Saturday, July 21, 2007


Daddy and I have a wedding to attend today, one of his cousin's is marrying his high school sweetheart. (Everyone say it with me now....awwww!)


Hahaha, joking. I think it's sweet, Daddy could basically care less. So today we're getting all gussied up and leaving the kids with sitters (TILL TOMORROW!!!!!!) so we can have a nice time with people we haven't seen in ages. A lot of our high school friends are going to be there, we'll see how they react when they see that Daddy and I are together (those that don't know by I said we haven't seen a lot of these people in YEARS!)

So seeing a wedding is going to spark up memories of when Daddy and I got together...hopefully he doesn't think I'm a tard if I cry. (Hey, I just had a baby, I'm chock full of some effed up hormones!)


dennis said...

Congrats on the Baby!!


effed up hormones at a high school reunion?

Can I come watch??

Mama of 2 said...

I love walking down memory lane with my own hubby. He too thinks I am a bit on the sappy side.

nita said...

i still find those freaking hormones stuck here and there ...

hope it was fun!