Thursday, August 21, 2008

Alzheimer's Memory Walk

Anybody interested in doing something for a good cause?
Take a look at when your community will be holding it's annual Alzheimer's Memory Walk, they are usually held on a weekend morning in the fall, so it would be nice out and easy to attend. The Memory Walk is usually 2-3 miles, so you can get a little exercise in the process of raising money for a great cause. Become a Team Captain, they are really in demand right now, and they are in charge of recruiting people for the Walk and collecting money for the Walk.

Alzheimer's is a serious condition that affects too many people. Walking for this cause will help raise money for a cure, something we really need. Anybody affected by this disease knows how much a cure is needed. Even if you don't become a Team Captain, walk for the cause. Understand that there are thousands upon thousands of people waiting for something to be done about this disease, and are watching family members suffer because of it. Wouldn't you want a cure if you or someone you loved were affected by this debilatating disease?

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk


dennis said...

so where are these bags of which you speak?

Jen said...

YES! This is so exciting for me to see this on your blog (and if you remember me...I've been MIA for over a year, and am now BACK!)

I took part in a Memory Walk 2 years ago...Maybe I'll look into doing one year again this year!

Thanks for the reminder!