Friday, October 26, 2007


I sent my resume to four office positions yesterday. I'm waiting for responses...I hate the waiting part. The first one I sent the resume to is really the one I want, part time work really, five hours a day five days a week. I will still be able to take the kids to their appointments and stuff without worrying about getting the boss pissed, or getting fired. The others were 'meh, I'll just send it here because it looks alright.' I'm thinking my resume isn't too appealing, because wouldn't someone have responded right away if they liked what they saw? (Look at me already being all negative. Grrrr....)
I just want to get a job before we go dead broke.
I stopped by The Other Office today, I don't know why. Head Admin says "Oh, you just missed Bossman..." I don't think Bossman would have wanted to see me, I still think he's mad at me. Oh, well. I stayed there maybe ten minutes and just went home to give Little Man some lunch.

I made the rservation for Little Man's birthday party. We rented this place out at 12 bucks a kid, and i'm trying to keep the list under 13 kids. The rat's place was a whole dollar more per kid. I'm trying to keep the number down so I don't end up having to pay a million bucks for this thing. Little Man is stuck deciding whether he wants a Cars cake or a Spongepervert cake. Every day he changes his mind. And everyday he asks Daddy: "Daddy, can you buy me a blue bike for my birthday?" That's the only thing he consistently asks for, because like a normal kid he asks for everything they show on commercials, but the bike is what he truely wants. We're looking into it. Daddy wants to get him a car/bike thing like this, but I tell him that if Little Man wants a bike, then... Daddy argues that Little Man will be able to ride in the car/bike thing in the winter because of special tire covers we can buy that make them all-terrain, then I argue that I sure as hell won't be the one standing outside with him...

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dennis said...

but if you are not standing outside with the boy, how will he be able to ride his bike in the winter...OHhhhh.

poor hubby...