarm goes off, I had just finally fallen back asleep. Last night I was actually in a deep sleep when I heard Little Man whimpering, but the whimper seemed so far away I thought I was really dreaming. I felt next to me for him and only felt Daddy. Uh-oh, that's not right, Little Man sleeps between us. I jump up in bed feeling around for him, he was at the foot of the bed, almost falling off. He was still asleep, I dragged him back up and put him under the covers, my heart beating a mile a minute. All I could keep thinking about was what if he fell? And then why can't I go back to sleep? And then I can't get comfortable. And then what are we having for dinner tomorrow? And so on and so forth. Counting Sheep I actually started TELLING MYSELF I had to go to sleep, trying to clear my mind and just concentrate on breathing...It felt like it took hours for me to get back to sleep. Then I hear the church bells. I thought the church bells rang at seven, it can't be seven already, I'm supposed to be getting dressed at seven... I look at the clock. It was seven. Somehow I turned the damn alarm off.
I was only nine minutes late this morning, but of course there was someone here waiting. There is never anyone here to see me arrive on time or early everyday, but there is always someone to see me get here late.
I need some sleep. Any recommendations?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Forgive me

I'm tired. I got like no sleep last night, even though I went to bed at what I thought was early. I've been working today, stopping briefly to check in on you guys (Tuesday, my heart is broken, more hugs for you. Get some rest. I wish I could do something...)
Perusing some celebrity sites, some fashion sites, seeing what I should be wearing. Like these designer handbags? Drop dead frickin' gorgeous. Waaaay better than my ugly little NY&Co purse I've been using since last Christmas. I've actually noticed a lot of celebrities carrying those bags around (I watch too much E!) and I told Daddy that I liked those designs. He doesn't give a shit, he knows I'll keep buying bags from Filene's or NY&Co.
I'm also loving this dress. Holy hell I need a sugar daddy to pay $770 for that dress...
Alright, with that I leave you.
If you haven't already, add to the list of driving pet peeves in the post below...I loved reading your comments!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What are your driving pet peeves?

A question that Mama of 2 has presented her readers with. (Well, she did a couple days ago. I'm slow.) But it got me thinking about the annoyances we deal with on the road. I'm not a perfect driver, but I try to avoid doing really stupid things so that no one has to stick their head out the window and call me an idiot.
Here are some things I hate about other drivers, and therefore avoid doing myself:
  • It's a stop sign, not a red light. Yes, i know we have to stop for a certain amount of time but when you are at a four-way stop sign and nobody moves for a good thirty seconds? Idiots. First come, first serve is the rule. Follow it.
  • Don't change lanes without your turning signal. Especially when I'm coming up on the side of you and you make no effort to warn me that you're crossing over to allow me to slow down for you, so I have to slam on my brakes so I don't hit you.
  • Turn you turning signal off after you have changed lanes. You're in the fast lane, you can't go any further left than you are now.
  • Don't expect me to let you cut in front of me when I have been sitting in this line for twenty minutes and you snuck up through the break down lane to 'catch a break'. Hell no. I will kiss the bumper in front of me rather than let you in, it is not fair that I obeyed the law and sat in traffic for so long just so you could cut us all off. Travelling in the breakdown lane is illegal, I hope you get caught. (BTW- on my way to work the other day I noticed a line of cars stopped in the breakdown lane, I thought someone had an accident. I go up a little more and saw that there were five state troopers there stopping everyone who used the breakdown lane to cut everyone off. I smiled the whole way to work. Good.)
  • Don't ride my ass. My son is in the car and if you hit me I will get out of the car and HURT YOU. Badly.
  • Don't try to race me. Yes, my car is a Honda, which is an extremely popular car used for street racing, but I'm not a street racer. Stop coming up behind me revving your engine at me trying to start a race, don't come up next to me and pretend to accelerate and slow down. Let me get where I have to go.

There is more, I know, but I can't think of anything else right now. Anybody want to add their pet peeves to the list? Feel free!

Childhood Memories

Two more months.

That's how much time I have before my bossman brings the tree for me to decorate. Last year we had a real tree in our office, but I'm considering telling my boss to get an artificial Christmas tree this year. Our tree was gorgeous, huge, and smelled great but it started drying too soon and the pine needles were getting everywhere. The day I took it down, I smelled like pine needles all day and I swear I was picking them out of my hair for an hour. He had a fake tree in the Other Office, I don't see the difference, it's not like he's partial to real trees.
We always had a fake tree while I was growing up. Actually I think my mother has had the same tree since we moved here...I'm going to have to ask her. I remember one year I asked her why we had to have a fake tree, why we couldn't have a real tree like Aunt So-and-so. She always used to tell me that our tree was better because it didn't die, and it held on to our Christmas memories year after year, like magic, making the tree like a family member. I really think that it was because of the convenience of not having to deal with buying a tree every year, the easy storage (we just folded it up and put it back in the box) and the fact that we didn't have to vaccuum under it every single day. We never worried about fires with our tree, as the real trees are more of a fire hazard than fake trees. And I think she was also looking out for my health, since I had asthma and allergies they both probably would have been triggered by a real tree. Come to think of it, I was always sneezing when we had the real tree in here last year...hmmm...
Well, that's it. I'm making sure to tell my bossman next time I see him that we can't have a real tree this year...let's see if I win this one.

