Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bills IQ

I took the bills IQ test to see how financially fit we are.
I got a 74%, which is a C, average. I am well aware of my debt but there is nothing really being done about it. Well, right now really isn't the time to even get into that...

I learned that payment history is the greatest factor in the calculation of your credit score. That's a big one for me. A few cards I had before I had Little Man are in default, and I know that I want to fix them, but I am going to have to seek professional help in doing so, maybe some debt consolidation. I know the importance of checking up on my credit score, but let me tell you I doubt that anyone would want to steal my identity at this point. (haha) I have spoken to Daddy already about paying off my cards, i just need us to be financially stable (read: him with a job!) so that I can put money away for this. I need to put money away for Little Mans schooling coming up, too now that I think of it... I think the only thing I have that's in the 'good range' of the quiz is the 401K and life insurance I signed up for at work.

When comparing my test results to others, mine is well below the average score, and that's good to know. Someday I will be up again...
(How's that for optimism? Am I improving?)

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