Saturday, May 31, 2008

Holy Hell...

OMG. I got a late Mother's Day gift last night. (And Daddy got an early Father's Day gift...)

Isn't she a beauty???
This means I'm back on AT HOME! And I can blog without being paranoid at being fired BECAUSE I CAN DO IT FROM HOME AGAIN! And I can read up on you guys that I miss so much! And I can (possibly) do some ads again(I dunno...gotta see if they still like me, been gone a long time!)
Holy Frikkin ...
Welcome back, Diana! LOL!
So with that I leave you...until later when it starts to rain and I will start catching up here. Unless my husband has sat down, then I'll have to wrestle him away...once that guy starts watching his car videos....*groan* lol!
I'm happy.
I love my honey, he's the bestest, especially for finally hearing me when I said "I need my computer!!!"

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dennis said...

Welcome Back Diana!!