Thursday, August 26, 2010

What do you say?

Coworker who lost his son came back to work this week. I stopped in and said hello. I didn't want to ask how he was doing. I didn't want to do the "head cocked to one side pity look". You know the look. I got it with my miscarraiges. I hated (HATE) that look. You want to scream "Don't fucking pity me!" to anyone that gives you the look. So I just stopped in, said hello, smiled, and walked away. He is very quiet, as is expected. I don't work in the same dept as him anymore so I don't know if he is talking to anyone really...
What I WANTED to do was hug him, and tell him that I understood. Even though my lost children were only inutero, I hadn't raised them for 18 years as he had with his son...but I understood. I know that at some point I will get to tell him.

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