Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A look into why my mother and I just can't get along

There is a racing event in New Jersey on Saturday, a major one since it's one of the last of the season. Daddy feels bad that I've only gotten to go to one this whole summer, and he wants me to come along. A month ago I asked my mother to sit the kids for us from Friday night, since we would be leaving at about 3 a.m so we can get to the doors when they're opening because that place gets packed. As far as I knew, she had said yes.
The other day she had the kids while I went to get an oil change. At her request. An hour tops. When I went to pick them up I said "Okay, so I'll call you on Friday to let you knolw what time we will be dropping them off."
"Friday? Them?"
"Mom, you have to be kidding me..."
"You never told me it was both of them. And besides I'm going to Jersey on Friday anyway." (to see her boyfriend)
At this point I'm trying not to scream, I do want her to sit I don't want to piss her off, but my blood was boiling.
"What? Stay home with your kids."
I wanted to throw something at her. At her head.
"Are you serious??? I'm home with them every single day. I don't leave my house...you act like you didn't have two kids and you don't understand that I need a break sometimes."
"Yeah. I had two kids. But I wasn't stupid enough to have them so close in age."

Thanks, MOM.


dennis said...

Is that what they call tough love in Jersey?

Diana said...

ha, tough love. I know i sounded whiny in this post, but when she made that comment it actually hurt me. Like it was a bad thing that I had them with this age difference, like I put this on myself. Well, okay maybe I did, but my mother isn't supposed to throw that in my face.
I didn't ask her to stay with them after she said that, but she called me on Friday to ask me what time I would be dropping them off.