Monday, April 26, 2010


Daddy and I attended a family wedding on Saturday. Between the church and the reception we went and grabbed a snack while the wedding party took photos. At some point we both got a message that a friend of ours from high school had passed away in a car accident. We knew all of our family members got the message at the same time, and suddenly time just stopped. Daddy and I were just silent in the park. I stopped taking pictures and hugged him. I wish the children had been with us so I could hug them too.

In a month this friend of ours would have turned 28. He was awesome. He and I actually tried the dating thing right after high school, before I met Daddy. We were meant to be friends, the dating stopped as quickly as it started. He went on to get get married and had two beautiful children, now 6 and 2. They have lost a wonderful father, his wife a great husband.

We went on to the reception and toasted to him as we toasted to the newlyweds.

RIP our great friend. You will be missed.

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