Saturday, November 01, 2008

My Batman and Pirate

This was after trick-or-treating, after everyone was exhausted and cranky, (mainly me) and after Ms. Thang lost her pirate hat on the first block we hit. Demon child is the ninja and his cousin is the little angel. Little Man would tell the people he was allergic to peanuts - you should have seen the wide eyes looking back at me. "Yes, he is..." All those candies are going back to my office so they can be devoured by my co-workers.
How was Halloween for all of you?


creative-type dad said...

Wow, they're getting big.

My daughter has the "miss thang" bug bad. She changed her costume on her Trick or Treating break.

Jen said...

Too weird! My kids were Batman and a Pirate (Princess) too! Same costumes I believe!

I attached ribbon to Tara's pirate at though because it was too small for her big head!

My husband and I kept saying that because we bought Tara's costumes at Walmart we were surprised not to see one pirate princess like her while we were out trick-or-treating. Then this AM on Myspace I saw my cousin's pics of her daughter, and she had that costume, and now I see your pic!


Diana said...

Walmart - $12.88! and I didn't see any other kids with the costumes, either...too funny. We did see the Joker, which was hilarious.