Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Tomboy / My Princess

Ms. Diva loves to do what her big brother is doing. She climbs everywhere, runs everywhere, imitates anything he does. Last night she saw the K-Mart commercial that they have been showing to advertise their $10 Easter dresses, and she told us "Me want one!"
I wasn't really planning on doing much on Easter Sunday, maybe go to church in the morning but I was just going to put her in something pretty she already had. And comfortable, since she would probably be wanting to climb the pews... Now Daddy wants to get her a frilly dress so she can dress like a Princess on Easter.
Thank goodness they are only $10, because I don't see the point in getting her a frilly dress FOR ONE DAY. She grows so fast, that dress won't fit her for anything else she may need a dress for.
Little Man is simple, khakis, a button down and a sweater vest.

And a haircut.

I am actually cooking this year, which is a change. Usually for Holidays we go to both of our mother's houses. This year I bought a very small (tiny) ham, I am going to make some rice and potato salad, veggies for me and the kids...
We have had some crappy weather lately and my mother-in-law's house in under water. My mother's house is still an option IF she decides to make a dinner this year.
Are Holidays getting pretty "blah" for everyone or is it just me? I felt this way for Christmas as well....


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