Sunday, June 10, 2012

Excuse me while I kiss the sky.

I have two stints of alone time every day. Literally TWO. The first one is the half hour between dropping my son off at school and driving to work. The second is the half hour between driving from work to pick him up.
During that half hour I am not someone's mother, I am not someone's wife. I am not someone's administrator. I am just me.
I turn my Pandora on, connect the phone to the radio and whatever station is on, I play it all the way up. Sometimes I sing along, much to the entertainment of my fellow traffick jammers, and I don't care.

I do a mean drum solo on my steering wheel.

I have found that the second stint of me time helps peel the day off of me and I can shed my work persona. The days aggravations, stresses, everything has GOT to leave me before I get my children. They are not the reason I work with pricks, they don't need to see the way my job gets me.

I wonder what music I will play tomorrow...

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