Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hmmm...getting my feet wet....

No matter how many times I press the "remember me" button when I am signing in, blogger never remembers me and I have to type my whole e-mail address and password in again.
Daddy and I are sick.
I kept the kids home yesterday from the sitter because her grandaughter was throwing up, and I didnt want my babies to catch whatever virus she may have had. Somehow - someway Daddy and I ended up feeling a little funny by the time dinner time rolled around.
By the time bedtime came - we were down for the count. Sneezing and sniffling, I took some Nyquil, which helped me get a *little* sleep, but I woke up feeling like a bobble head. And only one nostril works. (how's that for a come back? LOL!)
So we are both home from work today, and the kids are destroying the living room because there is no energy to tell them to stop.
I am currently looking for volunteers to come take these children away....
No one is really jumping at the chance.

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Stumbling through life said...

So have the children taken over the house yet?