Linking for a Cause

There is a fellow Payperpost-er that is doing a three day walk in Philly for Breast Cancer. Another payperpost-er has said that for everyone who links to her site, and his, he will donate a dollar. So that's two dollars (one for each site) going to a good cause because I am linking them here. I wish I could donate actual money, but I can't right now. I'm all for good causes, especially Breast Cancer, since it is such a big killer among women. So, Colleen, thanks for the linking to my site. You didn't have to, because I would have joined you on this anyway. Good luck on your walk, I hope you ladies get all the donations you need. Brett, give her the donations! Smile

Happy Endings

I'm sooooooo glad that little baby Abby was returned safely to her family. How heartbreaking it was to hear the story on the news everyday. I was constantly thinking about that, seeing it all over the news networks imagining the pain her mother must have been going through. I can't imagine how I would feel if Little man was ever taken away from me...
My heart also, ironically, goes out to the woman who took Abby. She just lost a baby that she carried to term, she was also heartbroken, she had her baby taken away, too. No, that does not excuse what she did in any way, shape, or form, but it makes you see what some people go through when they lose a child. Yes, she deserves to be locked up because what she did WAS A CRIME, I mean, she tried to kill a woman and took her child...but I think what she really needs is some therapy.
Baby Abby will be famous forever. Like I said, I'm just glad she is safe and sound. Thank you, God, for birth marks. My son was born with a Stork's Bite on the back of his neck, and while I was worried about it when he was born it's almost completely faded now. Daddy and I used to joke (bad joke) that if anyone ever tried to take him, we would know who he was just from the birthmark...

I'm going to get in trouble.

Sometimes I finish my blogroll and I have nothing to do in the office. I'm constantly looking at clothing sites, just to see what's out there.
There is a site that sells cool baby clothes, for the parents that don't want to dress their kid in boring old clothes. They have the cutest T-shirts, onesies, hoodies to put on these not-so-ordinary kids of ours. My favorite one is a t-shirt that has a "For Sale By Owner" sign on the front. Come on, don't we all feel that way sometimes? There is another cute one that says "My other car is a uterus". I'm loving them, they are a great alternative to the typical pinks and blues we dress our children in. This is a step away from the norm. Why not give the kids cool t's when we seem to be wearing them, too? I want to buy them all. Daddy will kill me...
You can probably find cool stuff to give for baby showers and birthday parties...hmmm, my son's birthday IS coming up...
Take a look at some styles they have:

I love this one, because the t-shirt is already splattered...aren't they going to do it anyway???

This bib is just too cute!
Okay, I have to stop before I burn a hole in my purse...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I did have something to write about today

The movie last night! The movie was Feast, produced by Wes Craven, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck. Is it just me or do those names like not belong together? So the movie was a horror/comedy.
I'll let that sink in.

Horror. And. Comedy.

Nothing like a merge turning into an accident. I didn't like it. It was alright, but not something I would have paid to see. It was extremely gory, lots of monsters eating people and people chopping monsters up and blood and vomit everywhere. And a guy actually rotting while alive. The comedy part was actually humorous, but I don't see mixing comedy with horror, you can't possibly get into a scary movie and then laugh at something and go back to being scared. No. It just doesn't happen. They gave no reason for the monsters being there. It was just like these people were in a bar and the monsters just showed up. I really wish I hadn't eaten before we left for the theater because I walked out feeling queasy, and that's not my style. Oh, and one of the stars looked a lot like K-Fed. My sister and I turned to eachother and both said "Is that him?" at the same time. Here is what my verdict is: Blah

And another thing I wanted to add for today, my son better not see a commercial for this thing because I will not buy one at FORTY FUCKING DOLLARS until it mops my floors and takes the damn garbage out. Good thing he still loves the one we got him at Build-A-Bear, I can always buy a different outfit or something and pretend it's a new one...I'm thinking the red demon could use a Halloween costume this year, he could be dressed as Tigger! HA! (Update: the red demon has been 'retired' from the Workshop, and Cookie is on his way out, too. They are planning on bringing in different Sesame Street characters in this season. Good luck with that B-A-B!) (And yes, i have an inside scoop on B-A-B, I know someone who works there part time!)

