Friday, December 28, 2007

GEE-ZUS thank God it's over

I couldn't be happier that this season is over. Well, almost, we hispanics have one more day of gift-giving on the 8th (or is it the 9th) of January, for Three Kings Day. But all this Holiday hustle and bustle, fighting in the stores for the last remote control car because your nephew HAS to have it...I'm so. glad. it's. over.
Daddy and I couldn't get out to shop until the 22nd and 23rd because our work schedules were all screwed up. We had to get my mother to babysit, and she gave us a lot of shit about it. So we set out to TRU- which was our code word for the damn toys-r-hell store in front of Little Man. What a frikkin nightmare. The shelves were bare in the most popular toy sections, the people were crabby and I wanted out almost as soon as we walked in. We got the boys everything they wanted (including the Blue Bike, which I have to remember to post pics of) and I swear you never saw anyone shop as fast as we did. The lines were longer than the store, all you saw was everyone with their credit cards out, some already needing to get a loan after spending so much this year...ready to rush to the first open register.
The kids are it's just time for the damn clean-up...all the old toys are going in the garbage or getting donated ASAP!!!!

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