Sunday, August 31, 2008


  • So I still wish I could talk about kills me not to be able to tell about all the damned drama that goes on in that place...ugh! UGH!

  • I was recently told (Friday afternoon!) that peaches and nectarines fall under the tree nut family, but I have not found any supporting evidence of that. Does anyone know where else I would find that info besides google? Because Little Man with his allergy wouldn't be able to eat them, but he eats them with no problem. Food allergies suck. I have to call the allergist on Tuesday morning to ask...they were not on the list I was provided by the allergist, so I'm thinking I may have been relayed false info...

  • The outlook for us moving away from here is getting better and better. I've already started the 'cleaning out' process, and I'm looking forward to the day when I can just drive away from here and tell my SIL to suck it.

  • My son has a million remote control cars, none of the remote controls have batteries in them because they all got too annoying. (Is that mean of me?) So what he does now is he stands behind the cars, presses the buttons on the remote controls, and kicks the car so it goes. Not nearly as annoying. It works for me.

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MomNlovNit said...

I wanted to share that we have 2 out of 3 kids with severe dairy allergies. Dairy is in 'everything'. So it was either let them suffer in ER every day as they vomit up stomach lining, or learn how to cook all over again. I have been making huge batches of home-made meals (all dairy free) and not only are our kids not sick, and deathly looking anymore, but we are all so healthy that it is boarderline miraculous!!! Even my husband dropped 15 lbs! Wow! Now when my son asks me, "why did God make me have dairy allergies?" I tell him, "I don't know sweety, but I am sure glad he did. Because we will all live healthier lives now because of it."