Cops are on their way

I didn't write about this yesterday, I didn't think it would matter since it really has nothing to do with us...but now it's starting to involve us. It happened again, another break-in at the place next door. This time two windows were victim (my boss just had them replaced) and they stole even more phones. The shop owner is starting to say she wants to pull the store out of there, go somewhere else.
Well, this morning I came in about 8:55, turned the copier and computers on and settled into my chair for some e-mail checking. I see this guy looking into our windows and I think nothing of it, people do that all the time. He comes in and asks me what our office is for. I tell him it's real estate, did he need help with anything? He's a young guy, quiet. He's freaking me out, he's looking around the place.
"Are you the only one in here?" he asked.
Why would you ask me that? "No," I lied. "My boss is in the back taking the garbage out."
He's looking around the office. At our windows. At my desk. Into the back.
"So you're not alone?"
I shake my head. I'm freaking out, I wish we had like a push button under the desk like banks have to activate some sort of alarm. Why can't someone call right now?
He looks around some more and asks me what time the library opens.
"I have no idea, they have a different schedule every day."
He walks out, heading toward the library.
I call my boss right away and tell him what happened. He tells me to call the cops, that he would be here in a few minutes. Not surprisingly, my boss makes it here before the cops do. I apologize to my boss maybe I'm overreacting but he says it's better to be safe than sorry, what with the break-ins next door. We can't be too careful.
My boss is outside with the cops right now. He just came in to tell me they (the cops and my boss) saw the guy sitting outside the library and they just asked him what was up. He said he was just curious. They told him not to come into my office again. He said fine. The cops ran a check on him and he came up clean, only a domestic under his belt. He lives in the local shelter. I feel like I might have overreacted, I don't want the guy to think that I just go around calling the cops on people. But he freaked me out. He gave me goosebumps. Bad vibe.
Now I will feel like an asshole if something happens to our office after we have left, because not only do we have people watching this block for the phone place next door (and God knows if they are watching our place, we have quite a few computers and my boss doesn't have cheap taste), but now I've gone and pissed off some guy who could retaliate just because I called the cops.

Monday, September 18, 2006

My chin has a new zip code

I have THE BIGGEST zit in history deciding to make its way into the world through my chin. It hurts. I haven't had a pimple in YEARS. And it hurts. And my chin is shiny now. So I know that everyone that comes into my office today is staring at my chin, because I see their eyes just a little too low to be looking at my eyes, and too high to be looking at my boobage.
Any home remedies to get rid of this thing before I have to name it and put it into my will? For the record, I don't have any special facial cleansers at home, because like I said, I haven't had skin blemishes in years, like since sophomore year. (Yeah, go ahead and hate me. But let me tell you that I had the world's best dermatologist when I was a teenager, and thanks to her I never had a problem again.) I used to use the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask, but I would have to make a trip to Sally's to find it as they don't carry it in regular pharmacies anymore...and that thing used to work overnight...
I'm going to scare the people at the theater tonight.

Adsense vs PayPerPost

"Death to Adsense" is what a lot of bloggers seem to be saying. I have heard of bloggers getting frustrated with the income with Adsense, and give up on it. The folks over at want us to compare the income between the two ad sites. While I only recently put adsense up on my page, it has (obviously) yet to make any income. But reading around on a few other blogs that use adsense, I'm getting the feeling that adsense will take a while. I believe it was Latteman that told me you need a strong readership to be able to call it actual income from adsense. While I get a few stragglers here and there, my readership is basically limited. (Which I don't mind, I heart all of you that come here daily. I'll take the few readers I have with all the love you guys give to having a million readers and most hating me. You guys know how some popular bloggers have it.)
With Payperpost, I have been happy. I choose when to write, choose which opportunity I want. If they approve the post, I get paid. I don't have to wait until I reach a certain amount (like I hear you have to do with adsense) before I get paid.
Granted, with adsense you don't really have to do much, the ad just sits there and patiently waits to be clicked on....but that's it. No clicks, no money.
So far I have made about $135 with Payperpost. Not much compared to other bloggers (The top paid blogger has made over $1,300. Yes, you saw that right!) It's pocket change compared to the big-wigs with Payperpost, but it's put those few extra bucks in the bank.
I'll keep the adsense up for a little while and see what happens.
Anybody out there use adsense and happy? I'd like to hear it...
Anybody start using payperpost?

Goin' on a date

Last night found me at my mother's house helping her and my sister make alcapurrias while my son ran around and made a mess. For those of you that don't know what an alcapurria is (and I only know the Spanish word for it, I don't even think there is an English word) click the link and if you're brave, try the recipe. Those things are TO DIE FOR. And I say try it if you're brave, not because of the taste, but because of the work. But it's worth it. Yum.
Anyway, Daddy was home working on his Jesus-Christ-isn't-this-damn-thing-done-yet???-project car with Choo and .S. (.S. doesn't have a nickname. Strange.)
So at some point my mother gets up and goes into her room to get her purse, and as she was digging around in her Mary Poppins bag, she came up with two free tickets for the new Wes Craven movie that comes out this weekend. So Daddy and I, along with my sister and mother are going on a date tonight to see the sneak preview of Feast. My mother is forever getting sneak preview tickets at her job, she usually just gives them to me and Daddy or offers them to our friends, but she likes Wes Craven so she's joining us on this one.
I'll let you guys know how it was.
Just call me Ebert.

