Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm starting to feel a *little* better

but not enough. We still haven't heard anything about the job, we're in the middle of week three of him not working. He's been staying with Little Man, it's an adventure all around.
I did have this post all ready about how Little Man finally left my bed and ventured out on his own to the futon in the living room: no joke! for two straight days he ASKED to sleep in the futon by him self "like a big boy" and he slept through the night both nights! HOLY HELL! But of course, since I told my mother about it I jinxed myself and last night he only made it through half the night. It would have been his third night, but... 2 a.m that boy was walking back to my room. It was nice while it lasted, really. My bed is actually quite spacey when it's only me and Daddy in it! Tonight there wasn't even an effort, he just came straight to the bed to sleep. *sigh*. until the next time he wants to feel like a big boy I guess...


sourpatchbaby said...

Hugs to you. As far as Little Man goes, The Kid has been doing the same thing lately. Just try to set up a routine where he falls asleep alone like big boys do, and worry about him coming to your bed in the middle of the night later. If anything you'll be able to stretch your legs for half the night.

With The Kid, I put him in his bed and read him a story, kiss him goodnight and let him fall asleep in his bed.

Hopefully Daddy will find a nice job soon.

Mama of 2 said...

What is it with kids lately?
Girlie Girlie has been having issues with sleeping in her own room for weeks-- who am I kidding-- months now. She ends up on my floor every night. It's beyond frustrating.
So I feel for you.