Sunday, August 24, 2008

About those broken bones and viruses...

So you see my mother's arm in a sling? Yeah, she had a nice hairline fracture on her rotator cuff (shoulder). She was walking to catch a bus and slipped on some wet grass that was growing out of the sidewalk, and she went to break her fall and broke her arm instead.
The crazy thing is that this happened at nine in the morning - but I didn't hear about it till 7 at night, because that's when I got out of the hospital with Baby Girl. So my mother is sporting a nice sling until her surgery...
As for Baby - the sitter called me at 2 in the afternoon to tell me that the baby was inconsolable, she was crying and wouldn't be put down...
Thursday night was horrible, she was feverish and I was like a koala bear having her hanging on me every single second, she never does that. Friday morning her feet were swollen. Yep - off to the hospital. What scared me was that the doc kept saying "Very interesting...that's interesting" and you know when a doc says "interesting" it isn't very good...I had never seen feet swell with a virus and I was beginning to think he hadn't either.
So it turned out she had a form of hand, foot, and mouth disease...and of course we were told to 'wait it out'.
Everything hits at once right?
As for the job front for Daddy, he is still loving it. Yay.

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