Friday, September 15, 2006

No links today-

I swear she waits until Fridays to piss me off just enough to make me never to return to the office.
She (Stoopid) has absolutely turned into a female version of The Asshole, as much as I had hoped it would never happen. I think that back office is CURSED!!! (She has his old office.)
Great idea that it was to mention for her to add a bio on our website, she gave me TWO PAGES to write in the little itty bitty space we have. I'm not joking, two pages. Full. It's a damn book!
I told her I would have to edit a lot of it out and just put the important things in there. "But it is all important." she says to me.
Good grief.
I tell her we don't have too much space, that everyone just puts general information in there along with experience and awards.
She tells me to try and fit it all. I didn't. So i cut and wrote and manuevered and finished, and she doesn't like it. She wants like two more paragraphs in there, and I'm patiently trying to explain to her that it isn't going to fit, and she asks me if I'm mad at her. I wish I could have told her "YES! YOU ARE RIDICULOUS!" but instead I said "I will try to fit more in, but I can tell you it won't."
See how nice I am that i didn't jump over the damn counter and kick her?
Does she not realize I'm not just sitting here twiddling my thumbs together? That I actually do REAL work, as much as she might think I don't.
I don't like her.
I would prefer The Shitter to her any day, and you know that IS BAD.
(I sent this rant to Head Admin. in an e-mail, she called me back laughing. She thought it was hilarious, but I kept telling her I didn't mean it as a joke, I was being serious!)

A new awning, a new beginning

Bossman called earlier today to tell me the New Mortgage People are getting their awning put up on one of our windows. The guys who were supposed to be here three hours ago, still have not shown up and I imagine thanks to the rain we will still have the Old Mortgage People's awning up, falsely advertising their affiliation to our office. Ah, the business world, gotta love it.
And since it is raining, I'm am deeply bored because the phone has not rung once in the past hour and a half. No funny phonecalls, no wrong numbers...not a thing. So I got into our system and started looking at mansions, imagining what it would be like to live in a four million dollar house on the beach that comes fully equipped with guest house and year-round landscapers at my beck and call. What's funny is that you can punch the info about these houses on a Mortgage Calculator and see what your monthly payments would be. "That's it? Oh, write up a contract for me now please!"
I mock because I know I will never buy a four million dollar house on the beach, but that calculator can actually come in handy to determine your payments on a normal house you'd be interested in.
More exploring...I'm not sure if I could post pictures of these mansions, but how I wish I could show them to you!
One of the New Mortgage guys actually stopped by to show me a picture of the new awning that's going to be put up, it's alright. Not great, but alright. Then he tried to sell me on Home Equity Loans and Mortgage Refi information, and I'm all like "Dude, wrong person, I don't own!" So he got this kind of depressed look and left. I should have told him to spread the word to his buddies, as I'm not sure which of them is coming into our office: "Don't talk to the girl at the desk about Mortgages, she will cut you off and you will look stupid. That is all. Carry on."
Someday we will own a home. Not any time soon, but someday. It might not be the four million dollar beach home, but it will be nice and it will be ours.
Now, I'm off to search for some funnies for you, as I am still in need of some smiling myself. Nothing makes me happier than seeing those around me happy.

The Best Part of Fall...

Writing Collabo number 8, I have not done numbers 3-7, I'm a bad person.
But I want to take my mind off everything here...

The best part of Fall has got to be the fresh air. Here in New England it usually goes from stifling hot to freezing cold in about a week, we have two seasons: Summer and Winter. During the transition we get some good fresh air, a nice breeze that comes through and it just feels good. I love stepping outside during this time because after being couped up in an office all day-or at home on the weekends cleaning- that fresh air can be so liberating, so alleviating. I used to love taking pictures- well, I still do but now the photos usually consist of my son- and I used to drive down Route 95 into the country to take pictures of the changing colors in the trees. Have you ever driven down the highway full of trees and just looked to the side at how beautiful they all look with their contrasting colors? People would think I was crazy to stop my car in the middle of the afternoon just to get out and capture the moment. I've gone to the park to photogaph the same lake with it's surrounding trees at different times of the year, and I've always liked the way it looks in the fall. There are still children paying, there are still ducks on the water, and the trees in the backround working their photogenic magic with their colors and dances.
That's all I have.
Go take a look at the rest of the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas that participated, you might find another blog to love.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


  • When I walked into my office this morning it smelled like Doritos. I don't think I've ever eaten those chips in here before, and the smell actually made me wonder what people do in here when I'm gone. Parties?
  • A man called looking for my boss. I told him he was at the other office and gave him the number. He asked me if I could please transfer him. I was confused for a moment, then said "I can't transfer you, sir, that is a totally different office. That's why I gave you the number..." He was upset.
  • The Shitter just walked into the office and looked at me funny. "Cold?" he asked. It's 60 degrees outside, I'm sitting in front of a door that is constantly being opened...I'm wearing my jacket... I really felt like saying "NO." but I just smiled and nodded.
  • The men with the trucks seem to have forgotten they were working on the sidewalks outside, they haven't been here for two days. So now we have no sidewalks, just piles of dirt and CAUTION tape everywhere.

to be continued...

