Saturday, November 22, 2008

Still going crazy here....

BUT! I at least have a moment to sit and my children kill eachother in the living room.
I had my annual gyno appointment 6 months too late, and after all the insurance bullshit I had to deal with just to get this appointment and shifting around my work schedule and trying to prepare myself mentally for another 2 years of cervical scraping because of 'possible cancerous cells' I got good news and some 'eh' news.
The good (GREAT!?!?) news is that there are no more 'suspiciously possible cancerous cells' (for now) and I don't have to endure that wonderful pain every six months with the scarping...
The 'eh' news is that my uterus has become flaccid. I now have a tilted uterus, and when I googled the images it made me laugh, because it looks funny. Doc told me that if we want to have more kids (HA! you think I'm trying THAT again? Yeah, guy, I'm all set with all the disappointments I've had AND my two are more than a handful!) we would probably have to have some corrective surgery because more than likely it will all end up in more disappointments anyway. Maybe my uterus was tilted before we tried having Little Man? Maybe after Little Man? Maybe my miscarraiges were DUE to the tilt and no one bothered to tell me? I will never know. NOW is when it is documented and they are chalking it up to my pregnancy with Baby Girl.
So that's that.
My semi-permanent five year plan is going under way as soon as Aunt Flo pays us a visit, Mirena will be my new bestie. Any thoughts/opinions/experiences?

I have a new(ish) camera that I got from my sister, but it has no usb and no charger (thanks sis?!) so I have to get a new one of each before I can go back to picture taking. It has a lithium ion battery so it has to be charged, instead of just being able to pop new batteries in like my old camera. But it takes pretty decent pictures... so I'm not going to complain. I have to get the kid's Christmas Card pictures taken...and I have to remember to print more out this year, last year I printed only 15 and I thought that would be enough (HA!).

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