Monday, May 05, 2008


Daddy and I have to go to church on Wednesday night to speak to the priest about baptizing our mother is not back from Puerto Rico so I'm going to leave the kids with a friend's daughter. She is good with my kids, they love her, Little Man actually BEHAVES with her (She's 17...)
But the thing is I've never had to actually pay a sitter for my kids, they usually go to my mother or their regular sitter, and she sits for free if Daddy and I have to go somewhere.
What's the going rate for 17 year old sitters?
And should I just go with my regular sitter for free since it's only for about an hour and a half??? (free is for me! LOL)


dennis said...

I would say, depending on the budget, ask the girl what she would accept for 1-3hrs??

It is usually pretty reasonable and you get a backup for short notice...

Tuesday Girl said...

I pay our babysitter 8.00 an hour for the two kids, now that I have another, I cannot afford to go out!

creative-type dad said...

Our regular sitter is $10/hour, but she's almost 30.

We pay our friend's 13-year old daughter $5/hour.

We try to book the 13-year old more these days.