  • Yesterday my son learned how to say Te Amo...I Love You in Spanish. Hearing those words come out of his mouth was the best thing I could ever hear. I keep thinking about it and making myself smile.
  • I just received an e-mail from one of my SIL's. In it she said she wishes I would leave her brother. I want to leave my office and just run into my sons arms and have him tell me he loves me. Because if I run anywhere else it will be straight to jail before i kill anyone.
  • I'm shaking right now. I'm so angry. I'm so sad.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cleaning House

Daddy was eating his dinner in the living room by himself last night, I wasn't hungry so I boycotted dinner. Little Man got to eat his spaghetti while sitting on my bed, he thought it was exciting but I just didn't feel like sitting at the dinner table while he ate in his high chair. I looked around our bedroom, at the stupid crib that only holds hope of being used again before we make it a full-sized bed for the stupid boxes of old clothes that Daddy and I haven't unpacked since we moved in because we don't use the clothes but maybe will...
I marched into the living room (it felt like marching) and sat on the couch next to Daddy.
He looked at me with a mouthful of food and nodded.
"I want to do something this weekend."
He seemed unsure he wanted to hear my plans, but nodded again. (What is it with you guys stuffing so much food in your mouths?)
"We have to get rid of all those clothes. We're never going to use them again. Someone might need them."
More nodding.
"So I want us to go through the boxes and take the clothes out and make sure nothing we really want is in there, so I can put them in bags and go drop them off at the donation center."
More nodding.
"And then I want to take the front off the crib, make it a daybed for him and see if he sleeps in that."
It was like a lightbulb flickering back on.
"Good idea." was all he said.
That was all I needed. I went back into the room to lay down and think of when to go to the dollar store and pick up garbage bags for the clothes. But I decided to say here, first...if anyone has a teenage daughter/niece that might need some jeans (sizes 1-5) (yes I WAS that skinny bitch) I'm all about giving them to someone who might need'em rather than see the Salvation Army sell them. Or anyone who has a son/nephew who needs any clothes (I don't remember exactly what Daddy has in there).
We are never going to use these clothes again. I'm not going back to size 1 EVER again. (Though I would like to maybe see size 5 sometime) and my breasts will never let me wear a size XS (or S for that matter) seeing as how they like their size and sagginess. I thought about selling them on ebay, but that would require me to keep them in the damn house until they sold, and well, I want them out pronto.
So if you know of anyone, let me know. They are free. They are in great condition. And they are free.

***Oh duh, I also have a shitload of baby clothes and things that my dear son wore like once. He had so many clothing items his first year of life, I don't think we repeated any outfits. Also being given away! Lots of baby t-shirts and wash cloths and cute baby sweat suits...and sneakers...

Hump Day Link Special

Just watch it.
Let me know how hard you laughed. (I almost pissed my pants! .S. sent it to me.)

Tag, I'm it!

Julie tagged me...can't say no to Julie, that's just not even an option. Ninja
The name of the game is write the word that first comes to your head when you read the word here goes...

Dynamite: boom!
Bill: Ted! (come on, everyone knows Bill & Ted...right?)
Press: here
Read: write

Mine isn't as excitingly funny as hers... (read hers!) but they were the first word I thought of.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


You have been saved. Yes, you.
I wrote a looong post, mostly an emotional outburst directed at no one in particular, but I saved it so that I could see if I felt better. I don't. But I also don't feel I need to post it and make you suffer through that. So I'll give you the Cliff's notes version:
Let's just say that Little Daddy and Our New Niece are being baptized on the same day.
Let's also say that I had told my SIL that fucking stupid bitch that I had wanted to baptize Little Man and Our New Niece on the same day to save the family the agony of going to one baptism one week and another soon after.
She never called me to tell me she started going to the baptism classes.
But apparently called The Whore.
So that's that.
I think I'm done with his family.

Idiots everywhere

These guys just pulled five trucks up to the side street next to my job. They are ripping the sidewalks out to put new ones in.
Um...have you guys seen the montrosities that are the STREETS? The massively huge potholes we have doing a job on everyone's tires? How about you fix those instead of taking out a perfectly fine sidewalk...
Election time. Gotta love it.

More car stuff

.S. has been Daddy's friend since Elementary School, (grade school to most of you) and he is my friend by default. He is not "MY FRIEND" where I knew him before my relationship with Daddy, because I didn't actually meet him until after Daddy and I got together. He also came to our high school, but I was a geek, remember?
Anyhoo, .S.'s wife .K. is not into cars. .S. is always telling Daddy he is lucky to have me because they can talk cars to me and I 'get it'. I'm like the wife that likes football, the guy friends love it. I'm always opening my e-mail knowing that there will be something there from .S. having to do with car shows, or car videos. A lot of them are great, I just don't subject you to them because I know your interest is in Elmo, not in cars. (Everyone comes here for Elmo, remember?)
This morning he sends me a link to a Mustang Forum (he likes American Muscle as well as Imports) and I thought I would share this one because there was a conversation on another blog about the old versus the new 'Stangs. As I understood in the forum, they basically give you the inside look on any and all new parts and modifications that become available to make your 'Stang GO! Something that I found interesting was that Kelly Clarkson owned a Hot Pink Convertible Mustang, but recently got rid of it because she found out her car wasn't an 'original' design, an 'adult film star' has the same exact car. The car looked great, but I guess she didn't want to be confused with the adult film star.
Check out the site, I know there are some car enthusiasts at heart that stop by here every once in a while, even if it is when they're searching for the little red demon.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Five Years

