Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm only writing this to spite my sister

I bought the most un-nutritious, unhealthy, "no fruit juice" juices for my son because he wanted them and I forgot how to say no apparently.
It was a box of 30 or so...I don't know who thought to put those juices in bulk...
Anyhoo, today my son decided to drink like ten of those damned things. And they made him pee so much that his pee wasn't even coming out yellow anymore, just clear. Every time I emptied his potty I would laugh.
I have vowed to never buy these juices again.
Baby Crack...
I actually called my sister to tell her this because I knew she would laugh as hard as I did, and the first thing she asked me was "Are you going to blog about this?"
"You know what, " I said "Just because you asked me, I AM!"
So here you go Nailtec- I BLOGGED IT!

Totally unrelated side note: the next time my son (or my daughter when she's old enough) asks for a toy that says "some assembly required" I'm going to pinch them. I never did write about the nightmare of putting that stupid Blue Bike together did I??? And how it's been raining here since Christmas and the stupid thing is sitting in my dining room??? And how I think one of the washers is still missing from one of the tires??? (IF the tire falls off I'm suing Daddy!!!)


bestnailtec said...

you have successfully spited me, you spiteful biatch....was he runing all around the house not knowing why he was feeling such a why ...why,...why!!!!

nita said...

those little juice things are great with gin :)