Friday, February 01, 2008

The wonderful choices you have to make at 2am

About two weekends ago Daddy and I were sitting in the car, both kids asleep in the back, and we were actually having a nice quiet conversation. That's rare. I felt fine.

We ended up going to Friend's house for dinner. There was a boxing match on pay-per0view that we ordered and watched. I felt fine.

I went to the bathroom, there was no toilet paper left so I grabbed the baby's wipes for a quick fix. I felt fine.

We went home, and I started feeling like a pain in my stomach. We put the kids to bed, we laid down. I felt like I had to pee again. Nothing came out. I laid down again, still feeling like I had to pee. I went again, there was blood. I waited a while before even trying to wake Daddy. The pain was getting worse. There was more blood. At one-thirty I woke Daddy. I don't think he really woke up. At one thirty five I call my sister to meet me in the ER. I left everyone asleep at the house and drove myself to the ER with this unbearable pain, and still feeling so much pressure like I had been holding my urine for hours.

I get to the Er and they rush me in (better service than I ever had) and start taking vitals and history. Have you ever had a UTI? (no.) Guess what? Looks like you have one now!

Five hours and a strong ass dosage of antibiotics later, I went home with paperwork saying that I had a UTI and bladder infection. I gave it to myself. With the fucking WIPES. In just HOURs it turned that bad. Turns out they were scentd and my sensitive ass should NOT have used them. I threw them out as soon as I got home, because if they could do that to me God knows what they could do to my daughter.

Driving to the ER at two a.m is not fun. I think if a cop would have tried to pull me over we would have ended uo in a high speed chase, because my ass was NOT going to stop! LOL! Now I drink Cranberry juice like it's water...and it makes me have to go al the damn time. They laugh at me at work every time they see me get up.


Mama of 2 said...

I can't believe you actually drove yourself to the ER. That was some serious craziness!

I'm glad that I have always bought the unscented diaper wipes ... lord only knows what could have happened if I didn't.

I hope you are feeling better very soon.

Rebecca said...

Good Lord, that sounds awful! I have never had a UTI, and hopefully never will. I once drove myself to the ER in the middle of the night with a broken foot.....long story for another time though. Hope you are all better now.

DD said...

I was imagining a kidney stone, which if you remember, Mr. DD drove himself to the ER while experiencing the funness of it all.

Glad you made it there and back safe. Did anyone notice you were gone?

AJW5403 said...

Hey I sent your invite just let me know if you don't get it and I will send it again.

dennis said...

Love the new look!

No way, I love Cranberry Juice. I wonder if that is why I have to pee so much?