WTC Ribbon We all know what we were doing the morning of September 11, 2001. We all remember exactly what we were doing at the moment everything happened, it's not something we will easily forget.
I was watching the CBS special last night and crying. My son didn't understand why I was crying so he asked "Mommy boo-boo?" I held him on my lap and said "Yes, baby. Mommy has a boo-boo in her heart." He played with the car in his hand as Daddy and I watched the towers hit...again...and fall...again. I was listening to the morning radio this morning ...crying...
Five years, and it's still raw.
My prayers are out there for the innocent lives lost. My prayers are out there for the firefighters and police officers that put their lives on the will never be forgotten.
Saying "Thank you" to them doesn't even seem like enough when it comes to this situation, I think if I were ever to meet one of the surviving firefighters that i saw on that show last night, I would fall at their feet in tears, because they were there. I was in my house, safe, just worrying about my family that still lives in The City. And they were there, trying to help our families and friends without even knowing what was happening.
To wish this away doesn't even begin to express what we feel. Someone on the show last night said that they were hoping so bad for it to be a dream, that they would blink and the towers would be back up and it was not real. How we all wish that...
I don't even know what to say right now.
WTC Candle


I've said it before, racing season is almost done and secretly I couldn't be happier to be getting a break from all the car talk and the crowds of idiots that come to our backyard to "help" Daddy with his project car. And when I say Help, I mean stand there and watch as he works on the car and distract him by talking to him...
Now that the last final race is set for October 7th in New Hampshire, everyone is scrambling to get some finishing touches done on their car so they can get faster times down the track. October is a good month for races, for turbo cars anyway, because the cool air allows a better air flow to the system, allowing the car to go faster anyway. Choo has a turbo car so he doesn't have much to work on. My sister's boyfriend, on the other hand, Mr. I-make-it-down-the-track-in-twelve-seconds-but-that's-still-not-good-enough-for-me-I-have-to-be-faster! has told me he is putting a "Sneaky-Pete" system in his car for that last race session. I know you're all like "What the hell is a sneaky pete?" because when he said that, that's exactly what I asked. It's a NOS system that gives the car an extra boost for a moment just to make it faster. Sneaky Pete: a sneaky shot of Nitrous. I saw the bottle for the Sneaky Pete system, it's the smallest thing he could easily hide under the seat and no one would even know it was there.
The button he is going to install to activate the nitrous is being put on his shifter, so he doesn't even have to move his hand too far to activate it, therefore he won't risk losing control of his baby. See?

I'm hoping by the time October 7th comes along, I will have figured out how to put video on here. I told him I would put his and Choo's cars on here for the world (or just my internet friends) to see.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Oh. My. Goooooooooood!

I guess she got jealous that I spoke about The Shitter and not her. She must have felt it deep in her bones, because of all days and times, today Friday afternoon at quarter to five- FIFTEEN MINUTES BEFORE I GO HOME Stoopid decides to make a pit stop at my desk.
"Are you working on letters for Beantown?"
"Tell me, what is it that you're doing?"
"I'm working on letters for Beantown."
"Well, I want to send letters out, too."
"The letters he is having me send out are for a property he sold, is that the same letter you want to send out?"
"Well, I haven't sold any properties..."
"So, then I guess we can't send that letter out."
"Well, what if we sent out introduction letters, telling everyone that I am at this office."
"You already did that. Remember the 200 + postcards we sent out the first week you were here?"
"But no one has called me."
"Sometimes people don't call. The market has been slow." Do I have to tell you this every day? Do I really?
"Can you design a letterhead for me?"
What??? Are you fucking kidding me?
"We use company letterhead here. I don't design anything for anyone. I'm an administrator, not an artist."
"But I want something different."
"Order personal letterhead."
"But you look so artistic."
What the hell does that mean?

I'm off. It's Friday, I stopped listening after she said that. Eventually she walked away. Seriously...

Friday, Friday; Kill some time

For those that work in a cubicle: a song. Too funny!

Wait, did she just say...?

I'm glad I don't work in a cubicle...Cubicle Wars 2006.

***Anybody wanna help me put my Flickr thing up on the sidebar? So you can actually see the pics not the URL? So I don't look stupid anymore? Hmmmm?

Fun with Hookahs

Go into a Smoke Shop and take a look around. Then go into the 7 Eleven near my house and look around, you will see the exact. Same. Products.
I laughed while I was in there (picking up milk, I swear!) because the daughter of the guy in front of me (she may have been about five) was asking him what "those things" were and pointing at the...stuff.
The poor guy, he must have turned four different shades of red and finally said "Those are hookahs."
At first I thought I heard him say "hookers" but thankfully his daughter made him repeat himself, and I was wrong.
"What's a hookah, Daddy?" she asked.
I was intrigued on how he was going to handle this one.
He sighed. "People use them to smoke tobacco when they don't have cigarettes."
Nice save. It is true, they can be used to smoke tobacco, but I'd like to meet one person who actually uses it for tobacco...
"They're pretty. Can I have one? In pink?"
"Honey, you don't need one of those."
Finally they paid and left, but I bet the little girl probably went home talking about them. Hopefully the mother understands that they didn't see hookers at the store...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Conclusion

I have come to the conclusion that The Shitter has OCD. Here are some points to back me up:

  • He constantly checks his mailbox, even when he knows that nothing has been put in there for hours.
  • He always comes to the front of the office. Just walks up, looks around, and goes back to his desk.
  • He has to use my stapler even though he has a perfectly functioning stapler on his desk. I know it works, I tried it. (Yes, I did!)
  • He checks his messages like five minutes after he leaves the office. And then calls like sixteen times in the hour he is gone.
  • He walks up to the magazine stand and checks the magazines. Yes, they are still there.
  • He comes to the filing cabinet and checks to make sure his files are still in there. Those are still there, too, dude.
  • If I put the newspaper a little crooked on the desk he has to walk by and straighten it.
  • He writes down every single little thing he does all day on this one piece of paper that he carries around with him.

