Monday, July 21, 2008


For years I have cried at the fact that my father spells my name wrong. Yes, he really does. Like Noelia - I use my second name. When my father sends me mail he uses my birth name, which he. spells. wrong. Every time. Without fail. It's just one letter, but it's still WRONG.
Well, what's worse - is my mother forgets my birthday. After they had gotten divorced my mother dated a guy whose birthday was the day before mine. For some reason, after they had broken up she always wished me a happy birthday the day before my birthday. I know it's probably unintentional but she is my MOTHER. She birthed me! How can she forget my birthday!
Last night my mother called me and invited us all to a nice dinner at her house to take place tonight. She didn't say it was my birthday dinner...just dinner. I came home for lunch to spend some cuddling time with Daddy and the kids and my mother calls me, laughing hysterically. "The dinner is not tonight!" She says. "Okay..." "I did it again! I planned the dinner for your birthday so it's going to be tomorrow! Not tonight! SORRY!" She was still laughing. I didn't find it funny. I told Daddy the dinner has moved to tomorrow, because it is, in fact my birthday dinner. He laughed too. I don't see the humor in my own flesh and blood fucking up like this!
Okay, so it's a little funny.
Only a little.

Tomorrow I turn 25 again. Last year I swore I was never turning older than 25, and I'm keeping that promise. I'm really turning 26 but don't tell anyone, m'kay?


Mama of 2 said...

So you're a quarter century old again...LOL!
Honestly Diana age is just a number. My number is 38 and other that the occasional stressed out moments of tiredness....I could care less.


~nOe~ said...

You're like... such a baby!
Happy birthday girl! Have a wonderful day and we'll be celebrating here.
I will have a surprise for you. :)
Happy birthday!

sourpatchbaby said...

I know exactly what you mean. Our bdays are only a couple of months apart. It sucks being halfway to fifty. A little tip that I learned, forget what year you were born. Like really really forget it. That way when people ask you your age you actually have to stop and think how old you truly are. It's what I've been doing and it actually works.

Happy bday.