Thursday, August 21, 2008


My babies. So big, and SO BAD!!!!! This was a rare moment where they were both not climbing/jumping/screaming/running, etc....but look in their see the mischief!
My little girl, laying on her Daddy's leg. We were at the Garage and she was worn out from all the crazy running, jumping, screaming done at the park about an hour earlier. No, she did not fall asleep like her brother did, becaus ethen she would miss out on all the fun (*snort*) at the garage!!

Photobucket Me and Daddy at the park. (Notice the tennis ball in his hand...he was attempting to play 'catch' with one of those little lap was a sight to see...wish I had gotten pictures of that.) (ALSO! Notice the huge bags under my eyes, this was taken about two weeks ago...still in the midst of everything...the bags still havent disappeared.)

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Tuesday Girl said...

Your husband looks like Al B Sure!