Sunday, October 07, 2007

I'm moving! That's it!

I told Daddy this yesterday and he just looked at me. I was looking for a job online, because my unemployment is over next week, and somehow someway I ended up on a page about jobs in London. The English like to drink, right? Pints, I believe they beer is called over there...well, why not a bar job? There are a-plenty. There aren't that many jobs in the bar industry here...besides they usually go to the hot younger half of 20-year-olds, or the hot gay guys. (I've had gorgeous gay guys serving me when I used to go out...)
Out of curiosity I clicked on the admin jobs, they have a bunch of those, too. More than here, also. That's why I told Daddy I was moving, more jobs opps!!! Sad how I was really looking through London's wanted ads like I was really planning on going.
My resume is polished up, waiting to be sent out, but the more I look the more frustrated I get because what I find doesn't pay enough (for God sake, I'm only looking for 10 bucks an hour, I used to make nine.) or they want you to work slave hours. Yeah, can't do that since I do have a family waiting to be fed at home.
Who knows what will happen.

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Mama of 2 said...

The job market is a tough one. No one wants to pay a livable wage and like you said if they do they want your life for it.

I hope that your job search is prosperous and you find a job soon.