Friday, February 15, 2008

Tired? Naaaahhhhhh.......!

I like my job. That's all I have to say about that. I had went and bought turtle necks the day Pervert tried to undress me with his eyes (I still feel gross about that....*shudder*) and how funny is it that now that I'm wearing them, he doesn't even stop at my desk. He walks by and sends his salutation over his shoulder. I love it. I'm glad he does it.
I got a new car. Well, new-to-me. Finally got a four-door, my kids are comfortable getting in and out, and sitting. Daddy has gotten me new head lights, polished the car in and out (even though it was already super detailed and clean) he has plans to get new wheels for it. I'm just glad I have it. Pictures will come as soon as I find the camera my son has decided to hide on me...
Hope you all had a good romantic Valentines Day. Daddy and I went out to eat and then we ended up going to Old Navy and buying the kids a shitload of clothes because they had the winter clothes on sale 40% off. Nice and romantic right? Hey, we were happy.

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