Friday, December 07, 2007

So much to say, so little time...!!!

I think I'll separate everything with bullets, it makes my train of thoughts go a little smoother...sometimes.
  • Slow down, you work too fast.

Yep, That's what I was told on Monday morning. Apparently by me finishing my work too fast I'm throwing every one else off, because when I finish my stuff I grab stuff off their desk to do and leave them with nothing. Should I say sorry for that? Because I have been...but it's true, when I work in the real estate office everything was expected in five minutes or less and working by myself for 11 realtors was challenging, but I did it. Now working for two girls (and for only half the day to boot) I feel like I'm doing nothing. It's funny. One of the girls leaves me at her desk to 'play' online. I've been doing major searches on amazon for the best deals for gifts. (You think I'm joking? Amazon loves me right now!)

  • I have their names

Two girls, one is Carebear because she is unusually happy (dippy?) all the damn time. It'll get annoying after awhile but for now it's okay. She even talks like a valley girl, where everything she says comes out like a question..."Hey, Diana? I found this really awesome shirt? and I think I wanna buy it?" you get it...can you picture her tossing her hair back and tilting her head to the side? She doesn't actually do that, but everytime I talk to her I picture it. The other is Skinny. That's her name, because I can't think of anything else to call her and I hate how unbelievably skinny she is. i hate her.

  • Completely Potty Trained!

I only had to beat him into submission before he finally got it...JOKING! Really, he is though. And I'm glad. He still gets a pull up for bed, but he doesn't even go in it. When he gets up in the morning he stumbles into the bathroom, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes with one hand and scratching himslef in typical male fashion with the other.

  • She's crawling!

YAY! That's it, time to put everything about three feet up because she's mobile and DANGEROUS, becasue unlike her brother when he was a baby, she touches everything she sees near her.

I know there are other things I wanted to talk about, but I hear the baby trying to get into stuff and I don't hear Daddy telling her to stop sooooooo....


dennis said...

I was told once at a temp job (Tech writing) that I had to slow down or I would work myself out of a job.

I did not slow down and turned down the full-time position as it was too far to drive (but now I average 350 miles a day when I go to work.

go figure (the other job was only a 45-minute drive)

creative-type dad said...


Can you potty train my kid now?