These are just a few things he does throughout the day (besides shit.)

My Bugger

His eye is getting better. But see it's still a little swollen?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Raise .S. (from the foot picture) has an obsession with internet poker. He is a huge fan of Texas Hold 'Em, whereas I, for the life of me, can't play the game. Give me the cheesy video poker on my cell anytime, at least I'm not playing against real people...
Anyway we spent a little while at their house the other day (too much time if it ended up with me drawing on his feet!) and before I could kick him off his computer he was playing Texas. Are there any other fans of this game out there? I admit I wasn't paying too much attention, but he was all into it. I think it was a good forty five minutes before I got his attention. He's all excited that he made some cash online and I lectured him about gambling. Yep, I'm a total MOMMY. Now, i have a short attention span, could this be why I can't play the game? He seemed to be concentrating awfully hard. Obviously I know you have to concentrate, but I can't even sit through a whole DVD without getting up to do five other things. Multi-tasker at heart, that's me. His wife .K. tells me between the poker and car sites, she doesn't get time on the computer until he is at work. I know when I put my computer up at home (it's still sitting in the damn box. shoot me) Daddy will probably be up all night looking at car sites, I don't think he would be all on the poker sites. Hey, i guess it's better than 'girl' sites, right???
I should take a Texas Hold 'Em tutorial and see if I can beat .S. at his own game. We could play for quarters...

***Scroll down, there are new pics of the boy down there somewhere!***

An Announcement

My son is getting very verbal, as you saw by the list of words he is saying in context. He can pretty much get his point across at any time using just one word.
Two words that I (subconsciously? Could I have been repressing this memory?) left out were 'pee-pee' and 'ka-ka'. My son lets us know when he needs a diaper change. Not always, but usually.
A couple of weeks ago we took Little Daddy to the mall to go school clothes shopping. His Whore mother told us he needed jeans and sneakers, so off we went.
We were just finishing up in the sneaker store, standing at the cash register when my dearest son (who is in the stroller) opens his legs wiiiiide, puts his hand right on his diaper area and says in his loudest voice "MOMMY! KA-KA! MOMMY!"
"Thank you baby." I said, quickly signing the slip.
The girl at the register starts to laugh and says "At least he tells you..."
"Honey, he would tell the world."
So Dennis, how's that for a compliment to your "tooted!" story?

I never...

There are tons of things I wanted to do when my son was born. I wanted to have a way to let everyone know he had arrived, since he was a few weeks early I figured I would send out nice little birth announcements with his picture on it and everyone could "ooh!" and "ahh!" over how cute my little guy was. I would get phonecalls with people proclaiming he was the cutest baby born, EVER!
And then life happened.
No birth announcements went out. The only phonecalls that were made were from my mother to let everyone know he was here, and I was tired. (Read: Leave her the fuck alone she will attack you if you come near her.) (HELLO! Twenty three hours of labor! Twenty three hours of no food or sleep!)
The thing is, I look back and I wish I had gotten the birth announcements done. (Would it be weird to order them now? I would put a recent photo of him and say "Hey, BTW, in case ya didn't know...") I look at the pretty little cards with baby pics on them and all their info and I kind of wish I had done it for my son. Now you can order the birth announcements with bigger photos, people wouldn't have to squint to see your child I'll use that as my excuse: "Well, you wouldn't have been able to see how cute he was! I had to wait for them to get bigger photo options!"
Lesson learned: get birth announcements ready beforehand...
but then I would look like an asshole if I did birth announcements for a second child and I didn't do them for Little Man....

My future Mechanic

He wants to do everything Daddy does, so when we went to a friend's house on Monday for what was supposed to be a cook-out (but turned into them working on someone's car) I took these pics:


And this was all with the swollen eye. (Which is a little better this morning.)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I got my medical degree in the Cheerios box!

Went to the pediatrician's office. Can you tell I'm happy? Skipping and whistling?
So you know me better than I thought.
They can't figure it out either. "Keep up with the antibiotics and call us if he spikes a fever or the eye gets worse."
but yet, when I told them the ER didn't do that, they seemed upset. I'm thinking I'm going to make an appointment with my eye doctor for him, maybe they can get a good look in there.
It's like a medical mystery when I tell them he isn't complaining about the eye, isn't rubbing it, they actually brought the other two doctors in the practice to come look. But they still want him on the antibiotics? It's like they're drugging him for anything, and I don't like it. "Eh, this should clear it up..."
Give it a few days...

My ass.

*Thank all of you who sent well-wishes. Really I appreciate them.

