Friday, May 09, 2008

Playing catch up...

Apparently the allergy season is extremely out of control this year. Claritin is doing NOTHING for my poor son, we have scheduled the dreaded scratch test so that we can try to take steps from there on medicating him. He can't just take the shot because suddenly the shot has been having some questionable reactions in asthma patients. Hmmmmm….

This season has been really bad, he has been having asthma attacks every.single.night….in his sleep. I don't sleep at all because I'm up listening to him breathe. I'm overly exhausted. I have four new gray hairs that are very noticeable so I'm going to have to find time (HA!) to dye my hair. (Yeah, I know boo-hoo, I have four gray hairs…they are not my firsts but they have all grown in the front and stick up like alfalfa's cowlick no matter what I put in my hair!)


In other news my daughter has decided that she didn't want to spend her first birthday (the 18th! OMG!) toothless, so she let her two bottom teeth start to come out. Thankfully they haven't been bothering her too much, so that's a bit of a relief. It's surprising though, because they are both coming in at the same time…Little Man's came in two at a time also but they would kill him. It's true, all babies are different, but mine are polar opposites in every way possible.


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sourpatchbaby said...

whether you celebrate USA mother's day or dominican mother's day. Happy either belated or early mother's day!

regarding the allergies, I used to have the worst allergies when I lived up north. Once I moved down to Fl, they mysteriously disappeared. Something to do with the air quality or whatnot.