Saturday, September 06, 2008

Why, yes, I am alive....

I have always had a certain respect for single mothers. My mother was one and I alays watched the struggle and the emotional aspect, and the bullshit she had to go through.
With Daddy's job I feel like a single mother A LOT.
I don't want to complain, because I'm ever so eternally grateful that he HAS a job, but I'm worn out with these kids. I can NOT sit down in front of the computer because they will start "Mommy, I need..." (Little Man) and the arms up to be carried (Baby Girl) or they start to fight over a toy...normal kid stuff. But my fellow referee is not here to help. The cooking is impossible. The cleaning, yeah right! good joke! My daughter is at the stage where she wants everything he has, and there is constant screaming (mostly from the two of them, but some of mine thrown in for good measure) going on. I'm looking at my kitchen floor right now : clothes. shoes. toy cars. a hanger (WTF?) and a chair has been pulled in front of the fridge. I should get to all this... I really should...
Whatever, I'm dealing.
Right now as I write this, they are fighting over a ninja turtle 'action figure' because Baby Girl only wants to play with Little Man's toys and he's not having it, but yet he wants to play with hers.
the wonderful life...LOL!


Mama of 2 said...

I wish I could tell you the arguing/fighting gets better but from where I sit it hasn't yet. My Little Man (11) and Girlie Girlie (3) always seem to want what the other has. You would think that an 11 year old boy would have no desire for anything that interests a 3 year old girl but really that's not the case. I think it's more about pissing his sister off and me in the process than anything else.

I wish you the very best. I recall the days when Hubby was going to school and I too felt like a single mom. It's no fun at all.

Diana said...

lol thanks Mama! Good to know I have a whole lifetime of this...LOL! But I must agree that it has to be about the pissing off more than anything else.