This is "getting better"

I woke up to see my son's eye swollen shut on Sunday. He didn't tell me it hurt, he wasn't rubbing it, he wasn't bothered when I touched it to look in it. All day Sunday in the ER left us with a cranky baby, a prescription for Augmentin, and orders to see his pediatrician who was the one who told us to go to the goddamn ER in the first place. They told me his fall on Thursday has nothing to do with his eye looking this way, but it couldn't be pink eye because it's not leaking the goopy stuff. They didn't irrigate his eye, they didn't put any drops in, they gave him benadryl because they thought it was an allergy. The benadryl didn't work after three hours "in observation." So basically, these people with medical degrees couldn't even make an effort to give me some peace of mind and try to figure out what the fuck is wrong with my baby's fucking eye.
So right now I'm sitting in my office redialing his pediatrician's office over and over like an obsessed ex-girlfriend because all five of their lines are busy.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Photo Contest is having a photo contest. Write in black marker on your favorite body part and post it. That's it. So I hijacked my friend .S.'s foot and wrote it there. He has pretty decent feet, so why not post it on the internet???
Thanks, .S.!!! Love you!


What a dinner!
The seafood!
The crying!
The pictures!
The crying!
And the big huge chocolate cake they brought out for my MIL!
What a story I have to share, but I can't do it now. Sorry. I've taken over my friend .S.'s computer, (kicked him right off, really, just to write this down) and I wanted to write this down before I forgot. Because come Tuesday (no work Monday) I would probably forget the excitement that was both good and bad.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Linkety link

These paper sculptures are AMAZING.
Cute kid, "youngest in Karate School".

A dream come true for her:
A lonely woman, aged 70, decided that it was time to get married. She put an ad in the local paper that read: HUSBAND WANTED! MUST BE IN MY AGE GROUP (70's), MUST NOT BEAT ME, MUST NOT RUN AROUND ON ME, AND MUST STILL BE GOOD IN BED! ALL APPLICANTS PLEASE APPLY IN PERSON. On the second day she heard the doorbell. Much to her dismay, she opened the door to see a gray-haired gentleman with no arms or legs sitting in a wheelchair. The old woman said, "You're not really asking me to consider you, are you? Just look at you.... you have no legs!" The old man smiled, "Therefore I cannot run around on you!" She snorted. "You don't have any hands either!" Again the old man smiled, "Nor can I beat you!" She raised an eyebrow and gazed intently. "Are you still good in bed?" With that, the old gentleman leaned back, beamed a big broad smile and said, "I rang the doorbell, didn't I?"

Reviewer: V says it's OK to accept my post!!

There isn't going to be a birthday party for my MIL, either! So no boring cocktails with The New Mortgage Company, and no having to see the stupid Whore! Maybe Karma IS working with me after all...
While I would have probably indulged in at least one (watered down, lots of ice) drink last night, I escaped all the talk about loan information and mortgage rates and all the deals they plan on getting our agents' clients. I am very much aware of the decreasing interest rates and the better percentage rates, I didn't need one of these guys cornering me to tell me about it. With Fall coming, fewer people are going on vacation so they may start looking to buy and sell. (I hope this brings good news to Rhonda...) And with more people selling and buying, business will pick up. Good. That means buyers should start looking for tips on getting a good loan, and sellers should start...I don't know...smiling more? It all depends on the buyers right I guess sellers should start handing out Loan Officer cards to get the buyers the best rate possible to buy their home...okay I totally got off subject here.

As for my MIL's birthday party: CANCELED....or downgraded to just a dinner with her kids and their spouses. Sorry, Whore! Rave Girl Tonight we are going to Red Lobster (she loves seafood) with her, and I'm glad that's all that's going to happen. No having to cop out of the party, no having to apologize for being "sick" (I was going with sick...) and deal with stupidity. Instead we are enjoying a nice quiet (?) dinner... I'm sure there will be stories. I will have to find a computer to blog from this weekend if anything that BIG happens. Or if one of my SIL's pisses me off, which is likely.

I will be posting some funnies for you guys today, to keep you entertained throughout the day/weekend.

Diana=0, Karma=2

Remind me never to say things are normal. Because then they stop being normal. The good news is I got out of going to the stupid "Welcome New Mortgage Company!" party last night, bad news is I would have rather lied than have the excuse I had.
Photographic evidence:

My baby got hurt. My son's babysitter lives two houses away from a playground, how nice, right? Little Man gets to go to the playground two or three times a day and play. Well, yesterday he was calling her youngest son (who is 19 or 20) so he could go to the park. As he was walking towards the youngest son's bedroom, he tripped over his own feet (which he does a lot, he is my son after all.) and SMACK! right on the cement tile floor she has on the basement floor. That made for the babysitter freaking out and washing him up and getting creams and band-aids and checking his eye (hey, she's just like me!) and well, the playground was delayed by about an hour as she watched him to make sure he was still normal. When I went to pick him up he was at the playground with a bump and a band-aid, still laughing and having a grand ol' time.
But he's fine. When he woke up this morning the swelling had already gone down, all that's left is the scratch (the darker spot above his eyebrow) and just a little bit of red-turning blue around it. All the red that came down past his eye is mostly gone.
So I didn't have to go to the party. (YAY!) I stayed home with my little guy giving him ice pops (he's still teething on top of this) and extra hugs and kisses.
Cricket, you're in good company today.