Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I am taking a moment to *exhale*.

Daddy got a job. 7 weeks of layoff with no unemployment (bastards never kicked the money in...still waiting on that mind you!) and stress and depression...


He is driving delivery trucks for a big-name furniture company (the one owned by the three brothers, I'm not sure if it's exclusive to the east coast, or New England...if you're from around here then you know the commercials.) Good company to get into...
He gets up at 4 AM and doesn't come home till 9 at night. Maybe that was just this week, because Mass had their tax-free sales going on and they were BUSY.
But he loves it. He is happy and in turn I am happy for him. For us. The night after they called to tell him was the first night in two months that I had slept through the night.


Last night he said to me "We're going to be okay."
I hope so.

I have tons of stories - viruses and broken bones and more stupid SIL stories...I"m hoping to come back with it all soon.


sourpatchbaby said...

YAY!!!!!! (darn! Where are my dancing happy faces??)

I'm so glad he got a job. When you start paying off all those overdue bills, you'll see that you'll feel soo good. It felt almost better than doing the horizontal hello when I paid off all our overdue bills. Waay better.

Diana said...

HOW WELL YOU KNOW ME! I've already been making mental lists of what is getting paid in what order...
"Celebatory horizontal mambo? Wait, honey, I have a list going on here..."

isabelkhan said...

Glad to hear the good news. I don't know how I came upon your blog, but was riveted by your stories. I too am a mother of young kids, 2 and 4, I can only imagine. Best wishes from Houston.

Mama of 2 said...

I know the stresses of being out of work and without unemployment makes matters even worse.

I'm glad he likes his job and I hope that the hours lighten up for your family's sake.

I can't wait to hear all of your stories.

Tell Daddy CONGRATS!

Tuesday Girl said...

I am glad you will be ok!