Monday, March 31, 2008

What is Springtime without the PLAGUE???

Come on over, I'll bleach ya!

The plague has attacked my home. Thursday Ms. Diva threw up in her sleep. I woke up thinking she was just coughing but something made me check her. She was covered in it…and the poor thing didn't even wake up. Too bad I had to wake her up to get her cleaned. It was 1:30 a.m. Just as soon as I put the second set of pj's on her, up came some more. Fun. I camped out in the living room with her so that she could just puke on the floor and I could clean it easily. We didn't get back to sleep till 5:45.  Little Man went with Daddy to the sitter so he wouldn't catch it.


Saturday it hit Daddy and Little Man. Both of them were laid out with things coming very quickly out of both ends. (I'm sure Daddy will appreciate my sharing that with you.) As of yesterday, they could both eat again without worrying. Diva is better but her bottom is still kinda mushy, but only once a day, so that's okay…

The funny thing that I noticed while I was talking to Daddy was how we evolve as mothers. When Little Man had the plague for the very first time I cried every time he threw up and I was on the phone with the pediatrician every hour asking about pedialyte and dehydration and such things. The second time it hit, I was pregnant with Diva, I was throwing up right alongside Little Man. This time around (Little Man's third time and Diva's first time.) I just made sure the floor was clear of any toys and clothes before they leaned over. I had the mop set in hot water, the Ajax bottle next to it, and the bottle of Lysol handy.  I knew they wouldn't make it to the toilet so why bother making a longer trail for me to clean?

 How horrible is that?



sourpatchbaby said...

You're not horrible, you're just practical. Hopefully you won't have much more to clean up. Now if you attached one of those horse feeding buckets with the straps to the kids, then we might have a problem. :)

Mama of 2 said...

Oh I have so been there this winter season Diana. Girlie Girlie had it at least twice but it lasted for about a week and a half on and off. Little Man only had it really for a day and I was lucky enough to get hit with it twice as well.

Is it summer yet?