Monday, April 14, 2008


My sister and I are buying my mother's plane ticket this week…

I went to my mother's house yesterday and she was already getting huffy & puffy with another of her sisters, one she didn't grow up with and had almost no communication with until she was about 30 or so…well this sister, we'll call her Elder, since she is one of the eldest sisters of the bunch, well she refuses to go see my aunt in the hospital. She lives in Puerto Rico, maybe a half hour away but won't go. She says that no one went to go see her in the hospital when she had some operation done a few years back so she doesn't see why everyone is making such a big deal about this for the dying aunt.

Are you fucking kidding me? They have all but read her her last rights and your playing this game? Your operation was MINOR, you had no health risks AT ALL, the doctors and nurses did not tell your family to call everyone BECAUSE YOU WERE GOING TO DIE. You were not in a coma. You were not in COMPLETE KIDNEY FAILURE. You were not going in to HEART FAILURE. You were not depending solely on machines to keep you BREATHING long enough for your family to come to your bedside you FUCK.

I know that people deal with death and these situations differently, but seriously?


Elder has actually booked a vacation to NYC for this week and possibly next week, so if my aunt passes in that time (which is about 95% sure that she will) she will not be there. And obviously will not be there for the funeral…

Now my mother's all emotional about it and trying to keep peace among the rest of the sisters who are starting to get angry at Elder, which is stressing her out even more…

Fuck you, Death. Really.


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