Friday, April 04, 2008

The "D" word

No one wants to hear it, no one wants to go through it. But sometimes it is inevitable. (IT"S NOT ME AND DADDY!)

Our friends, S & K, whom I have written about here before, have come to the end of the rope. It saddens me, Daddy and I introduced them but we never thought they would end up married with a child. But they did…and now they are talking about drawing up the papers soon. S tells us that they have been having problems for a while (we knew that, it was obvious, really.) but he said that all of a sudden she came to him and said "It's over."

I feel for them.

They are both great people…


The plague is still lurking in my house. But at least it's only coming out of one end (the bottom end) for both kids. Food is going in and staying in, and that's what I care about. I did call the doctor yesterday since we hit the one week mark for the plague, and I was getting kind of worried. The RN told me that the plague was running strong this year, and sometimes the mushy butt stays fro up to two weeks. TWO WEEKS? Of mushy butt? Bleeecccchhhhhh… that's something to look forward to, really, I love the midnight bursts my daughter has been giving me, makes the room smell nice and….

Oh who am I kidding? PLAGUE- GET THEE OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!


Today looks like it may be a slowish day, I'm hoping to sneak in some reads, I really miss you guys.



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dennis said...

ahhh, we've had a relapse here (mainly me) and are slowly returning to normal...

best wishes for a speedy recovery over there