Thursday, October 25, 2007

The search is on!

Looking for work. Real work. Full time work. YAY! I'm sending my resume out starting today, I'm calling the sitter to make sure she knows she's getting the kids soon! I'm excited!

So now comes the dilemna:how is dinner going to get made if I'm working another 9-5? My mother's suggestion is to get a crock pot, set it and forget it! (infommercial? LOL!)
I'm actually looking into getting a crock pot, I've seen the results at Thanksgiving when I go to other people's houses and I eat the wonderful tasting beef stews that come out of those cute little pots. The thing I have to do is search for recipes that Daddy will like, you know since he's such a picky eater. (You would figure he's the child in the family huh?) I found a website with hundreds, maybe thousands of crock pot recipes. I'm sure I'll find quite a few that Daddy and Little Man will enjoy.
There are appetizers you can make, like artichoke and cheese dip (which my sister once forced me to try and I actually liked it. Hey, it sounded gross...) for when you have people over. There are recipes for chili (yum) and all kinds for beef or chicken dishes. Even desserts! (Check out the apple-nut cheesecake, I'm drooling here! But I have to make that one day that Little Man isn't even in the house with the new nut allergy he has.)
That's it, it's decided, my first paycheck is going towards a crock pot.
Are there any recipes you have tried and would like to share? I'm all for trying new dishes, so suggest away!


dennis said...

I prefer the Bucket with Mashed Potatos and (now) Cole Slaw!

Mama of 2 said...

Take it from a mama now working 5 days a week. The crock pot is your friend along with being very prepared when it comes to what you are making each and every night down to the side dishes.
I have come up with a weeks worth of dinners and sides and place the menu on my fridge along with notes on what days things need to be taken from the freezer to be thawed. I also do my best to prepare what I can the night before. It does take a little bit more time the night before (I try to do it when the kids have gone to bed) but it makes the time around dinner far less stressful.

Good luck with the job search and getting back into the swing of things.